27 Best Hydro Flask® Alternatives

April 11, 2024

For corporate swag giveaways, choose reusable, sustainable drinkware.

When it comes to corporate swag giveaways, you can’t go wrong with sustainable options like reusable bottles, on-the go tumblers and more. And, when it comes to customizable options, look to Gemnote! We can help you create your perfect personalized drinkware that’s in your brand and your budget. This includes high-quality, affordable Hydro Flask® alternatives with all the best features. 

27 Best Alternatives for Custom Hydro Flask® to Consider

Designed with sustainability and durability in mind, these Hydro Flask® alternatives mean your recipients can reuse them again and again. 

1. Stanley Quencher H2.0 Flowstate Tumbler

Looking for something comparable to the customizable Hydro Flask®? Just look to the Stanley Quencher H2.0 Flowstate Tumbler. While it may have set the internet ablaze with fans and has collected a rather cult-like following, it definitely lives up to the hype!  Just as there are different Hydro Flask® sizes, Stanley tumblers come in an array of styles and sizes as well. Plus, this one is dishwasher safe, includes a reusable straw,  and fits in most cup holders for the ultimate convenience. 

2. Fellow Carter Move Mug

The perfect mug for the modern minimalist! With its smooth style, snap-in splash guard, and slim width, TheCarter Move Mug from Fellow goes wherever your recipient does for ultra hydration convenience.

3. CamelBak®

Those who carry a water bottle every day will love the Eddy®+ which delivers 25% more flow. Just slip it in your bag and go. The leak-proof, spill-proof, universal cap will keep your water right where it’s supposed to be—in the bottle—which makes it one of the best Hydro Flask® alternatives!

4. Fellow Carter Cold Tumbler

Another sleek and stylish option from Fellow, this Carter Cold Tumbler keeps their favorite drinks chilled and your recipient hydrated! Perfect for personalizing! Just be sure to order extras, since this is the one you and your teams can enjoy as well!

5. Klean Kanteen

Meet the ​​20 oz Eco Insulated Classic Water Bottle with a loop cap from Klean Kanteen. Designed with versatility and portability in mind, it's constructed from 90% post-consumer recycled 18/8 food grade stainless steel! It also features a opening that can accommodate ice which makes it perfect for staying hydrated outside!

6. Joyrolla Insulated 1 Liter Water Bottle

More than just a pretty bottle, this Joyrolla BPA-free bottle is made from 100% food grade stainless steel. Which, by the way, is highly resistant to odors, stains and bacteria. Plus, with double-walled vacuum insulation, it keeps water cold or hot for up to 12hrs. Add to that the colorful rubber matte finish, handy carry handle, removable straw made of BPA-free polyethylene, and included cleaning brush and it’s a great pick when it comes to options like a customizable Hydro Flask®. 

7. Stanley Quick Flip Go Bottle 36 Oz

If it’s Stanley, you know it comes with excellent features! And, the Quick Flip Go doesn’t disappoint! It features double-wall vacuum insulation for 10 hours hot, 18 hours cold, and 2.5 hours iced, as well as, trigger-action lid for one-hand convenience and spill-free sipping on the go. 

8. The Ocean Bottle 

What’s so great about the Ocean Bottle Water bottle? For starters, it stops 1000 plastic bottles from going to sea. Not to mention its sleek minimal design is ideal for customizing. Favorite attributes among this award-winning bottle (it was a Red Dot award winner for 2020) include its anti-leak design and dual openings. Perfect for those looking for great alternatives to a personalized Hydro Flask®. 

9. Porter Glass Bottle

There's something about the clean and refreshing taste of water from a glass bottle and this go-to reusable option means ditching the plastic and upgrading your hydration game. The Porter Glass bottle features a lightweight glass that's also durable and features a grippable silicone sleeve and twist-off cap. Your recipient will also love that it's leakproof, fits in most car cup holders, is dishwasher safe and  BPA Free. 

10. Soma Sport Bottle

The Soma Sport bottle is another great Hydro Flask® alternative option. It features an ergonomic-friendly button that opens the mouth with one hand, as well as an innovative leak-proof lid and matching sleeve. It’s a great Hydro Flask® alternative for your recipients who are always on the go! 

11. Coleman AUTOSEAL FreeFlow

Coleman produces several water bottles like Hydro Flask®. A popular option is the Coleman AUTOSEAL FreeFlow Stainless. With features that include double walls and vacuum insulation, it’s a durable option. A button operates the AUTOSEAL function. This Coleman style also prevents spills and leaks in between drinks. Thus, Coleman provides a high-quality Hydro Flask® lid alternative.

12. Corkcicle Classic Tumbler

Corkcicle also manufactures its Classic Tumbler. It ranks among the best insulated water bottle options on the market. The proprietary triple insulation feature earned this tumbler the moniker of coolest cup ever.  Therefore, it’s the coldest water bottle you can purchase for your swag giveaways.

13. Reusable KeepCup 

The KeepCup is a sustainable alternative to disposable coffee cups commonly found in cafes. Available in a variety of colors, materials, and sizes, KeepCup offers options such as stainless steel and glass. Recipients can enjoy their favorite brew or keep cold water chilled in these versatile cups. With its unique design and aesthetic appeal, your recipients are sure to appreciate the sustainable gift! 

Conveniently available in 12-ounce versions, the KeepCup is perfect for busy lifestyles, making it easy to enjoy their drink on the move. It’s the perfect Hydro Flask® alternative!

14. Miir Insulated Tumbler 

The Miir modeled its Insulated Tumbler after the paper cup. Thus, it’s minimalistic in design while getting the job done. A stainless steel water bottle, it travels easily and fits in vehicle cup slots.

15. S’well Teakwood Bottle

Those looking for something different and reusable can take a look at the custom S’well water bottles like this Teakwood Bottle. From the wood collection, the materials include a matte finish and a mixed distressed wood look. Plus, it keeps the content cooler or hotter for more time thanks to the vacuum-insulated and food-grade technology.

16.  Miir 23oz Vacuum Insulated Bottle

Miir has put its touches on Hydro Flask® alternatives. For example, the Miir 23oz Vacuum Insulated Bottle focuses on keeping the contents at an ideal temperature. The simple design includes an easy-to-carry handle. Plus, it’s among the many items you can have customized. Talk to your Gemnote rep for more styles and ideas.

As for Miir, the company prides itself on giving back and every product of theirs comes with a trackable code that can be registered online so your recipient can see how their gift gave back.

17. LARQ Pur Vis 

The LARQ Pur Vis takes Hydro Flask® alternatives to another level. A self-cleaning water bottle, the technology can get rid of up to 99% of contaminants. Recipients will enjoy the benefits of the water purification system found in the cap. This is especially nice for staying hydrated when acceptable drinking water isn't always available or convenient.

18. Corkcicle Classic Canteen

The Corkcicle Classic Canteen
 features a stainless steel water bottle and modern design that keeps up with the trends. Its shape resembles a canteen to give the water bottle a fun, unique twist.

19. YETI Rambler Bottles

You’ll find YETI Rambler Bottles in several sizes, colors, and materials. For example, YETI carries a 12-ounce rambler with a hotshot cap in stainless steel. Plus, it’s designed not to weigh the owner down so taking it on hikes, skiing, and other outings is never a hassle.

For an even bigger option than the Hydro Flask® water bottle, consider the Rambler 64 ounce bottle with Chug Cap as one of your Hydro Flask® alternatives. Another option to consider is the YETI water bottle with straw. It is a great substitute for the Hydro Flask dupe with straw.

20. Custom Insulated 16-oz. Reusable Bottle 

These colorful reusable bottles feature a luxe, matte finish, and a durable, double-walled stainless steel design. Plus, they’re vacuum-insulated to keep liquids cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. Best of all they include a custom silicone strap so it’s easy to take them anywhere. With no BPA, BPS or  Phthalates, these 100% reusable leak-proof bottles are easy to clean and use again and again—which your recipient will appreciate.

21. Welly Traveler 

This functional water tumbler is perfect for morning coffee, afternoon smoothies and all the water-sipping in between. Plus, with triple-wall vacuum insulation drinks stay cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 8. Your recipients will love the insulated flip cap and that Welly donates 1%+ of sales to sustainable clean water projects in developing countries! 

22. Purist Mover Vacuum Water Bottle with Union Top 

Why do they call this water bottle purist?  maybe it's because that's all you taste pure water nothing else thanks to the surgical-grade stainless-steel interior with unbreakable glass finish. Plus, with double-wall vacuum insulation it keeps drinks cold for 24 hrs. or hot for 12 hrs. — making it ideal for water, coffee, tea and more!

The leakproof Union top has a soft stopper that locks in open and closed positions and features an integrated handle for easy carrying. 

Photo courtesy of REI

23. Wide Mouth Water Bottle 

Another Nalgene favorite! While the narrow mouth bottle is ideal for sipping on the go, the wide mouth bottle is perfect for holding ice! For extra points, add a custom carabiner your recipient can clip their Nalgene on to their backpack and more to take with them wherever they go.  And, while it is considered one of the cheapest Hydro Flask alternatives, it's a sustainable option that is BPA-free and durable.

24. Waterdrop Bottles

These Waterdrop bottles have lofty goals: a world without pre-filled beverages – where daily hydration is sustainable, healthy and easy to achieve for everybody. That's the kind of world the makers of Waterdrop want to live in. Not just the maker of glass and stainless steel bottles, they also make sugar free flavor packs to jazz up your water. Talk to your Gemnote rep for ideas like these.

25. Nalgene Narrow Water Bottle 

Last but definitely not least is the Nalgene water bottle that is perfect for small businesses as well as companies looking for affordable Hydro Flask® water bottle alternatives. Nalgene is an excellent choice for corporate gifts, business swag ideas, giveaways, and more!

So how long exactly has Nalgene been around? Decades and decades and decades. In fact, their water bottles were used by the U.S. Hockey team back in 1980 when they won the gold medal! 

26. Built NY

Featuring double wall stainless steel it’s an excellent choice for water and cold beverages, but also ideal for hot chocolate, coffee, and the like! Factor in a strap handle that’s easy to move and you’re ready to go! For more custom Hydro Flask® ideas like this one, talk to your Gemnote rep! While the style is comparable to the 24 Oz Hydro Flask®, you'll save money on this style, which is one of the cheapest. well-made bottles.

27. Bink Water Bottle 

Ready to  meet or surpass your daily water goals? This isn’t a Hydro Flask® dupe. Instead, this simple glass water bottle offers a window into how much water you’ve consumed for hydration tracking made easy! Just think of this nifty water bottle style as getting a peek into the good stuff. 

More alternatives for custom Hydro Flask® ideas

Still haven't found the perfect personalized Hydro Flask® alternative? There are a lot more options where these came from! Talk to your Gemnote rep or browse the Look Book  for even more water bottles like Hydro Flask®!

You’ll be happy to know that along with being a sustainable option for corporate gifting, water bottles are perfect for customizing and you’ll find a plethora of options to pick from! With so many options for sizes, styles, features, colors and customization, matching your brand just got easier!

For those looking for Hydro Flask® alternatives that really go the distance, talk to your Gemnote rep about how you can get customized water bottle and tumbler accessories like reusable straws, straws, carry cases, carabiners, stickers, packaging and more to make it your own! As always, your Gemnote rep can give you a curated collection of quality products to match your brand and your budget.

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