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We ship items to you based on your fulfillment and warehousing needs

Monthly Subscription

Store your inventory with us and we’ll manage it for you. Includes access to online store, shipping material, receiving labor, kitting and warehousing.






Only individual shipments count towards your plan. Unused shipments do not rollover to the next month





All items are counted except cards

Up to 500 items

Up to 1,000 items

Up to 2,000 items


Credit Card

Credit Card

Credit Card

Online Store

# of Users

First 3 included

First 5 included

First 10 included

Address Validation

Order History

Downloadable Report

Tracking Status

Inventory / Shipping

International Shipping

Bulk Shipping

Ship inventory in bulk to your office

Direct / Bulk Shipments

Ship items directly to you. Best for teams who require short-term warehousing or gift wrapped sets that are sent in bulk.

  • Drop ship directly from our vendors to one or multiple locations with ease
  • If kitting is needed, service and handling fees will vary per project
  • Receive update or report with tracking information once items have been shipped to you
Example of estimated shipping cost
Domestic Shipping for Single Gift
$9.64 Domestic (CA)
International Shipping for Single Gift
$35.06 International (Canada)
Domestic Shipping for Bulk Shipment of 50 Shirts
$16.37 Domestic (CA)
International Shipping for Bulk Shipment of 50 shirts
$69.73 International (Canada)