20 Best Ideas for Crypto and Bitcoin Swag 2021

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Making sure your company stands out in the cryptocurrency market is vital in this ever growing business.

With so many people looking to use cryptocurrency to buy goods and services today, marketing your company in a professional, memorable way will not only help set it apart from the competition but will also give buyers and investors an extra level of comfort against fraudulent businesses. One of the best ways you can market your company is through new cryptocurrency marketing swag. 

While you may think of swag (also known as stuff we all get) as only free items that are given away at conferences, trade shows, and open markets, using branded merch in your marketing efforts is a powerful way to expand your marketing efforts, foster teamwork in employees, and further solidify your branding efforts. Even if a swag finance budget was not part of your crypto business ideas 2020, you can find ways to incorporate this year. Here you’ll discover 20 unforgettable ideas for new cryptocurrency swag ideas for new hires, executives and, of course, giveaways. 

New Hire Swag

A lot of effort goes into finding the right job candidate for your company—sifting through resumes and credentials, scheduling interviews, checking resources, making an offer, etc. Once you find the right fit, that time and effort will then be spent training and acclimating your new hire to your company’s culture. Make sure you help them feel valued right from the start.  

10 Swag Ideas for Your Crypto Company

1. Custom Topo Design Backpack

A great backpack is perfect for keeping their essentials organized and protecting their laptop on commutes. Plus, it makes a great weekend getaway bag or carry-on bag for traveling. If you’re looking for something you can add your branding to that your employees will actually use, you can’t go wrong with a sleek backpack, like this one from Topo.

2. Custom Marine Layer Softest T-shirt

There’s a reason T-shirts continue topping the swag list year after year. Not only are they perfect for work from home, casual Fridays, or team networking events, they are also great outside of the work. Employees who wear a company branded tee on their own time are marketing the company and the company’s culture. Looking for a great tee? You can’t go wrong with a soft signature crewneck like this one from Marine Layer. 

3. Camper Cap

Who can resist a great cap like this easy-to-brand camper style that comes in your choice of colors. It’s a  unisex, one-size-fits-all hat that’s the perfect choice for employees. To make your dollar go farther, limit your design to one color and you’ll save on the design cost.   

4. Custom Coach's Jacket

What employee wouldn’t want a coaches jacket? Choose a water resistant windbreaker like this one, and you’ve got a style that your new hires will love showing off! Just make sure to add your branding so you can reap the marketing rewards everywhere they wear it! A coach’s jacket also makes great employee gifts and giveaways at your next team building event.  

5. Custom Larq Bottle

Want to give your new hires something they’ll tell their friends about? How about a self-cleaning water bottle with built-in filtration like this Larq bottle? It’s the perfect bitcoin and ethereum swag for companies who take pride in their efforts toward innovation and sustainability. 

6. Custom Premium Cheekies Face Mask

Another sustainable choice is a face mask that’s designed from recycled plastic bottles. And if you really want to double up on your green efforts, look for a style like Cheekies that offers free carbon-neutral US shipping.  

7. Custom Enamel Pin Set 

What’s old is new again. We’re looking at you mullets (we were surprised too), shoulder pads, denim everything, and retro accessories like enamel pins. While updating the dress code or offering free haircuts may not score you major points, adding branded enamel pins to your list of bitcoin merch ideas will definitely bring the cool factor. 

8. Custom Rocket Notebook

Starting a new job can be stressful. There’s so much to remember. Aside from a plethora of new names or faces on their zoom call, there’s all the little project details that make your company wonderful and different than they may be used. And having a place, like this Rocket notebook,  to jot down everything from who to go to for questions versus who to go to for lunch plans is always useful. 

9. Custom Native Union Charging Cord

Think of all the time one could save if the question, where did my charger go, no longer had to be asked. However, thanks to pets, kids, rogue vacuums, friends who borrow more than they return, and of course, poor quality designs, the issue is so real there’s even a parody for it. If your cryptocurrency business ideas 2021 list is lackluster, add a quality charging cable to your list for instant sizzle! We like this extra long style with a weighted end by Native Union and know your employees will too.  

10. Custom Laptop Stickers

Laptops are loved for their ability to go everywhere. And, with a branded laptop sticker, your company’s logo can go with it. Laptop stickers are not only a great trend but they are also an inexpensive option that can be used as giveaways for potential customers and events.  

5 Swag Ideas for Cryptocurrency Business Exec

Are you thinking about how to amp up your executive swag or cryptocurrency business ideas 2021 for marketing purposes? When it’s time for your new cryptocurrency launch 2021, don’t forget your execs! These fearless leaders will appreciate having company swag to remind them how much they are valued.  

1. Custom Marine Layer Sweatshirt

An upgrade from your branded cryptocurrency shirts, a great branded sweatshirt adds the extra wow factor your top execs will appreciate! If you’re looking for an updated style that’s extra special, the Corbet reversible pullover from Marine Layer is legit. 

2. Custom Arc'teryx Jacket

Looking for a branded jacket that multi-tasks and stands out in a crowd? Look for features like breathable, windproof GoreTex™ Infinium materials, like this zip up men’s Solano soft shell jacket from Arc'teryx.  

3. Custom Duffel Bag

A durable duffel bag is always a good idea when it comes to swag. Not only are these great for commuting, but styles like this Transit Travel Bag by Ascolour offer the perfect palette for your logo and a favorite among cryptocurrency merchandise. 

4. Woven Blanket

When only the best will do, a soft woven blanket, like this Aspect Ratio one from A24, won’t steer you wrong. Soft, warm, and perfect for bringing the comforts of home everywhere they go. 

5. Custom B&O Speaker

It’s time to break through the noise of overused swag! Spoil your execs with merch they’ll love and use year round, like a bluetooth speaker. For extra brownie points, go for the sought after features like integrated smart phone charging and extra battery life that are found in this one from Bangf & Olufsen. 

5 Cryptocurrency Swag Ideas for Giveaways

Looking for bitcoin merch ideas for your next giveaway? You’ve come to the right place! Giveaways are perfect for conferences, events, drawings, incentives, and more. And we found the best cryptocurrency and swag bitcoin mining products to put the fun back in freebies! 

1. Custom Cinch Bag

This easy bag is easy to pack and convenient for everywhere. For a water repellant style with a soft protective shell, look for sleek, no-fuss styles like this Indio Cinch bag in multiple colors.

2. Custom T-shirt

Tees always make the giveaway list for their universal style and everyday ease. Plus, adding your branding to this everyday essential just makes it better! For extra love, check out how your logo would look as an embroidery. 

3. Custom Socks

Surprised that socks made the list? Everyone wears them, and no sole (yes, we went there) can resist a new pair. Ready to make your giveaway socks unique? Choose a neutral cool anyone would wear, then add  your logo and tagline in a fun color. And, to really give your marketing running power, look for features like reinforced toes and padded soles so they will outlast any ensemble. 

4. Custom Hand Sanitizer

A great giveaway gift that’s always needed and appreciated. Help make your mark while leaving the germs behind with a custom hand sanitizer, like this hydrating spray one from Yield. 

5. Custom Face Masks

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that one can never have too many rolls of toilet paper or breathable masks. Add a logo to the mask and there’s no telling how many people will come face to face with your brand!

And, there you have some of the best cryptocurrency prices ideas and great swag! And best of all, nothing on our list is a throw away item, which means when you personalize with your company’s cryptocurrency logo, your swag has the opportunity to keep marketing your brand. 

And, if you’ve ever wondered... Can you sell bitcoin merch? Absolutely! Visit Gemnote to speak to someone about how you can offer swag cash and let your employees or consumers pick their favorite bitcoin swag ideas. You’ll find tons of unique swag items for every business, budget, and event. Plus, with creative ways to customize your logo—like imprinting, screen printing, embroidery, glass etching, leather debossing, and digital printing, you’ll love bringing your branding to life with unforgettable fashion, home, tech and food and kitchen swag. 

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