20 Swag Ideas For Your Sales Kickoff 2022

January 10, 2022

Have an upcoming sales kickoff meeting? Then you need sales team gift ideas to keep your..

When it comes to gifts for sales reps and ideas for sales meetings, half baked ideas just won’t cut it. After all, this is your hard-working sales team we’re talking about and you’ll want them to feel appreciated and valued. 

Additionally, the best gifts for sales reps don’t have to blow your budget. While investing in high-quality customized items is important, you’ll be surprised at the variety of sales kick off meeting swag products you can find when you plan ahead. 

That said, if you find yourself low on time, in a crunch, or just plain uninspired, Gemnote has you covered! The dedicated team works hard to provide the best giveaway ideas for sales meeting conferences and other upcoming sales events. 

20 Kick Off Meeting Swag Ideas for your Sales Team 

1. A Great Night’s Sleep 

The power of getting a great night’s sleep has been documented time and time again. From reducing stress to thinking more clearly and lessening your chances of health problems, sleep is serious business. 

So why not give your sales team something extra beneficial? After all, couldn’t we all use a little extra shut-eye?  

The Hatch restore features a programmable sleep routine, sounds, and white noise, sunrise alarm, meditations, sleep routines, and more. 

Tip: For out of the box sales meeting ideas, why not pair this with an herbal tee pack, customized tumbler, and a short training session on how to get started in meditation? It tops the list for zen event kickoff ideas!  

Shown: Hatch Restore 

2. A Hard Working, Leak-Proof Travel Mug 

But not just any travel mug, because we know there are millions—all claiming to do relatively the same thing. 

Thankfully, the Stanley Legacy Neverleak Travel Mug lives up to the hype. With a three-position lid that easily opens then locks tight when not in use, more durability, and better insulation, it’s no wonder it fits perfectly in Stanley’s Legacy Series of products. 

Tip: As you think through event kickoff ideas, let your swag do double duty by supporting your event efforts. For example, if you’re meeting in person, customized travel mugs are a great way to reduce waste from single-use cups and plastic water bottles.   

Shown: Stanley Stanley Legacy Neverleak Travel Mug


3. A Fresh Perspective

OK, while your sales kick off meeting swag probably won’t broaden your team’s outlook on life, blue light protecting glasses can help filter out blue light that messes with one's circadian rhythm or in other words, sleep schedule.  

Blue light blocking glasses also make great virtual sales kick off ideas since your team is most likely watching your event from a screen. 

Wondering what style frame to choose? You can’t go wrong with eco-friendly eyewear like these Blue Light Blocking glasses from Mouqy. Made with durable metal and renewable materials, the slim, timeless, standard frames are the most comfortable option for extended wear.

@officialwndrlst wearing Mouqy's Audrey glasses

4. A Great Charger 

Chargers are a dime a dozen, so what makes them one of the best gifts for your sales reps? Well, when it’s by a trustworthy brand like Native Union that’s known for quality products, you can’t go wrong. 

Not to mention the Mag Safe compatible feature means it’s easy to snap on and forget about. So no more crawling around looking for lost cords. 

For major swag points, talk to your Gemnote Rep about the Native Union Rise dock that has a near perfect rating. One reviewer even said it’s the perfect size and height for making video calls. 

Tip: High quality tech gifts, like this one, are the best way to support your virtual kick off event ideas

Shown: Native Union Rise Dock

5. A Customized Pullover 

Trust us, not just any pullover will do. By giving your sales team branded swag, it’s a reminder of your company and your sales event. Plus, when you customize a sought-after brand, your sales team will be proud to wear it for years to come.

Looking for the best pullover? Choose one like Arc’teryx that’s known for its high quality apparel, durable designs, and efforts toward long-term sustainability.    

Shown: Arc’Teryx Covert Pullover 

6. High Quality Headphones

Whether they’re looking to jam out or use for hands-free calling, wireless headphones are always a cool idea. 

For a style that truly rocks, JBL Pure Bass has them covered for hours. Literally, since they can enjoy 40 hours of play time and a quick 5 minute charge gives 2 hours of playtime.

Tip: JBL Pure Base headphones can be customized too, so in addition to making great sales giveaways, they’re perfect for your VIP clients too

Shown: JBL Wireless Pre Bass headphones

7. A Warm Jacket That’s Just As Soft

Events and conferences are known to be cold and for those virtual events, who can resist a great jacket that’s seasonally appropriate? 

Designed with a longer length, performance sherpa fleece (that’s made from recycled plastic), plus a storm flap, this Vuori style jacket can only be made better with personalization!  

Shown: Vuori Utility Sherpa Jacket    

8. A Tech-Friendly Tote That Does It All 

Sales teams are known for being on the go and expected to always be on their A-game. Give them a helping hand with a functional tote that’s just as hard working and durable as it is sleek and stylish for everyday use.  

For a hand’s down fave, you can’t go wrong with the A.R.C. Tech Tote. Loaded with features like sustainable, recycled, durable polyester, laptop pocket with faux-fur lining, a tech compartment with RFID-blocking to prevent digital theft, and pockets for just about everything. It’s the gift that keeps going. 

For fun kickoff meeting ideas, why not fill yours with essentials like snacks, a customized mug and more? 

Shown: InCase A.R.C. Tech Tote

9. The Perfect Pallet

Ok, we’re not exactly talking art here, although this Oakywood desk mat is all about minimalistic style and features natural, eco-friendly materials. 

Perfect for helping your sales team organize their space, it’s all about comfort and durability and offers a no-slip cork bottom. 

If you’ve been brainstorming creative ideas for offsite meetings, this is the perfect complement to add to your swag bag.  

Shown: Felt & Cork Desk Mat

10. An All Around Great Cap 

What makes a cap great? Fit, comfort, and style! Plus, adding low-key personalization to beef up your marketing efforts never hurts. 

When it comes to motivational sales meeting swag themes, sporty, on the go sales giveaways always score major points. Wondering which cap is right for your swag? You can’t go wrong with Nike. 

For even more options, talk to your Gemnote rep. They can give you a curated collection to choose from in your budget. 

Shown: Nike Featherlight Cap 

11. A Versatile Backpack

Backpacks have come a long way since they first gained popularity and are now used for commuting, traveling, and even working. 

There are many benefits to adding backpacks to your swag stockpile. First, you will find them in just about every style possible. Second, complementing your branding is a no brainer thanks to endless color options. Last but not least, there are a plethora of ways to add your logo. 

Tip: Why not let your team in on the final design? This could also top your list of creative sales contest ideas.  

Shown: Timbuk2 Foundry Pack

12. Double The Style

Reversible apparel isn’t just for children. From coffee spills, to a lunch oops, everyone has those days where nothing seems to go their way. But for your sales team whose job it is to talk to clients, one spill could taint that great first impression they're trying to make. 

With a stylish reversible pullover that can be used to keep warm and add an extra dose of style and versatility, it’s one less thing your team will have to think about. 

Tip: Ask your Gemnote rep about embroidery options and take your swag to the next level. 

Shown: Marine Layer Corbet Pullover 

13. A Go-Everywhere Duffel 

From the gym to the office or even an unexpected getaway, nothing beats a high quality, brand name duffel like The North Face Apex duffel. It’s extra roomy, with a fleece lined external pocket and double interior pockets, one of which is breathable mesh for dirty duds or sweaty shoes. 

Best of all, there’s extra room to incorporate logos, tag lines and event themes. So, if it’s inspirational sales meeting swag ideas you need, personalization is key! 

Tip: For sustainable ways to give swag, use your customized bag in lieu of packaging. 

Shown: The North Face Apex Duffel 

14. An Everyday Sweatshirt With Style

Sales events swag ideas come in all shapes and sizes, but one of the most loved, worn, and distributed is the all around sweatshirt. 

When it comes to finding the perfect one for your new year kick off swag planning or sales conference, choose one like this crewneck sweatshirt from Alternative Apparel®. 

Shown: Alternative® Eco-Teddy Champ Crewneck Sweatshirt 

15. Swag For Rainy Days

For customized swag, your sales team can wear on and off the clock, why not give them a versatile jacket that fights wind and rain too? 

Durable for teams that travel yet stylish for everyday, this Champion Anorak jacket works double duty all year round. 

Tip: If it’s virtual sales kickoff ideas and themes you’re planning, make sure your swag is efficient when it comes to shipping. Forgo bulky heavy items for lightweight styles that can pack or fold up small. 

Shown:  Champion Anorak Jacket

16. An Organized Travel Buddy 

Even if your sales team doesn’t travel, nothing beats a great dopp kit to keep essentials nice and tidy. Choose a minimalistic style everyone will love that’s designed to last, like this one from Kiko.  

Talk to your Gemnote rep about leather embossing for ultimate swag giveaways.   

Shown: Kiko Leather Dopp Kit 

17. A Great Toast 

For kickoff party ideas that bring the fun, serve up swag to help them celebrate!  

For an easy crowd pleaser, Haus Ginger Yuzu brings the zest and bold flavor. This is a great swag gift thanks to the ingredients which are clean and responsibly sourced. 

Shown: Haus Ginger Yuzu 

18. A Virtual Happy Hour!

Scouring the web for fun virtual sales kick off ideas? Make it just as fun as the real life conferences by sending out happy hour swag ahead of time. 

With Craft Happy Hour Kits you can choose from a variety of drinks and the kit comes with all the ingredients (except the liquor) to make 2 drinks. 

This is the perfect swag for your employees since they can forgo the liquor all together if they choose. It's also great for traveling too.


Shown: Craft Old Fashion Cocktail Kit 

20. A Little Extra Security  

Keep your valuables close at hand and know where they’re going. When it comes to tracking devices, you can’t beat the Tile Slim tracker. 

Your sales team can slide it into their briefcase, wallet, passport, notebook and more. Then, just download the free app and in the event they can’t find it—track it! It’s the perfect complement to all the best sales meeting themes since it can easily be added to your swag kit. 

Shown: Slim Tracker 

No matter what your sales kick off meeting ideas include, you’ll want to  serve up great swag to recognize and thank your hard working sales team. And, if you’re not sure where to start, how to best utilize customization services, or if you’re needing a larger assortment of products to choose from, contact Gemnote today. 

From personalization to product offerings that fit your budget, they’ll help you get the most bang for your buck and give your team quality merchandise by the sought after brands they love. Plus, when it comes to warehousing and fulfillment needs, they can help you from start to finish. 

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