Best Merch for Your NFT

March 29, 2022

Explore the best custom merch for your NFT.

However, before we do a deep dive into the promotional arena, let’s first take a step back for those who may be wondering what the hype is on NFTs anyway. Or maybe you’re still wondering what exactly an NFT is and why all the fuss. 

What is an NFT? 

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens. So while fungible means that the item can be traded for one another, think cash or cryptocurrency, NFTs are digital assets. Specifically, they’re digital representations of actual things. And, because NFTs can only have one owner, which is included in its coding, the buyer is essentially the exclusive owner until they sell it. While that doesn’t mean you are the only one who can see it, after all, it’s digital, you can say that you own it. In other words, as Forbes explains, you have bragging rights. You can get NFTs on art, sports, video games, collectibles, and so much more. Even jpegs, videos, gifs, and even Tweets can be NFTs. You can get the full explanation of NFTs here. 

Best items for your NFT Merch Store

Now that you know what NFTs are, it’s time to check out what you can do to promote your NFT Marketplace. 

NFT Streetwear: tees, hoodies joggers, socks 

The cool, casual streetwear style is a natural gift for NFT lovers that can also be used to promote your marketplace. Ready to customize your own NFT streetwear? Think every day, sustainable basics that people actually want to wear. 

1. Custom NFT Clothing:  T Shirts and Long Sleeves

Tees still rule the promotional game space, so it makes sense they would have a place within NFT Streetwear. After all, they are the casual staple we can’t imagine not having. So when it comes to a great NFT t shirt, choose a style to customize that starts with great features, like a great fit, quality design, and soft fabrications. In addition to that, you can’t go wrong with front pockets, ribbed collar cuffs, and a long sleeve styling like the one shown here from Aimé Leon Dore.   

When it’s time to customize your design, let Gemnote help you with the details. From finding the best shirt to fit your needs to personalization options like embroidery, screen printing, patches, labels, and more, they can help you from start to finish. 

Photo courtesy of Aimé Leon Dore

2. Custom NFT Clothing: Sweatshirt or Hoodie

Just take a look at your own arsenal of hoodies and sweatshirts and you know they’re not all created equal. Whether you’re loyal to one brand thanks to its supreme fit, or you have several that offer above-par comfort and a design that’s just right, we all have our favorites. 

So when it comes to creating your perfect hoodie or sweatshirt, you’ll want to lean on the same fit, design, and fabrication quality that goes for NFT t shirt options. The Ald uniform hoodie shown below is a fan favorite thanks to the 20oz French Terry fabric and flat braided drawstrings. Plus, who can resist a great kangaroo patch pocket? 

Photo courtesy of Aimé Leon Dore

3 Custom NFT Clothing: Leggings & Joggers

When it comes to NFT Streetwear, remember, the best items don’t have to be the most expensive NFT merch. That’s one reason leggings and joggers are terrific options. In addition to having lots of room for personalization, they’re the comfy loungewear that makes NFT streetwear so appealing. 

Ready to invest in leggings or joggings? With endless options for brands, cuts, fits, materials, colors, features like pockets, cuffs, and more, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed before you start. Luckily, Gemnote can do the heavy lifting for you. They can narrow down your options to fit your needs and your budget and even help with fulfillment and warehousing.

Shown: Bella Canvas High Waist Fitness Leggings And Unisex Joggers

4. Personalized Socks

Socks are just socks until you have some unsightly pair that keep creepin’ into your sneaks. So for NFT gift ideas or swag giveaways, how about something anyone can benefit from? A great pair of socks, like these from A24 that are mostly cotton with a touch of spandex. 

Photo courtesy of A24 

NFT Streetwear Headwear: beanies, bucket hats, baseball caps

For personalized NFT merch that isn’t apparel, headwear is perfect for adding to your NFT gift guide distributions and NFT gift baskets. After all, nothing says casual style better than a great hat or beanie.  

5. Soft Beanies 

What’s better than a custom beanie? How about one customized with your NFT marketplace? Buying someone an NFT for Christmas gift or even for their spring birthday? Throw in an NFT beanie or hat so they can have their digital NFT gifts and something physical too! For added luxe, ask a Gemnote rep about personalized NFT swag cards.  

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Photo credit Aimé Leon Dore

6. Cool Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are definitely not the new kid on the block, having first appeared in the 1900s and now known for their fashion smarts, or as Campus Times calls “frat house fashion.” 

But you don’t need college cred to wear these fashion-forward pieces that are perfect for customizing as part of your NFT gift basket or as one of your solo NFT gift ideas. 

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters

7. An All-Around Baseball Hat

A classic and yet still the epitome of cool. For gifts for NFT lovers and gifts for crypto lovers, you don’t have to break the bank or scour the globe trying to find something unique. Instead, think cool streetwear plus practical wearability. In addition to having a plethora of styles and colors to choose from you can also take advantage of adjustable backs for a one size fits all bulk order.   

Photo courtesy of Aimé Leon Dore

NFT gift ideas: Bags, Waist Packs, and Duffels

When thinking about swag and other NFT gift ideas, let your branding take center stage with modern bags with plenty of room for personalization. 

8. A Great Duffel Bag

Sleek, sophisticated, yet anything but boring. This minimalist duffel features a zip pocket on the inside and out and is affordably priced especially when you order in bulk. Plus, with so many ways to personalize, it will look as if it was made for your company alone. 

Shown: Ascolour Contrast Duffel

9. Waist Cool Pack

If you’re creating an NFT gift basket, the waist pack and duffel are stellar together. On its own, the waist pack still embodies low-key cool with its minimal design and extra external zip pocket. It’s practical for everyday use and perfect for keeping essentials close at hand. 

Shown: Ascolour Waist Pack

10. Baggu Reusable Tote

Can we even talk about bags as gifts for crypto lovers and gifts for NFT lovers without mentioning everyone’s favorite reusable tote? We think not. In a plethora of cool solids, funky prints and gotta-have collabs, there are over 50 to choose from—and that’s just the standard size. 

Want to use this as your NFT gift box?
The reusable bags (which have a minimal waste design) can hold up to 2-3 grocery bags worth of stuff or up to 50 pounds making them the perfect replacement for your cardboard box. 

Photo Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Shown: Standard Baggu Reusable Bag

Tip: Because the standard Baggus can fold up into its own 5x5” pouch, it's also perfect for tucking into your NFT gift basket or using as a holder for your personalized NFT swag cards. 

11. Baggu Duck Bags 

If you’re looking for something smaller than a duffel, larger than a waist pack, and a little more upscale than the reusable tote, think of the Baggu Duck bag as your Goldilocks of choices. Made of 16 oz recycled cotton canvas, it offers a top zip and an interior zip pocket. Not to mention this one is machine washable and available in multiple prints and solids. 

Shown: Baggu Duck Bag in Trippy Checker 

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters

NFT Gift Ideas: Drinkware 

While we’re no stranger to the phrase, “Stay thirsty my friends” even the most interesting man in the world has to agree, hydration has its benefits. 

12. The Perfect Water Bottle 

You can search near and far for the perfect gift for NFT lovers or you can just give them a customized water bottle. So what makes the narrow and wide mouth water bottle perfect? Glad you asked. They’re durable, BPA/BPS Free, dishwasher safe, leak-proof, and made in the USA. So which should invest in? The wide mouth fits ice cubes while the narrow mouth is for more “controlled hydration.”

Shown: Nalgene 16 oz. Narrow Mouth + Nalgene 32 oz. Wide Mouth 

13. Miir Travel Bottles and Camp Cup

Thermo 3D® double-wall vacuum insulation means your cold beverages can stay cold and your hots, well, hot for longer. Choose from travel-happy styles like the wide mouth (fits ice cubes, the 16oz and 20oz are cup holder compatible, and the camp cup features a Press-fit Slide Lid that won’t shatter or splash. Plus they’re all BPA-free, feature a QR Give Code™, and the camp cup is also one of the ideal mugs for drop shipping. 

Shown: Miir Wide Mouth Bottle + Camp Cup 

Gift for NFT lovers and NFT gift basket ideas: Office Swag

The office is where it’s at—whether at home, the coffee shop, or the legit “office” at the corporate office. So when you’re looking for fun ways to show your customers how to gift an NFT with physical products or just advertise your marketplace office swag is where it’s at.

14. Pencil Holder 

Looks like a ceramic mug, because well, it’s a ceramic mug pencil holder. So instead of claiming space in the dishwasher, it takes prominent placement on a desk. For optimal pricing on size, quantity, personalization, and more talk to your Gemnote Rep.

Photos courtesy of jjjjound + A24 library mugs 

15. Enamel Pins

Should enamel pins be office goods, NFT streetwear, or accessories? We aren’t entirely sure. But what we do know, is if A24 can make an enamel pin for Toni Collette’s scream face, just think of the possibilities your NFT custom maker or design team can do for your business.  

Photo courtesy of ​​A24

14. Notebook 

What makes a good gift for NFT lovers? How about something they can use. After all, since their NFTs are in the digital space, they might appreciate something they can place in their actual space, like their office. 

Place in your NFT gift basket with customized pens, stickies, enamel pins, and customized phone cases or pop sockets, or as an individual giveaway.  Either way, with ample room for customization and endless color ways, cover options, interior page styles, and more, a notebook is anything but ordinary once you start adding your company’s NFT branding to it. 

Photo courtesy of Aimé Leon Dore

More NFT gift ideas: Products for the Home

Thinking out of the box doesn’t have to leave your budget shot and your recipient with something semi-clever yet useless. Instead, think of everyday products anyone can use regardless of their passion for NFT merchandising. The rest (your customized branding included) will follow.  

15. Baggu Bath Towel 

Baggu really says it best, as what good is a hot bath without a towel? We couldn’t agree more. Plus, as far as marketing your brand goes, there’s plenty of space for your logo and then some. 

Shown: Baggu Bath Towel 

16. Customized blanket 

The perfect gift for NFT lovers can be as easy as finding gifts you’d love. Take a blanket for instance. Not all are created equal. But a 100% merino wool blanket like this Logo Scramble one from A24? Now that’s a gift for NFT lovers that any one can appreciate! Now whether or not you decide to scramble your own logo is up to you and your NFT custom maker design team. However, your Gemnote can help with customization recommendations to fit your needs.

Photo courtesy of A24

Wondering how to gift an NFT? Here are 10 NFT marketplaces worth checking out. And if you are a marketplace or NFT custom maker looking for NFT merchandising, contact Gemnote for the best swag and best merch for your NFT marketplace. 

Whether your company is a marketplace or you want to create an NFT merch store of your own, we can help you find the best merch for your NFT collection. Whereas NFT gifts are digital collectibles, the best merch for your NFT marketplace is physical products you can give away or even sell to further advertise your company. Yes, we’re talking personalized NFT merch. However, before you think of traditional promotional products or cheap throwaways, think again. SWAG, or Stuff We All Get, has come a long way since it was first introduced in the 1960s. From sustainable and eco-friendly products to customized gear people actually want, when you partner with the right company to create custom goods, you can be sure your personalized NFT merch and gifts for crypto lovers are relevant, on-trend, and worth talking about! 

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