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December 1, 2020

When the gift-giving season rolls in, one of the challenges of many companies to come up with a roster of gifts under $10 that are still sure to impress. Here are some great options to choose from – carefully considered from a selection of curated items that have been evaluated with a critical eye for their usefulness and an aesthetic that’s sure to please all of your recipients.

Despite the pandemic and all the inconveniences it has brought, 2020 is certainly whizzing by and pretty soon the holidays will be upon us. In a few months, a lot of people will need to shift their thinking to presents to give to their families, co-workers, bosses, and clients. Don’t get caught up in the holiday rush, because this article will guide you through everything you need to know about gifting – and for under $10 at that!

It’s not that hard to come up with unique gifts under 10 dollars for co-workers, bosses and clients, for as long as you know where to look and what great bulk gifts under 10 dollars are available to you. But before we get into the discussion creative gift ideas under 10 dollars, here’s a short rundown of tips that will come in handy as you go on a gift search:

Qualities of the Best Gifts Under $10 

Client gifts under $10 are possible, for as long as you keep these tips in mind when you start searching for them: 

1. Practicality. Useful unique gifts under 10 dollars are possible, especially if they are able to fill a need that the recipient has at the moment. Think about what people often use  on a regular basis based on their profiles and base your hunt for creative gift ideas under 10 dollars from there.

2. Great aesthetic. Apart from practical gifts under 10 dollars target often has, you can also consider the aesthetic aspect of specific personalized gifts under 20 dollars that you are considering. For example, a small potted plant might not be as useful as a chic water tumbler, but it will still delight a lot of recipients if you choose one that looks very “in the moment”. Fiddle leaf figs, for instance, are quite popular these days and come in minimalist style pots that can really pull the look of an entire corner together. 

3. Fits the occasion or theme. Personalized gifts under $10 can even be timed for releasing across the calendar to coincide with a particular occasion or season. During the love month of February, you can include artisanal chocolates with your company press kit to go with the Valentine theme of the season. When spring transitions into summer, your personalized gifts under 10 dollars can take the form of brightly colored tees that have your company logo printed on the front, with the color choices riding the sunny and carefree days of the vacation months.


Where to Find Gifts Under $10 for Employees

Looking for gifts under $10 for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and any other occasion that you have designated as a time to give gifts to your employees is easy when you have a direct source for it. While there are many stores where you can source bulk gifts under 10 dollars, one of the best places to get these is from sites like Gemnote. Here’s why:

· Convenience -If you are in need of a variety of stocking stuffer ideas under $10, you will find that you have everything you need in one place. Sourcing all of your stocking stuffer ideas under $10 in one place will save you a lot of time, allowing you to get this task done quickly and move on with your other responsibilities.

· Curated - Whether you are looking for creative gift ideas under $10 or personalized gifts under $10, you will be pleased to know that everything you choose here (that’s ten dollars and below) have been carefully selected for quality. Thus, you won’t worry about whether or not a particular gift will “fail” on you, because the expert curators behind Gemnote have made sure that all creative gift ideas under $10 offered on the site are well worth the investment. 

· Customer-oriented experience - The beauty of ordering your bustle gifts under $10 through providers like Gemnote is that you will find the whole experience pleasant and efficient. A platform that is designed to cater specifically to corporate gifting is miles ahead in service compared to a regular webstore selling funny gifts under 10 dollars, which basically presents their product catalogue and leaves every step thereafter to you. With Gemnote, choosing your bustle gifts under $10 is done with more clarity because not only are the options curated, but you get the extra attention in handling your order in any aspect that you require (personalization, best recommendations for your industry, etc.)

Gifts Under $10 for Him and Her

Choosing your amazon gifts under $10 is easy when you have some solid suggestions on top picks like the following:

1. Comfort Colors Heavyweight Ring Spun Tee, from $9.99.

Why look for gifts under 10 dollars Target when you can buy well-made shirts on Gemnote, just like this one? Its soft and tight weave is a sure winner for many recipients, and it comes in a variety of pleasing earth colors that go well with any style.

Comfort Colors Heavyweight Ring Spun Tee

2. MiiR Pint Cup Stainless, $10.

Instead of contemplating on funny gifts under 10 dollars for your clients, go the sensible and stylish route with this MiiR stainless cup. The minimalist lines coupled with the easy-to-clean stainless material makes it a must-have cup anywhere from the home to the office cupboard.

MiiR Pint Cup Stainless

3. Areaware Minim Playing Cards, Black $9.95.

Let others spend hours looking for luxury tech gifts under $10 while you distribute packs of these minimalist-looking playing cards by Areaware. When playing cards are the subject, you know fun is on the agenda. This simple gift is great at fostering social interaction all in one stylish package.

Areaware Minim Playing Cards

4. Field Notes Original Kraft Graph 3 pack - Kraft $10.

Amazon gifts under $10 often mention Field Notes products – and with good reason. A small notebook is always handy to have, but when you have something that is as well made as this, you know you’ve gone the extra mile compared to others who will be gifting inexpensive Christmas gifts for staff this year.

Field Notes Original Kraft Graph 3 pack - Kraft

White Elephant Gifts Under $10 for Her

Some consider tech beauty gifts under $10 as white elephant worthy material, but below are options your recipient actually wants to use. For more great gifts in a wide range of prices, check out our 2022 Gift Guide.

White Elephant Gifts

1. Tcho Milk Chocolate Peppermint Mocha Bar, from $4.39. The search for BuzzFeed gifts under $5 almost always ends up as a search for the yummiest food items around, and this Tcho Milk Chocolate Peppermint Mocha Bar truly delivers in the taste factor. The brand has a lot of great flavors to choose from, so it’s best to grab a couple of variants to spread cheer around.

2. Quip Large Toothpaste in Watermelon, $5. Who would have thought that BuzzFeed gifts under $5 would include toothpaste? Mind you, this isn’t any old toothpaste because Quip is synonymous to quality and careful attention to detail. Their toothpaste variants are unique, and this one in Watermelon makes the act of brushing one’s teeth all the more pleasurable and fun.

3. Morihata Binchotan Charcoal Face Scrub Towel, $10. While many women go for tech beauty gifts under $10, others will be pleasantly surprised that this Morihata Binchotan Charcoal Face Scrub Towel will do the job of exfoliating and brightening the face just as good as the best out there. Economically priced and effective, it's the perfect sustainable gift that can replace single use towelettes.

4. Baronfig Vanguard Softcover Notebook Pocket, Light Gray $9. Amazon gifts under $10 often mention these Baronfig Vanguard Softcover Notebooks. They are indeed pocketable, and the softcover nature makes their stay in a cramped purse more forgiving since they bend to preserve their form. The soft, light gray hue is the perfect blend of femininity and professionalism as well.

Possible Christmas Gifts Under $10 Dollars for Co-workers

Christmas Gifts Under $10

1. Caramel Corn Popcorn, from $4.95. Looking for gifts for coworkers under $5? Hammond’s line of flavored popcorn (especially this one in Caramel Corn) is a sure crowd pleaser. Even if your coworker doesn’t have a sweet tooth, this top pick is sure to please when he serves it at the next holiday party as an appetizer.

2. Flint Lint Roller Classic in Navy, $8. Inexpensive Christmas gifts for staff should always include one Flint Lint Roller because it is indispensable, especially if you are keen on keeping your staff looking neat and tidy at work! Don’t be surprised if they end up keeping one in their desk to make sure they look presentable at any given time!

3. Areaware Cubebot Micro in Multi, $10. Instead of luxury tech gifts under $10, why not give the gift of creativity? This Areaware Cubebot is a great fiddle toy for when you want your creative juices flowing, and it certainly adds a lot of cheer to anyone’s desk or cubicle.

Getting More than Funny Gifts Under $10

Our Christmas gifts under $10 combine fun and function for creative gifts ideas that won't blow your budget—proving that gifts under $10 don't need to be useless. With a little help from experts from sites like Gemnote, you will be able to find – and gift others with – exactly that. For more gifts that are sure to inspire, check out our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide.

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