Brand Highlight: Matador

April 13, 2022

Need corporate swag for outdoor enthusiasts, digital nomads, or on-the-go business...

Chris Clearman founded Matador in 2014. Clearman’s love for the outdoors and travel remained evident. He worked as a product designer at GoPro. When he resided in San Francisco, California, Clearman spent time outdoors and noticed that people needed better solutions. Namely, people needed something better to sit on in the grass. He and his team noticed that the public used heavy blankets and their jackets. Thus, giving birth to the company’s first product, the Matador® Pocket Blanket.

In 2022, Matador relies on its clients to stay afloat. The company doesn’t accept outside funding. Its approach allows the company to experiment with new materials and products. Plus, it can release new product lines that will please its customer base and has received high ratings and awards in several categories. 

Top 20 Matador Products for Company Swag 

Matador products include packable bags, bags, and accessories. The company’s claim to fame is that all merchandise has waterproof features and they stow away easily. For example, individuals can roll Matador’s segment duffel bag to maximize space. It’s also lightweight. The many Matador accessories and products have won awards too. Therefore, companies can purchase them, customize, and distribute them as swag with confidence.

Matador Brand Bags

Matador bags include travel, daily, and segmented. You’ll also find cases for laptops and cameras. Keep in mind that the brand has earned high marks as the best packable duffel bag for travel and others for best packable daypack for travel.

1. Freefly Packable Duffel

A popular Matador pocket duffel is the Matador Freefly Packable Duffel
. One of the best packable duffel bag options for travel, it is ultralight, weatherproof, and spacious. When it’s not in use, recipients can stow it into itself.

This duffel features an extra long main zipper and compression straps. Recipients can reconfigure the straps to use the duffel as a backpack. So it’s also a best packable daypack for travel.

2. Packable Hip Pack

When the fanny pack made a comeback, it received a makeover. The packable hip pack from Matador is waterproof, lightweight, and convenient; it’s also versatile.

The Matador hip pack helps recipients keep their valuables close to their person. Recipients can wear it around their waist or across the body.

3. Freerain Waterproof Packable Hip Pack

A step up from the old school fanny pack, the Matador Freerain Waterproof Packable Hip Pack is ultralight, versatile, and waterproof. 

The Matador hip pack consists of advanced materials and the company engineered it for performance.

4. On-Grid™ Packable Tote

Minimalists will enjoy the On-Grid™ Packable Tote. Matador designed it for daily use and travel. The versatile tote is laptop compatible and features the standard waterproof technology. In addition, recipients will enjoy a tote that has a long lifespan.

5. Matador Droplet Water-Resistant Stuff Sack

In the brand bags category, you’ll also find the Matador Droplet Water-Resistant Stuff Sack. When not in use, the sack lives in a silicone case that hangs off a keychain or Matador bags. 

The Matador droplet sack can handle 2.5-liters of contents. This item helps recipients separate dry items from wet ones.

Matador Backpacks

Matador backpack packable options are great for weekend warriors, digital nomads, and everyday business professionals.

6. Matador SEG30 Segmented Backpack

The Matador SEG30 Segmented Backpack has a 30-liter capacity. More impressively, the Matador SEG30 Segmented Backpack segments help adventures pack their gear efficiently. 

Take advantage of the clamshell layout to turn it into a segmented duffel bag. There is also the segmented organization option. 

7. Freerain22 Waterproof Packable Backpack

The 22 in the Matador Freerain22 Waterproof Packable Backpack stands for 22-liters. Although it bears that much capacity, the backpack is ultralight. 

In addition to the standard waterproof and packable features, it also has oversized water bottle pockets, gear loops, and shock-cord captures. 

8. Beast28 Ultralight Technical Backpack

The Beast28 Ultralight Technical Backpack is among the best for outdoor adventures. Wearers enjoy a suspension system for ultimate support. Plus, it has waterproof and durable features.

A fully technical pack, it also has flex comfort. When not in use, recipients can pack it into itself since it features the Matador backpack packable design.

Matador Camping

9. Matador Pocket Blanket 

The most well-known Matador travel blanket is the Matador Pocket Blanket is the original product from the company. Available in three colors, the blanket is large enough for two to four people. And, when the recipients need to repack the Matador Pocket Blanket, they simply need to follow the pattern.

10. Packable Beach Towel 

The Matador Packable Beach Towel takes style to a different level. Companies who want to customize it and give them away as swag can pick from gray and tie dye

The packable towel case can carry other items while the towel is in use. Then, pack the towel back in the case when ready.

11. NanoDry Trek Towel 

A versatile accessory at home and on the road is the towel such as the small-sized Matador NanoDry Trek Towel. Like the other Matador products, it’s a packable towel that has quick drying features.

It can absorb two times its weight thanks to the nano-fiber material. When not in use, pack it in its silicone carry case.

12. Waterproof Pill Canister

Whether an individual takes vitamins or medication daily, they will enjoy the Matador Waterproof Pill Canister
. The canister organizes seven days of pills and keeps them dry. Plus, the crush-proof aluminum shell is dishwasher safe. 

13. Waterproof Travel Canister

The Matador Travel Canister comes in handy for several situations. Individuals can store food in them and not worry that they’ll get mushy. In addition, electronic cables remain safe inside too. Made from lightweight aluminum, the silicon cap seal creates a waterproof vacuum.

Matador Travel Gear

Several of the Matador accessories for travel are conveniently travel perfume bottle size. They fit nicely into Matador bags and the best packable duffel bag for travel options.

14. Matador FlatPak™ Toiletry Bottles

Toiletry bottles have evolved. Case in point, the Matador FlatPak™ Toiletry Bottles
. Instead of hard surface bottles, the recipient can squeeze every last drop by rolling the travel perfume bottle size accessories. To fill the Matador FlatPak™ Toiletry Bottles
, unscrew the cap. Then, they take up less space as the traveler uses the contents. Moreover, the coating is proprietary and keeps the contents in while the moisture is out.

15. Matador FlatPak™ Waterproof Toiletry Case

Whether recipients head out on a camping trip or business trip, they’ll enjoy traveling with the Matador FlatPak™ Waterproof Toiletry Case. 

A leak proof product, travelers can place wet toothbrushes and toiletries in the Matador FlatPak™ Waterproof Toiletry Case. The roll-top buckle closure and hang loop make it a convenient swag option.

16. Soap Bar Case 

Traveling with some toiletries gets messy such as bar soaps. The Matador Soap Bar Case makes traveling with bar soap mess-free. 

The case helps the soap dry after use so it doesn’t get mushy. Plus, the case has won several awards including Best Gear of the Year from Popular Mechanics. It won’t take up a lot of space; it’s travel perfume bottle size.

17. Packable Ear Plugs

Sometimes when traveling, the noise makes it tough to fall asleep. Even at home, a solid pair of ear plugs, such as the Matador Packable Ear Plugs, comes in handy.

If you pick up the kit, recipients will receive two silicone cases for the ear plugs and three pairs of plugs. The product has a patent pending.

Matador Accessories

18. Matador Keychain Mask

As the mask mandates taper off, the public benefits from keeping a few reusable, high-quality masks handy such as the Matador keychain mask.

The Matador keychain mask lives in a silicon case that conveniently hangs on a keychain. Therefore, recipients have access to it when they’re out and about.

19. Laptop Base Layer 

Traveling with a laptop is normal in 2022. Laptops are an investment. Therefore, they require protection like the one that the Matador Laptop Base Layer provides.

The layer provides waterproof protection and fits laptops that measure 13” to 16”. There is also space for a mouse and charger cable.

20. Camera Base Layer 

Individuals invest in their tech. Therefore, giving away swag that helps them protect it is a winning idea. The Matador Camera Base Layer protects DSLR and mirrorless cameras

It’s a great product for seasoned outdoor photographers and novices too. The sealed liner keeps the camera safe from the elements. Then, the magnetic closure makes accessing the camera easy.  

As you browse the Matador products, you might find Matador backpacks clearance. Just ensure that you purchase them directly from the company or a reputable retailer. You want to find the best packable daypack for travel and Matador offers several.

You might also come across a brand of Matador beef stick. Keep in mind that’s a different company. Another company produces Matador smoker accessories. While Matador smoker accessories sound ideal for camping and BBQing, it’s another retailer who sells them. The same goes for Matador fridge accessories. Even though a different company makes them, Matador smoker accessories and Matador fridge accessories go hand in hand with camping trips too.

Finally, gamers have familiarity with Division 2 Matador backpack when they find the Perfect Adrenaline Rush. Happy gaming!

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