Best Corporate & Personalized Anniversary Gifts

June 21, 2021

Discover the best business anniversary gift ideas for every milestone.

While a paycheck is one of the most obvious reasons for your employee to come to work every day, that shouldn’t and can’t be the only reason since all companies offer that and then some. In addition to benefits, paid time off and retirement options that many companies provide, employees should feel appreciated and rewarded for a job well done. One way to do this is offer paid bonuses, discounts on your company’s merchandise, or incentives like gym memberships, remote workdays, or casual Fridays. While not every company is set up to do that, one thing any and all companies should do is invest in company anniversary gifts. 

From economical personalized anniversary gifts for him and her to more luxe corporate gifts for personalized 50th anniversary gifts for work and retirements, we’ll help you discover gifts that were made for celebrating any milestone! 

What is the best gift for an anniversary?

While the recipient’s taste and style should certainly be considered, the best gifts are personal, memorable, and unique. And, above all, they should leave your employee feeling appreciated and valued. And, if you’re thinking about investing in the best personalized anniversary gifts, you’ll want to make sure it’s included in your swag budget for all of your employees. By doing this, you can account for all of the anniversary gifts for employees for the year and hopefully, years to come! Once you have your budget, you’ll want to explore employee anniversary gift ideas.

Not sure where to start? Ask yourself the following questions. 

What are some foods, drinks or treats your employee enjoys?

Are they all about the sweet or salty? Or maybe a delightful mix of both? Do they have a hankering for roasted nuts or are known amongst their peers to be a health-nut? Crazy popcorn connoisseur? Chocoholic? Wine aficionados? The list goes on and on. 

What does your employee love to do in his or her down time?

Nature lover, tree hugger, happy camper, gym goer, movie buff, globetrotter, home body? Or maybe your employee is an avid sports fan. All of these things can be taken into account to brainstorm luxe to cute personalized anniversary gifts. After all, the best anniversary gifts reflect your employees favorite activities.

What year is your employee celebrating?

Every year is important and just as every big milestone should be celebrated. What exactly those are is up to you.  While some companies may offer cash bonuses for years of service that gradually increase, others may give extra paid time for hitting certain milestones for years 5, 10, 15 and so on.   

If you are not sure about the answer to any of those, see if their direct manager or a fellow co-worker can help you fill in the blanks. In the meantime, you can’t go wrong with these corporate anniversary gifts for employees. 

Best Corporate & Personalized Anniversary Gifts 

1. Personalized Apparel 

Not only does personalized apparel make a great gift for your employee, but it is also an effective marketing tool to promote your company during non-working hours. 

On point & on brand

Make sure your apparel is worthy of your employee and your company’s logo! Gemnote can help you find apparel that fits your brand and your budget.  

Hat’s Off

When it’s time to bid farewell to the work week and say hello to the weekend, nothing does it better than a quality, premium cotton twill hat. 

2. Travel helpers

From workday commutes to weekend getaways and everything in between, you can’t go wrong with innovative gear that keeps them organized on and off the clock!

Go anywhere backpacks 

Ergonomic, street smart, sustainable… Backpacks have come a long way and go the distance in keeping your valuables safe and your essentials organized. For the best custom backpacks, look for features that reflect your employees favorite hobbies. For example padded laptop sleeves, separate compartments for gym shoes, extra pockets, water resistant fabrics and more! 

Transitional briefcases 

Fashion trends may come and go, but a great briefcase you can carry any day of the week, season or year? Well, that’s a keeper! Look for high quality designs like these from Topo Designs that go from boardroom to boardwalk in effortless style. 

3. Lip-Smacking Snacks

Just ask any child and they’ll assure you snacks are right up there with parks and playtime. Well, when it comes to employees, you could say great snacks are up there with coffee breaks and weekends. Just make sure you kick it up a notch and don’t skimp on the presentation.

Gourmet Goodies

Never underestimate the power of great packaging, like this pleasing one from Wes Candy Co. that’s almost too pretty to open. Almost being the keyword, since we’re always up for their delicious treats!

Packable gear

You may want to skip the snacks all together and go for corporate anniversary gift ideas for employees that they can use again and again like these Porter faves from W&P. Not only a great alternative to one and done plastics, you can celebrate your employee and help save the earth all in a day’s work. 

4. Home Sweet Home

Whether your employee is always on the go or more of a homebody, one thing’s for sure, after a hard day’s work, it’s nice to come home and unwind.  Plus, it’s a great reminder that your company is a proponent of a healthy work life balance.   Help your employee enjoy their space that much more with a great gift for their home.

Kick Back and Relax

Can it even be considered relaxing if there isn’t a cozy soft, high-quality blanket nearby? We think not! When it’s time to celebrate, you can’t go wrong with a branded blanket like a Woolrich Wool Blanket, Faribault Woolen Mill Blanket, or a Custom Sweatshirt Blanket. With all the features they’ll love, (think: soft, warm, cozy) it’s a great personalized anniversary gifts for parents, employees, customers and just about anyone!    

Wine, Dine and Unwind 

Tea time can be any time when you have the right set. Tea kettles and sets like this Hasami Teapot make great personalized anniversary gifts for parents. Although really, who wouldn’t love showcasing this stylish design in their home? 

5. Get Techy


Is it even a gift list if we didn’t add in some employee appreciation faves like chargers and power banks, speakers, cameras and the like? When it comes to employee anniversary gifts, remember, practical, functional and stylish gifts are the ones that will be stand out favorites. 

Perfect Pics 

Personalised photo anniversary gifts are extra special because they can help keep your employee’s family and friends close by even when they’re powering through a hot project or enduring long hours. For an easy win, this Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer allows them to easily print pics from their smartphone for frame-able memories they can display in their home or office. 

The Ultimate Cup of Joe

More than just another mug, this one was designed to keep your beverage as toasty hot as you like from that first sip to the very last drop thanks to the innovative technology in the Ember mug. With an oh-so-easy set up and intuitive app, your employee can keep their beverage toasty warm by controlling the temperature from their smartphone. With a gift this smart, you’ll definitely want to put your logo on it. 

Tip: If your employee is celebrating an important years-of-service milestone, you may be looking for bigger ticket items. For retirements and personalized 50th anniversary gifts for work you may want to consider something grander like Apple AirPod Pros or an Apple smart watch.   

With personalized anniversary gifts for her and him, you can make every milestone and year of service memorable. See how Gemnote can show you a curated collection of the best personalized anniversary gifts for your company’s budget. 

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