Popular Items to Add to Your Work Anniversary Gifts Bag

June 9, 2021

Don't let important milestones for employees go unnoticed. Check out these gift ideas!

When it comes to finding the best work anniversary gift items & bags there are multiple factors that should be considered. First, how many years of service are you commemorating? For example, celebrating an employee’s first-year milestone looks a lot different than say personalized 40th anniversary gifts. For the best personalized anniversary gifts, you’ll also want to make sure they are both professional and memorable. Finally and most importantly, company gifts should be within your company’s budget. You will do more harm than good by celebrating milestones the first quarter or a year and not the next. So now that you know what should be considered, that are plenty of ways you can create perfect personalized anniversary gifts bags for your employees from year one all the way to their retirement.

Popular Items for Work Anniversary Gift Bags

1st year company anniversary gifts 

Ah, that first year! From interviewing and onboarding to training and building confidence on the job, a first year anniversary is a big deal to both the employee and their manager. And, as probably one of your newest employees who may still be known as the “newbie” among their peers, this is an important milestone which should not be forgotten. So on that first anniversary, don’t overlook all of the hard work that went into the past 365 days and celebrate your employee with personal work anniversary gifts.  

In fact, Psychology Today’s article Why 33 Percent of New Employees Quit in 90 Days offers an eye opening look at just how hard it can be to retain your employees. 

If you're thinking about creating a gift bag with personalized 1st work anniversary gifts, popular and affordable ideas include a customized mug with your company’s logo. In addition to anniversary coffee mugs which will probably be used in the office (or their home office), you’ll want to add in something that they can use on weekends and their days off, like a branded tee or sweatshirt. By giving items that are customized with your company’s logo, you’re reminding your employees that they are an important part of your team! 

Nike Tee, Mirr Mug, and North Face Sweatshirt  

Tip: Traditional first year anniversary gifts include paper items. If you’re looking to follow suit, an art print, notepads and journals are all popular choices. 

5th year company anniversary gifts    

Ready to celebrate your employee’s 5th year? We don’t have to tell you how great it is to recognize employees who have served your company for five long years. In addition to working through any challenges at your company, many also faced work and life changes due to the pandemic, which was recently stated to cause pandemic burnout among employees thanks to a number of things, including “blurry lines between and home.” 

So while it’s best to acknowledge and celebrate anniversaries each and every year, make sure that 5th year anniversary doesn’t go unnoticed! Popular gifts to give for 5 year work anniversaries include travel tumblers and kitchen and dining items. 

Tip: Wood is a traditional five year anniversary gifts, so you want to follow tradition, choose a wood grain print like a Corkcicle tumbler or wood kitchen items like those from Hawkins New York. 

10th year company anniversary gifts    

A decade of service? Now that’s something to really celebrate! In addition to an office celebration, this is a milestone made for memorable items. Some of the most popular gifts to give are personalised photo anniversary gifts. Whether a personalized photo frame filled with one of your favorite office memories or even a photo book that managers and coworkers can sign, the added personalization makes it extra special. And, to complete your gift bag, add in modern office decor that’s both stylish and functional, like this acrylic set from Magnolia Market.   

Tip: Work Anniversary Gifts come in all shapes and sizes. If your budget allows for it, adding in a gift card to your employee’s favorite store, coffee shop or restaurant will make them feel even more appreciated. 

15th year company anniversary gifts    

Whether you're looking to follow anniversary tradition with a gift or crystal or go for something clever, 15 years is worth the extra effort. Popular gifts for this occasion include crystal paperweights, high end bottle holders like this Noé Bottle holder Alessi, and unique candles, like the Let’s Toast one below from Homesick. For maximum props, add in a free vacation day (or three!) and a handwritten special letter letting your employee know just how much they and their service means to your company. 

Tip: Sure it’s the thought that counts, but by investing in your employees with items they are sure to use, appreciate, and love, you’re investing in your team’s morale and your company’s culture as well. 

20th year company anniversary gifts    

When it comes to twenty years of service it’s definitely time to break out all of the stops! From 20 Year Work Anniversary Notebooks to happy anniversary coffee mugs, nothing celebrates their time and dedication like personalized gifts that signify how important they are to your company. Popular ways to elevate your employee appreciation bags are to add in a high quality item like Apple Airpods Pro. 


Tip: Twenty years is a big deal! If you are celebrating an employee or manager who always goes above and beyond you may want to add in a monetary bonus, prepaid gym membership, or even gift them with a special reserved parking spot.  

40th year company anniversary gifts and beyond    

Wow! For employers lucky enough to have an employee who is approaching their 40th anniversary (or higher), it’s time to really show them the love! Personalized 40th anniversary gifts include custom made bags, high quality backpacks, and name brand jackets. In addition to these items, a popular way to celebrate these long term  associates is to throw a party in their honor. This is especially true if their anniversary is also doubling as their retirement.  

Tip: If your budget allows for it, pull out all the stops by hiring a DJ or band to commemorate this special occasion.  

The most popular personalized anniversary gifts items usually include a variety of items that can be given as a gift set. When thinking through your marketing and swag budget, make sure to factor in higher quantities to account for your team’s anniversaries. That way you can save money on your set-up cost for personalization, design time, and by purchasing items in bulk. 

And, when it’s time to start shopping for work anniversary gifts, see how Gemnote can help you find perfect personalized anniversary gifts for coworkers and employees. With a specialized staff that’s trained in creating curated options tailored to your company’s style and budget, you’ll find more than just cute personalized anniversary gifts. You’ll find options for every occasion and company event!

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