8 Emerging Brands in Women's Health and Fertility

February 10, 2021

By incorporating innovative health and femtech products swag your company can break through the noise and stand out. We’ve highlighted eight emerging femtech companies that are successfully carving out their share of the marketplace by focusing on innovation in their products and services. See how you can extend your marketing efforts to create a more memorable brand with fem tech healthcare swag.

Plus, we’ll share five tips for marketing healthcare to women as well as unique female wellness brands swag ideas to increase your reach and give your business strategy staying power! By effectively keeping your consumers and employees engaged, you’ll better develop your brand and capture the customer loyalty your company deserves. 

In November of 2020 the Wall Street Journal announced it was the year of the woman. More than just politics, women want options when it comes to finding healthcare, joining a community, understanding fertility choices, and getting accurate information. And, not only are they looking to feel empowered in their healthcare choices, but they want convenience too. By keeping them at the heart of your company’s product or service, you too can create an unforgettable brand similar to these emerging brands. 

Meet the game changers in women's health: 

Maven Clinic. Founded in 2014 to bridge the gaps in care surrounding  fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum care, the Maven Clinic offers complete care for every stage of starting and raising a family.  Through their comprehensive breakdown of services, consultants, and online community, it’s easy to see why Maven Clinic is a go to resource for employers and individuals.

Meet Rosy. Browse their site, and you’ll instantly feel like everything is popping up rosy even when in the midst of trying to find help with increasing sexual function. Through telehealth, virtual classes, and an innovative app that tracks sexual wellness, women can get the help, answers, and community support they need. 

Note: Offering women a safe place to get support, expert advice, and their questions answered is a great way to build trust and foster community.

Care/Of. As a maker of vitamins, protein, and collagen, Care/Of is able to break away from the competition by focusing on personalization. With a quiz front and center on their website, you’re able to easily share your concerns, like dietary, digestion, skin, etc., while they capture your name and email. As for results, you get customized product recommendations while they continue building a relationship. Talk about win-win! 

Note: Offering a quiz on your website can be a great marketing strategy that offers personalized results. 

Willow: Willow is giving moms who breastfeed more freedom— and mobility. Their product lets them pump quietly anywhere and in any position thanks to the truly innovative, spill-proof design. Plus, with the Willow app, you can track your pumping volume, history and receive personalized tips. As an achiever of one of Time’s 25 best inventions, Willow is reimagining pumping as we know it. 

Meet the 4 new leaders in fertility: 

Prelude Fertility. As a valuable resource and online networking system where families can find fertility centers across the country, Prelude Fertility offers a plethora of information on IVF and freezing, donating, or using donor eggs to the process breakdown and finances. With an intuitive website and approachable branding, it’s easy to see why patients are drawn to them. 

Glow. Glow is on a mission to “empower people with new information about their bodies”. Through their family of four smart apps, they offer tracking and information for women’s sex and periods, fertility, pregnancy, and parenting. By tackling science and health—all with the help of medical advisors to ensure precise, accurate information, Glow is the largest online community for women’s health and their support continues to grow.  

Note: Having a mobile app with trackers, appointment scheduling, or access to patient portals can add a layer of convenience to your business. 

Modern Fertility. Rated Fast Co’s #1 healthcare company, Modern Fertility wants to help you “find power in your fertility” and take charge of your reproductive health. Through informative, easy to follow content to snappy headlines, their website is not only clean and professional but welcoming to anyone, not just those ready to start a family. 

Note: When overall branding and engagement are this good, setting up a womens health and fertility merch store could help you broaden your reach even more. 

Kind Body. With so many options, there’s a lot of pressure for women looking for fertility care to find the perfect provider. In addition to having a stellar reputation, science-backed research and easy-to-digest content, Kind Body’s use of diversity, doctor bios, and gorgeous in-office photos helps potential patients visualize their experience as a valued patient. 

Note: Looking to add personalization to your marketing efforts? You’ll want to know your audience’s buying persona.  

Through personalization, innovative products, elevated branding & swag, tracking apps, intuitive websites, medical professionals, and networking abilities, these emerging health and fertility brands have found success by empowering women with a plethora of tools and information. In the last couple of years convenience has been replacing consumer loyalty, yet, these brands have found a way to embrace both—and with powerful results. 

5 Tips for marketing healthcare to women: 

1. Offer free swag for healthcare workers.

Show your appreciation to the hard working healthcare providers you know, by gifting free merch. As the fight continues against Covid, these tireless heroes continue to faithfully show up day after day to serve patients. Whether they are on the front lines of the ER or offering care and guidance to the femtech industry in general, they deserve to be spoiled with great swag and those who interact with them will take notice too.

For swag that shows the love: Wearable tech swag for women like pedometers, smart watches, heart rate trackers, tech-touch gloves, or laptop stickers, and battery packs. These are also great for fertility company merchandise.  

2. Offer swag and merch giveaways for subscribing.

Trying to build your company’s email list or get patients to sign up for your company’s online portal? Or maybe you are wanting to add patient feedback on your website. Sometimes all it takes is the right incentive to start engaging with your patients on a more meaningful level.

For affordable merch to try:
Branded stickers and enamel pins, reminder magnets, hand sanitizers, calendars, pens, notebooks, and reusable totes. 

3. Include employee swag in your marketing efforts.

A happy, valued employee is quick to sing your company’s praise and join your mission. Let them know they are an important part of your organization by giving them employee swag they will love. As an important part of your onboarding strategy, this can be given out during onboarding and recruitment too.  

For swag they’ll love to wear: Branded tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, hats, backpacks, beach towels, and laptop covers. These also make great fem tech startups merch. 

4. Offer womens health giveaways swag at your next healthcare conference.

The best thing about attending conferences is leaving with a wealth of information and great freebies! Whether your company is headlining the event or a supporting sponsor, be sure to invest in sustainable merch (like stainless steel tumblers or phone chargers) so your swag efforts can keep marketing long after the event.

For swag that loves them back: Face masks, face guards, pill organizers, alarm clocks, sweatbands, workout towels, pedometers.  

5. Gift goodie bags to women suffering with a health issue or infertility.

Not only does this help foster a stronger relationship with them, but patients who feel valued are more likely to give online and word of mouth referrals as well as  reviews.

For women healthy goodie swag bag ideas: Reusable tumblers and water bottles, stickers, bandaids, ice packs, magnets, phone chargers, reusable totes and branded tees. These are also great for womens health startups swag.  

The sky’s the limit when it comes to women health gifts & merchandise. If you’re having trouble deciding on the right womens health merch brands merch, consider these three things:

a) Budget: Branded merch can be as simple or luxe as you make it. From laptop stickers and postcards to smart watches and other wearable tech swag for women, there’s something for every company and every budget.  

b) Theme: Swag for a health and wellness conference will differ from gift bag giveaways for booking a consultation or signing up for your online portal or newsletter. You can also choose swag that supports your company’s mission. For example, stress balls for anxiety, vitamin organizers for wellness products, etc. You can also use themes like February’s Heart Health Month to help build awareness.   

c) Audience: Employees, VIP patients, consumers, or conference giveaways? Different audiences will use swag in different ways. Knowing who will be getting your swag will help you narrow down your options.

For more women healthcare promotional items ideas check out their womens health and fertility merch reviews. 

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