Brand Highlight: Vitruvi

March 3, 2022

For scenting your space, trust Vitruvi essential oils for the best ambiance.

Vitruvi is one of the leaders of diffusers, essential oils and blends, and more. Here we explore how this influential company and Vitruvi founders have influenced the importance of high-quality scenting and claimed their space in the retail sector.  

How are Vitruvi essential oils an industry leader? 

Following the focus on organic food and clean beauty is the air around you. As consumers look for cleaner, healthier alternatives to chemicals and toxins, siblings and makers of Vitruvi, Sean and Sara Panton, have been practicing what they sell long before it was cool. While growing up on an organic farm in a small seaside community on Vancouver Island the siblings had a first-hand look at clean, organic products.  

In fact, what started as a blog in 2014 to share their intricate knowledge on the importance of non-toxic, all-natural products evolved into one of the first essential oil products to be featured at Goop, Sephora, and Nordstrom. While the first Vitruvi collections began in their apartment, Vitruvi is now a thriving business headquartered in Vancouver, BC. 

Vitruvi Stone Essential Oil Diffuser Stores

In addition to Goop, Nordstrom, and Sephora, Vitruvi where to buy places also include West Elm, William Sonoma, CB2 as well as on the Vitruvi website and Amazon. 

According to Forbes, Vitruvi stone essential oil diffuser stores include 300 retailers, with even more Vitruvi systems being sold directly to consumers.  

Why Vitruvi diffuser products and essential oils?

As stated on their website, “Using non-toxic, all-natural, 100% pure essential oils, we expertly source and blend unique aromas to help you take ownership of your space.”

With a focus on safe products, Vitruvi helps consumers create a mood for any room. In addition, Vitruvi offers complimentary appointments with scent stylists to help consumers create their perfect space.  

11 Best Vitruvi Essential Oils, Vitruvi Diffuser Products, And More

Whether you are looking into investing in Vitruvi products for yourself, as a gift, or even for customizing for your company, there’s a lot to love about their high-quality, natural products. 

1. Vitruvi Stone Essential Oil Diffuser

Available in 10 muted colors, for a go-with-anything elevated feel, the Vitruvi Stone Diffuser works double duty as room decor and a hard-working room scenting machine. 

Why you’ll love it: We mean, aside from the matte ceramic color choices, like the Vitruvi terracotta diffuser style that mimics your favorite terracotta pot. How about its ability to scent 500 square feet and 4-8 hour run times? Or maybe the idea of creating a mood for your room

Shone: Vitruvi Stone diffuser in white 

2. Vitruvi Move Diffuser

Bathroom, living room, guest room, your bedroom… For every room in your home, there’s an ambiance. Whether you’re looking to create the perfect spa retreat in the bathroom or adding some zest in the kitchen, the Vitruvi Move diffuser is up for moving around.     

Why you’ll love it: The Vitruvi cordless diffuser makes it super compatible for moving from room to room to suit your mood. Not to mention, you’ll save money investing in one diffuser. The toughest choice by far will be deciding to opt for classic black or white or the smooth metallic-inspired hues.   

Shown: Vitruvi Move Diffuser in black

3. Vitruvi Stay Diffuser 

If you’re looking at having one diffuser for your whole open concept home, this is your jam. Bigger spaces call for a harder working diffuser. Meet the Vitruvi Stay Diffuser. It’s designed for larger areas, think open concept living areas, and the like, and is dubbed the “long-lasting one.”

Why you’ll love it: It could be the overall Vitruvi diffuser review singing Vitruvi’s praise, or the fact that it scents up to 700 square feet and has 6, 12, and 18 hour run times. There’s also the earth-loving palette of matte colors, like black, white, oat, and espresso. 

Shown: Vitruvi Stay Diffuser in oat

4. Essential Oils Blends - Mixed Feelings 

Described as being inspired by the uncertainty in beauty and questions left unanswered, here’s what is certain: the premium, high quality ingredients found in the the cool combo of cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, and bay laurel.  See for yourself.  

Why you’ll love it:  Mixed Feelings is one of the best Vitruvi blends and is  100% pure, non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free. 

Shown: Best Vitruvi blends - Mixed Feelings 

5. Essential Oils Moon Beam 

What happens when you mix bitter orange, ho wood, blue yarrow and rose? You get Moonbeam, one of the floral Vitruvi essential oils. 

Why you’ll love it: According to Vitruvi, Moonbeam is perfect for when you want to “expand your mind and open your heart.” And who couldn’t benefit from that? 

Shown: Best Vitruvi blends - Moon Beam

6. Essential Oils Single Origin Organic Peppermint

Grab your Vitruvi essential oil diffuser and add 15-20 drops of peppermint. Featuring 100% pure, organic peppermint that’s non-toxic and vegan, it’s said to add vitality and energy to your room. Perfect for when you want to get up and get things done. 

Why you’ll love it: Aside from the refreshing scent of peppermint, it’s perfect for pairing with other Vitruvi essential oils, like Sweet Orange, to create even more room moods. Or add a couple of drops to your shampoo for scalp care. 

Shown: Vitruvi Essential Oils - Peppermint 

7. Essential Oils Uplift Kit 

If the thought of creating a boost of vitality to your room is intriguing, another of the best Vitruvi blends is the Uplift Kit which features Pacific, Boost, Retreat, and Clean Sweep Vitruvi essential oils. When it’s time to energize your room, you can’t go wrong with these picks. 

Why you’ll love it: While the Vitruvi unwind essential oils kit is made for creating a chill ambiance, the Uplift Kit is the perfect pick me up when you're looking to create a light, energizing space.  Can’t make up your mind? See more Vitruvi essential oils reviews with the gorgeous Vitruvi terracotta diffuser and Pacific oil blend.  

Shown: Best Vitruvi blends - Uplift Kit 

8. Vitruvi Book: Essential Well Being 

For those who are looking to better understand how essential oils can be used in the home as well as for beauty and the body, this book delivers. Written by Vitruvi’s cofounder, Sara Panton, the book is just as valuable on the inside as it is stylish and sophisticated on the outside. 

Why you’ll love it: With over 100 essential oil recipes, readers will discover a world of possibilities for scent styling.  

Shown:  Essential Well Being Book

9. Vitruvi’s Debut Magazine: Natural Habitat  

The in-house Vitruvi magazine you never you wanted by actor and BÉIS founder Shay Mitchell to interior designer Jake Arnold. 

Why you’ll love it: With recycled paper, eco-friendly ink, this debut 112-page magazine is just as thoughtful as the Vitruvi terracotta diffuser, Vitruvi sleep essential oil, and other product favorites. 

Shown: Natural Habitat  Magazine

10. Organic Jojoba Oil - for dry skin

More than just a pretty scent, the organic Jojoba Oil is great for dry skin. Vitruvi’s organic Argentinian Jojoba Oil which is said to be great for any skin type and can be added to your moisturizer. 

Why you’ll love it:

 You can’t dismiss the many benefits of Jojoba including:   

  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti bacterial
  • omega 6, 9 
  • vitamin E
Shown: Organic Jojoba Oil

11. Vitruvi Gift Cards

Not sure which Vitruvi diffuser or Vitruvi essential oils to gift a friend? Or feel like you need to wait for a Vitruvi diffuser sale before scoring points with your boss? With a gift card, there’s no need to wait for the Vitruvi Black Friday sale or the perfect Vitruvi discount code. 

Vitruvi gift cards are available in increments of $25 up to $150 and are sent through email. Meaning, no one will have to know if you are a last minute gift giver. Best of all there are no processing fees, so your recipient gets the exact amount you spend.   

More reasons to love Vitruvi 

The Vitruvi essential oils can be used for more than one purpose and the best blends can also work into your beauty routine. While there isn’t a Vitruvi lip balm, there is a recipe for Sugary Body Polish With Grapefruit And Geranium that can be applied to lips prior to your lip balm. 

While there is no Vitruvi humidifier, the Vitruvi Stone Diffuser, Vitruvi Move Diffuser, and the Vitruvi Stay Diffuser all use vibrations to create steam. In essence these Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers do not use heat, which means that the plastic does not interact with the essential oils. And, in effect keeping the integrity of the oils for a safer and more pure aroma. While they do produce mist you will not have the same benefits as a traditional humidifier. Should a Vitruvi humidifier come out, however, you can bet it will be on almost everyone’s wish list! 

Vitruvi diffuser not working properly? 

According to their websites, Vitruvi stone diffusers have a 1-year warranty. In addition, there are replacement parts available. Just follow the Vitruvi diffuser instructions on their warranty. 

Vitruvi Diffuser Instructions

Getting started with your Vitruvi Diffuser is a breeze. Follow the simple directions on their site or check their Vitruvi Stone Diffuser getting started guide


Vitruvi Corporate Gifts

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