Brand Highlight: Rains

October 5, 2021

Rains merges design, style, and innovation for quality products.

Hesselager said the “idea of merging design and style with an outdoor technical product fascinated us." In the year after introducing their poncho, the Rain’s company produced an entire line of cool raingear to offer. Since then, not only has Rains dedicated themselves to challenging traditional perceptions about rainwear, they’ve also challenged the perception of rainy weather as an inconvenience and instead have encouraged everyone to see inclement weather as an opportunity. Every Rains product then becomes a celebration of precipitation and the opportunity it brings.

Today, the Rains line includes many perennial, more traditional favorites like the Rains Jacket and the Rains Trekker jacket, as well as edgier, more urban, out-there styles like the Rains Holographic Jacket and the Rains Ultralight Jacket. In addition to waterproof apparel, the Rains line offers bags, accessories and some non-waterproof activewear fleece—all with their signature minimalist Scandinavian style plus attention to detail and product longevity.

If you live somewhere which, like Denmark, it rains a good one-third of the year, you would naturally think of a Rains waterproof jacket or other foul-weather gear for your company swag collection. But, even if you reside in arid Arizona, the Rains product line offers plenty of swag-worthy items like travel gear, backpacks, and other accessories that are sure to please no matter what the weather.

INTRO: Come rain or shine, choosing items with the Rains brand for your company swag is a smart choice—but it might not be easy with so much great gear to choose from!

Shower Them With Gifts of Rains

1. Blanket

With cozy, soft and quilting on one side and Rains’ signature waterproof polyurethane-coated fabric on the other, this blanket offers a versatile and protective layer sure to be appreciated by Friday night football fans, avid picnickers, campers, and more. Buckled webbing straps are a nice touch that make for easy packing, carrying and storage. 

2. Jacket

In keeping with Rains’ signature minimalism, the name of this item is just “Jacket.” Inspired by classic rainwear, Jacket is an urban version made from a water-resistant, lightweight fabric that has a smooth matte finish. With its casual fit and gender-neutral styling, this Rains jacket mens choice has unique details like the storm shield in the back (to allow ventilation and full waterproof fabric coverage) and an adjustable hood designed with Rains’ signature cap feature. If you’re looking for a Rains jacket charcoal color choice, you won’t find it, but you will have 11 other colors to choose from. Rock is closest to charcoal.

3. Crossbody Bum Bag

The Rains Bum Bag—otherwise known as a fanny pack—is stylishly simple and water-resistant too, with an adjustable webbing strap that can be worn over the shoulder, across the body, or at the waist. (The fanny pack re-emerged on the fashion scene a couple of years ago and shows no sign of leaving any time soon!) Notice how the zipper is covered to prevent water from getting in. Clever. Gender-neutral styling makes it a good choice for new employee onboarding swag, especially when you fill it with small branded items and tasty snacks.

4. Zip Wallet

The Zip Wallet is an essential urban accessory featuring Rains’ signature waterproof fabric and gender-neutral styling. Thoughtfully designed to provide three outer slots for cards on one side and a slot for receipts on the other, with a zippered middle compartment for cash and coins. Use the Zip Wallet as a value-adding presentation vehicle to make a gift card or cash seem a lot more special.

5. Long Rains Puffer Jacket

This Rains long jacket features cruelty-free featherless insulation and Rains’ breathable waterproof fabric to keep you warm and dry even in extreme conditions. A perennial favorite on city streets, as well as locales far away from civilization, the Puffer Jacket is crafted with stainless steel and durable rubber trimmings, welt pockets, and a padded hood. A large color-matching zipper adds to the bold fashion statement this coat makes. A short version of the puffer jacket is also available for those who want to stick to a more classic, understated look. More styles worth checking out include: 

  • rains breaker jacket
  • rains hooded waterproof jacket
  • urban outfitters rains jacket

6. Soft Pencil Case

You might be more of a pen person, but pens vs. pencils aside, this is a handy waterproof pouch for writing utensils and any other small items you need to corral and protect from the elements (and that includes the contents of your purse and gym bag). It has two compartments: the main compartment and a smaller zippered bi-fold bottom compartment that includes a mesh pocket. Fill it with some company-branded pens (and/or pencils!) and other small office tools as part of your new employee onboarding package.

7. Travel Tag

There’s nothing like a durable polyurethane tag to help ensure you get your luggage back if your bags are lost by the airlines. Or a bright yellow tag to make sure your bag isn’t mistakenly picked up by someone. The Rains tag cleverly keeps your personal info safe from casual glances with its lift-up flap. The rubber strap has a pushpin closure for easy on and off. Insert your company business card and these make affordable and unique giveaways for trade shows.

8. Rolltop Rucksack 

This Rains’ take on a cycling backpack is crafted from their signature waterproof fabric with their signature simple design aesthetic. The rains rolltop rucksack black features a rolltop closure has an adjustable strap with a loop for a bike lock (or maybe just a fun charm). A top opening is apparently the primary difference between a rucksack and a backpack—just in case you were wondering. The distinctively simple design of this bag is roomy yet aerodynamic, with an easy-access front pocket and a side-access laptop compartment. The perfect carryall rain or shine...cycle or not.

9. Rain Pants

Rains just calls them “Pants” but these are cleverly-designed waterproof pants with a zipper at the elasticated leg-opening so they can be easily pulled on over the tops of your footwear. Pants feature an adjustable drawstring waist, polyester mesh lining from waist to mid-thigh, spacious side pockets, and a back pocket with a ventilation hole.

10. Liner Vest

This non-waterproof quilted vest is much slimmer and sleeker (i.e. figure flattering) than ordinary quilted vests. It’s perfect layered under outerwear for extra warmth or worn as a sporty, light top layer. The Liner Vest has been crafted with nice details, too, including a concealed zipper and an inside zippered pocket. It’s a wardrobe essential and an easy giftable since it appeals to all genders and ages.

11. Charger Backpack

The latest addition to Rains’ ample line of backpacks, the Charger is a large-capacity backpack crafted with Rains’ signature waterproof fabric. Rains backpack laptop pocket inside its main compartment is big enough for a 13-in. Device. On the outside, two zippered pockets provide storage for smaller items and attachment points allow for carrying other gear externally. At last count, Rains line of backpacks and rucksacks totals 21 in all sizes, from the Rains Backpack Micro, to the classic Rains Camp backpack, and the super-sleek Rains Field backpack. Rains Duffel Bag Small, which can be worn as a backpack or cross-body. For more details, check out the rains backpack review

Additional packs worth checking out: 
  • Rains original duffel backpack large black
  • Rains backpack mini
  • Rains drawstring backpack
  • Rains runner backpack
  • Rains leather backpack

12. Short Hooded Coat

Though listed as a Rains womens raincoat, this lightweight waterproof jacket is also a great gender-neutral pick thanks to its classic straight silhouette and utilitarian design details like the

large pockets with button flaps, ventilation air holes, string detail along the hemline, and a drawstring hood with Rains’ signature built-in cap. If you want a raincoat that is specifically for a woman, Rains Curve Jacket for women is cut to emphasize the female silhouette. The Ultralight rain jacket womens choice from Rains is made of a unique transparent blush color fabric that is both waterproof and breathable. An Ultralight packable rain jacket makes a great choice when you need to keep rain protection close at hand in your rains tote backpack. And while there is no  Rains Holographic Curve jacket, there is a shimmery Holographic jacket in the women’s category as well as the men’s.

13. Wash Bag

This Wash Bag is a compact travel essential. Don’t be thrown off by the name Wash Bag—it’s what we would call a toiletry bag or dopp kit. This one is designed with a pocket sleeve and one compartment large enough to hold essential toiletries. It’s waterproof, of course, with a webbing grab handle and a water-repellent zipper. It’s small enough to use as a cosmetic bag or tote bag organizer, and it makes a great presentation container for small giftables.

14. Quilted Laptop Cover

Sometimes you don’t want a laptop bag, just something to protect your device. This sporty, waterproof laptop sleeve will do just that for your 11-in. to 15-in. devices. The quilted, waterproof outside and soft velvet-like lining inside protect your laptop in style. Compact enough to easily slip into other bags when you’re on the go, making it a great gift for travellers (even if your only trip is your daily commute).

15. Weekend Bag

The newest addition to the Rains line-up of waterproof Weekend Bags, the Weekend Bag Small has classically simple styling that makes it the perfect bag for trips to the gym or, of course, weekend excursions. It features one spacious compartment, webbed carry handles, a detachable shoulder strap, and matte hardware. This is a great gift for spoiling your VIPs.

Long on style and endurance!

Rains is committed to making sure their entire collection is created not only to be effortlessly fashionable, but with sustainability, durability, and longevity in mind. When you choose a Rains product, you can be sure you’re investing in style and quality that endures. And because the company is committed to helping both their customers and the planet endure, none of Rains’ products contain hormone disrupting, hazardous chemicals such as perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) or phthalates (PVC) that have been used to make moisture bead up and disperse from rainwear but are considered highly harmful for the environment. As an alternative, Rains’ water repellency comes from an innovative and specially developed polyurethane (PU) fabric that is water-repellent in itself and therefore does not require chemical coatings to be effective.

Rains’ track record when it comes to customer satisfaction and eco-friendly practices makes it an in-demand brand when it comes to corporate swag and gifts. 

When the forecast calls for Rains

If you’re a global shopper and type in a search for ASOS Rains backpack, you might discover that the London-based e-tailer offers Rains backpacks and other items in styles and colors not available in the U.S. While that might be okay for personal one-offs, if you’re interested in adding Rains products to your swag line-up, you’re probably better off going with a company like Gemnote who can analyze your overall swag needs and help you curate a collection of distinctive items to best fit your budget and your goals, and which will reflect well on your company brand.

Gemnote, like the Rains clothing brand, is known for the intentional simplicity and exemplary quality that makes everything they offer a cut-above the expected. Managing your company’s gifting and swag programs is so much easier with help from a company offering in-demand brands, fulfillment, warehousing, and inventory management. They can even assemble your gift sets! Plus, you can have them drop ship gifts to individuals for the ultimate in labor-saving. So don’t let worrying about the details of your swag program rain on your parade!

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