15 Best Alternatives for Custom Hydro Flask

February 8, 2022

For corporate swag giveaways, choose reusable, sustainable drinkware.

Hydro Flask prides itself on manufacturing environmentally-friendly products that withstand the outdoors. With different Hydro Flask sizes, including Hydro Flask kids water bottle options, they’re convenient for camping, fishing, hiking trips and more. 

For high-quality affordable Hydro Flask alternatives, we can help you find ones with all the best features. Designed with sustainability and durability in mind, these Hydro Flask competitors have styles your recipients can reuse again and again. 

16 Best Alternatives for Custom Hydro Flask to Consider

1. Soma Sport Bottle

The Soma Sport Bottle
 offers a best HydroFlask alternative option. It features an ergonomic-friendly button that opens the mouth with one hand. Plus, its lid is leak-proof. 

It’s important to take the lid quality into account. The lid prevents splashing, spills, and leaks, and many alternate HydroFlask lids pay close attention to this detail. Individuals who participate in spin classes, hiking, or jogging will enjoy this Hydro Flask alternative.

2. Soma Glass Water Bottle

Soma took into account that some people drop things. Although the company produces the Soma Glass Water Bottle from glass, the material remains shatter-resistant. Thus, it’s among the best Hydro Flask alternative options.

3. Corkcicle Classic Canteen

The Corkcicle Classic Canteen
 features a stainless steel water bottle and modern design that keeps up with the trends. Its shape resembles a canteen to give the water bottle a fun, unique twist.

If you’re interested in customizing unique liquid vessels, you can also consider the Owala water bottle line.

4. Corkcicle Classic Tumbler

Corkcicle also manufactures its Classic Tumbler
. It ranks among the best insulated water bottle options on the market. The proprietary triple insulation feature earned this tumbler the moniker of coolest cup ever.  Therefore, it’s the coldest water bottle you can purchase for your swag giveaways.

5. Miir 23oz Vacuum Insulated Bottle

Miir has put its touches on Hydro Flask alternatives. For example, the Miir 23oz Vacuum Insulated Bottle focuses on keeping the contents at an ideal temperature. The simple design includes an easy-to-carry handle.

Plus, it’s among the many items you can have customized. Talk to your Gemnote rep for more styles and ideas.

6. Miir Insulated Tumbler 

The Miir modeled its Insulated Tumbler after the paper cup. Thus, it’s simple in design while getting the job done. A stainless steel water bottle, it travels easily and fits in vehicle cup slots.

7. S’well Teakwood Bottle

Those looking for something different and reusable can take a look at the S’well Teakwood Bottle. From the wood collection, the materials include a matte finish and a mixed distressed wood look. Plus, it keeps the content cooler or hotter for more time thanks to the vacuum-insulated and food-grade technology.

8. Stanley Classic Trigger Action Travel Mug

Versatility shines in the Stanley Classic Trigger Action Travel Mug. The button allows one-hand drinking. Thus, the recipient doesn’t interrupt their tasks when they’re thirsty. Available in six colors and three sizes, Stanley products remain solid Hydro Flask competitors.


9. Porter Water Bottle

Porter helps individuals upgrade their hydration. Its Water Bottle features a simple and sleek design. Plus, they produce it in an array of colors and styles. Recipients will enjoy the leakproof and high-quality features. For example, water tastes like water, even after sitting in the water bottle for several hours.

10. Kinto Tumbler

The Kinto Tumbler
 travels well. It features the ability to keep contents at their original temperature. In addition, the design is sleek thanks to its stainless steel material. Kinto produces durable and versatile products that remain environmentally friendly.

11. Klean Kanteen

The Klean Kanteen hit the market in 2004 before the stainless steel water bottle trend took off. It remains a best HydroFlask alternate option for several reasons. The simple modern water bottle is light, safe, and free of materials with toxic substances.

12. KeepCup 

The KeepCup replaces one-time-use cups found at coffee shops. You’ll find them in a range of colors, materials, and sizes. For example, KeepCup offers them in stainless steel and glass materials. Recipients can use them for brewed coffee and as a thermal for cold water.

Recipients will fall in love with the unique look and design. Since it has 12-ounce versions, it is easy and convenient to use on the go.


13. LARQ Pur Vis 

The LARQ Pur Vis takes Hydro Flask alternatives to another level. A self-cleaning water bottle, the technology can get rid of up to 99% of contaminants. Recipients will enjoy the benefits of the water purification system found in the cap.

14. Coleman

Coleman produces several water bottles like Hydro Flask. A popular option is the Coleman AUTOSEAL FreeFlow Stainless. With features that include double walls and vacuum insulation, it’s a durable option. A button operates the AUTOSEAL function. This Coleman style also prevents spills and leaks in between drinks. Thus, Coleman provides a high-quality Hydro Flask lid alternative.

15. Ember 

Ember places a focus on quality mugs. The company produced the first mug that keeps its contents at the desired temperature with an easy to use app. Although the mugs between the two companies operate differently, Ember is one of Hydro Flask competitors. Many agree that Ember produces a great “smart” mug to add to your corporate swag giveaways.

An estimated 65% of office workers drink coffee. They consume three cups a day on average. Therefore, a reusable mug, cup, or water bottle as corporate swag is sure to score you some points. Plus, with controlled heat settings, Ember is a not only a great Hydro Flask alternative, but makes unique swag options for your employees and VIPs. Talk to your Gemnote rep about how you can personalize yours for the ultimate in business swag. 

16. YETI Rambler Bottles

You’ll find YETI Rambler Bottles in several sizes, colors, and materials. For example, YETI carries a 12-ounce rambler with a hotshot cap in stainless steel. Plus, it’s designed not weigh the owner down.

For an even bigger option than the Hydro Flask water bottle, consider the Rambler 64 ounce bottle with Chug Cap as one of your Hydro Flask alternatives. Another option to consider is the YETI water bottle with straw. It is a great substitute for the Hydro Flask dupe with straw.

Hydro Flask vs Other Water Bottle Brands

One comparison consumers make is Iron Flask vs Hydro Flask. Iron Flask offers a line of stainless steel water bottle products. You’ll also find wide-mouth straw lid options, making it a great Hydro Flask lid alternative to customize at Gemnote. People enjoy the lid and straw combination such as the Hydro Flask with straw and wide mouth in 32 ounces.

Hydro Cell also receives a lot of attention. It supplies a line of wide- and standard-mouth water bottles. The company keeps a focus on hydration. Moreover, it’s an affordable Hydro Flask alternative. Hydro Cell doesn’t sacrifice quality. The water bottles consist of double walls and vacuum insulated components. 

Product warranties: Hydro Flask & Hydro Flask alternative products 

There is a Hydro Flask warranty under their Let's Go™ Promise. If one of their products has defects, customers can return it for inspection and a refund or replacement. Ideally, any product purchased from this brand will last a lifetime. The manufacturing process ensures durability. Therefore, customers and recipients of a customized HydroFlask product don’t need to replace it. You might decide to purchase additional products to create your collection. But these water bottles become an investment.

In addition to the The HydroFlask Let's Go™ Promise Guarantee, you’ll find that the best Hydroflask alternate products have product warranties as well. 

Cleaning Your Products

Something reusable requires thorough cleaning. Appropriate cleaning gets rid of contaminants that get left behind and accumulate over time. Accumulation of gunk is more true for those who pour milk products such as lattes and mochas into the thermos.

It’s possible to place all HydroFlask products in the dishwasher. The only exception is the company’s mugs. The mugs do not have a powder coating. Therefore, it’s best to wash them by hand. The other products do consist of coating. Thus, you can include them in the washer with your other dishes.

When you are looking at comparing stainless steel water bottle options or hydro flask alternatives, it’s best to follow the particular brands recommendations before cleaning your products.  

Customizing a Water Bottle through Gemnote

As the promotional water bottle giveaway at corporate events continues, a lot of people walk around with the same merchandise. Customizing them serves many purposes. First, custom Hydro Flask engraving sets them apart from the ones purchased in-store. Also, it shows that your company went the extra mile with its swag. A personalized Hydro Flask also provides a return on investment.

Keep in mind, Gemnote customizes most water bottles brands.

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