Brand Highlight: American Giant

July 9, 2022

Bayard Winthrop founded American Giant in 2011 in San Francisco, CA. There is no shortage of apparel companies founded at around the same time in the same area. However, American Giant differentiates itself in a big way - the company manufactures its apparel in Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA, as well as, Middlesex, North Carolina. Championing American made products it also offers an American Giant military discount. In 2022, Winthrop remains CEO of American Giant and the company continues producing American Giant hoodies for sale as well as other apparel essentials. You’ll also find American Giant essential jogger, American Giant midweight sweatpants, and American Giant mechanics jacket options.

Brands searching for customizable and high-quality apparel and want to support American businesses can check out the offerings from American Giant. We highlight 15 options.

1. Everyday Crewneck Sweatshirt

The lightweight Everyday Crewneck Sweatshirt from American Giant is perfect for daily wear. Recipients will enjoy the true to size fit and comfort that the French terry material provides.

If you’re looking for American Giant hooded sweatshirt options, you’ll find those too. One American Giant French terry hoodie review describes it as the perfect weight and texture.

2. Classic V Neck

Most apparel companies manufacture their version of the Classic V Neck including American Giant. This version features durable construction, soft fabric, and a great fit.

Moreover, the American Giant t shirt doesn’t lose its shape even after several washes according to more than one American Giant premium t shirt review.

3. Lightweight Pullover 

American Giant focuses on apparel items for men and women. The lightweight pullover is comfortable and lightweight. 

It’s perfect for daily wear since the fabric stretches with the wearer’s movements. The modern construction includes functional pockets.

The fashion world describes pullovers as fancier versions of hoodies. However, American Giant clothing reviews love the best hoodie ever American Giant. Brands that prefer to purchase apparel according to gender will find American Giant hoodie women that fits their frame better than the version for men. 

For example, an American Giant hoodie women has a body skimming fit. However, it still allows for mobility. There is also the American Giant pullover hoodie that combines the best of both worlds. The American Giant pullover hoodie consists of reinforced elbows, double-lined hood, and side panels for better mobility. 

4. Classic Muscle Tank

Some apparel styles remain classic, and the muscle tank is one of them. The American Giant version focuses on producing a vintage feel. 

Enjoy the Supima cotton that makes the muscle tank feel soft and timeless. 

5. Everyday Half Zip 

American Giant celebrates making its apparel on United States soil - it also places an emphasis on typical American styles such as the Everyday Half Zip.

The lightweight terry cloth fabric keeps the garment comfortable. In addition, recipients can wear it daily and year-round. Since it’s so lightweight, it feels like an American Giant hooded sweatshirt.

6. Motto Full Zip 

The moto apparel style made a comeback in the late 2010s and continues maintaining its popularity. American Giant has translated the moto style into its Moto Full Zip customized heavyweight fleece version.

It keeps the wearer warm and the side panels ensure that they remain free to move around freely. The fit skims the body and the reinforced elbows ensure that the garment lasts several uses according to one American Giant essential full zip review.

Those who prefer to distribute warmer outerwear can consider the American Giant varsity jacket or American Giant mechanics jacket. Outerwear like the American Giant mechanics jacket is great for corporate travel - that’s a great time to promote your brand. Whether your team wears it at the airport, on the plane, or hotel, the high-quality outerwear will grab attention.

7. Campfire Throw Blanket

Like other apparel companies, American Giant manufactures accessories that complement its apparel line such as the Campfire Throw Blanket.

Measuring at 48 inches by 58 inches, it’s a perfect addition to new hire swag boxes. Made from 100% fleece, the all-purpose blanket is perfect for the office, working from home, and travel.

The throw blanket pairs well with an American Giant baseball jacket or American Giant varsity jacket in a swag box. You can also add an American Giant premium t shirt and American Giant hooded sweatshirt. If you give these as gifts to your female staff, include the American Giant hoodie women.


8. Lightweight Short 

Pair any one of American Giant’s lightweight shirts with their Lightweight Short. 

Each pair keeps the wearer cool and comfortable thanks to the ultra soft fabric. The natural stretch ensures that the wearer’s mobility remains free. Plus, the pockets are functional and the style is modern.

9. Easy Linen 

Linen fabric is great for clothes meant to weather warmer temperatures. The Easy Linen shirt from American Giant buttons up and has a looser fit. 

A functional pocket sits on the chest and the sleeves have cuffs for added style. Although the fabric is breathable, it’s not sheer. Moreover, the fabric becomes softer over time. 

For something elegant, this is the shirt companies purchase. Plus, it pairs well with the American Giant cigarette pants. An American Giant the pant review agrees. Another American Giant the pant review points out that it has the comfort of leggings and the look of trousers.

10. Socks

In addition to an array of shirts, American Giant produces an array of socks.

Pick from crew or ankle styles in three different colors. Each features a slightly different color pattern. The elastic on the leg and ankle prevent the socks from slipping while the toe seam prevents rubbing. Plus, the footbed has extra comfort.

Everyone benefits from having several pairs of socks. If you want to build a swag box around them, add American Giants midweight sweatpants and an American Giant hoodie. 

11. Everyday Jogger 

Joggers remain popular, and American Giant produces pairs that recipients can wear year-round. The dying process creates a vintage look.

The comfy joggers feature premium fabric that withstands wear, tear, and several washes. The fit is modern and slim and a cuff at the end of the leg helps the joggers keep their shape. More importantly, the cuff will not stretch. 

The American Giant essential jogger isn’t the only bottoms available. Brands can also pick from the American Giants midweight sweatpants and American Giant cigarette pants. 

When you read an American Giant sweatpants review, you’ll find that it’s mostly positive, just like the American Giant the pant review. Customers point out their American Giant sweatpants review that it has a great cut. Another American Giant sweatpants review states that the apparel fits true to size.

12. Weekend Shorts 

Made from French terry cloth, the Weekend Shorts from American Giant are perfect for running errands or lounging at home over the weekend. Recipients can also wear them during the week. 

Like other American Giant products, these shorts ensure that the wearer maintains optimal comfort and mobility. 

13. Cotton Stretch Leggings

American Giant produces a complete line of apparel that contains cotton stretch leggings that feel buttery against the skin according to more than one American Giant legging review.

Each pair is made from premium cotton that allows them to keep their shape throughout the day, every day. The fit is high rise and sculpted. These leggings will easily become the wearer’s favorite pair for running errands or hitting the gym. Their American Giant legging review will most likely agree. When customers offer an American Giant legging review, they are thrilled that it’s not see-through. 

14. Slub Crew Tee

Every closet benefits from having at least one high-quality tee such as the American Giant Slub Crew Tee. Available in classic colors navy, white, black, and iron, your company can also pick it up in eight other colors such as khaki, burnt clay, and vintage indigo.

American Giant developed the premium fabric for the slub tee. After a year, their team delivered fabric that is not see through nor torquing. The high-quality fabric helps the American Giant t shirt keep its shape. Plus, swag recipients can dress it up or wear it casually.

After reviewing our list of American Giant highlights, you might wonder what is the difference between American Giant classic vs essential apparel. The American Giant premium t shirt falls into both categories. It’s a classic style that’s an everyday essential too. Another example is the American Giant best hoodie - this one falls into the essentials category since it’s not a classic American style until recently. However, the American Giant pullover hoodie will easily become an essential part of anyone’s closet. 

As you browse the American Giant line, you’ll notice that it’s the opposite of fast fashion. The apparel manufacturer focuses on classic American styles. It rounds out the line with complementary pieces such as the American Giant essential jogger, American Giant varsity jacket, or American Giant cigarette pants but it’s far from fast fashion.

Since American Giant is the opposite of fast fashion, some marketing teams might believe that the apparel runs on the expensive side. However, the prices reflect the high-quality fabrics. If you’re searching for a price break, you will find American Giant hoodies for sale during special times of the year. For example, the company runs Fourth of July sales - it also offers the American Giant military discount. To enjoy the American Giant military discount, use the verification form before placing an order.

Find American Giant hoodies for sale and you're in luck. That's because American Giant best hoodie hold up in the wash and with daily wear and tear. Recipients won’t replace theirs anytime soon. Check out the American Giant hoodie review.

Whether you pick up several American Giant t shirt options or American Giant best hoodie selections, Gemnote can customize each for your corporate swag needs.

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