Why is Corporate Gifting Important & Corporate Gifting Benefits

June 1, 2020

These days, companies have been giving more thought into their corporate gifting practice because they’ve only just realized the scope of its potential in furthering the company’s goals. Because corporate gifting is more than just handing out the usual notepad and logo stickers, one needs to put careful thought in designing just the right gift packages to elicit the desired response and action from its recipients. Here’s all you need to know about that, plus some suggestions on themed gifts that really work.

One of the factors that drive a business closer to success is ensuring that they stay front and center in the consciousness of their clients. A very effective way to make that happen is through corporate gifting. Corporate gifting is the practice of sending physical or non-physical item to someone that your company would like to maintain positive ties with.

Benefits of Corporate Gifting

If you’ve ever wondered why gifting is important in many industries, you need to know exactly how a company benefits from it to understand how it works. The following are time-tested and proven results when you consider giving gifts for corporate clients:

1. Increase likelihood of getting business from prospects.

If an individual is not yet your customer, he may become a convert if you send well-timed, useful corporate gifts. The idea of receiving personalized gifts for businesses can do a lot to spur a prospect into finally pushing through with an intended purchase, choosing to book an appointment for a service that you provide, or going out of his way to call and learn more about your offers.

2. Ensure continuity of partnership with clients.

Your relationship with current clients also needs to be taken care of. Letting them know that you value their business is of prime importance, and sending useful corporate gifts is a way to do this. The practice of sending the best corporate gifts for clients lets them know that you find them valuable and even encourage them to become brand ambassadors for your company. Routinely giving out great corporate gift ideas to regular clients can also help to restart interactions and transactions, especially if the last one was a while back.

3. Improve employee loyalty and commitment.

Your customers (regular and prospective alike) aren’t the only ones who should be considered when coming up with gifts for corporate clients – you also have your employees to think of. Gift ideas for corporate clients and employees, when carefully thought of, enhances an individual’s feelings of being valued by the corporation. For clients, it’s placing a value on their business. For employees, it’s recognizing their efforts and service as a job well done. This can even spur them to do better at their job because of the extrinsic motivation that you’ve provided. This is even more so when you give personalized gifts for businesses, as the personalization factor heightens the feeling that something has been tailor-made especially for an employee. If you’ve ever wanted your employees to have a better sense of connection and belongingness to your team, giving them gift ideas for corporate clients is the way to go.

As you can see, investing in corporate gift ideas for clients and employees is worth making because it has returns that translate into real revenue and a better image for your company. Therefore, you can view all of those corporate holiday gift ideas for clients as a profitable endeavor indeed.

Real-World Examples of Success Corporate Gifting

There are great brands and businesses that we can look to as prime example of how corporate gifting has become a tremendous boost to their company image and revenues:

1. Glossier


The billion-dollar company isn’t just known for their “holy grail” aesthetic makeup and skin care products; they’re also recognized as masters of marketing through covetable swag and sought-after promotional events and launches. Their cult following has gone global, thanks to undying and ever-growing community support for all their merchandise. They know how to prepare swag bags that have the right mix of samples and cute add-ons in attention-getting packaging that have become instant hits every time they do store launches, company events, and purchase promos. With $190 million in profits and a company valuation of $1.2 billion, it is clear that they really know their corporate gifting game. 

2. Soul Cycle


The popular indoor cycling company has actually been around since the late 2000s, but it was only when they focused their efforts on expertly crafting corporate swag that they saw even greater traction in their business. The expertly culled assortment of fitness and lifestyle products were irresistible to many, and pretty soon word got around about the business. The power of attractive swag plus word of mouth allowed to brand to enjoy a belated (but highly important) rise to the top to what we know it as today: the premiere, trendiest indoor exercise and lifestyle giant that makes $125 million in revenues and is valued at $900 million. 

3. Twitter


Here’s a great example of a viral marketing campaign that Gemnote was involved in: Twitter, a $4.4 billion dollar company with a $3.46 billion in revenues, launched swag that worked with out-of-home marketing strategies like billboards and subway station advertising in key cities in the country (New York, San Francisco, etc.). The corporate swag was especially tailor-fit to influencers that were especially chosen and featured in each of the ads. These influencers received a kit with their own memorable tweet emblazoned on a shirt, framed print, sticker pack, and more. It was a unique strategy that really created a great impression and worked to Twitter’s favor – all because the campaign took what was already popular (influencer + quotable quotes and lines) and made it “come alive” in real world goods that are relevant, useful, and undeniably hip.

These great examples really show the power of corporate gifting practices, if you are able to do it right. The good thing about it is you don’t have to be a multimillion dollar company to get it running. Even small startups and endeavors have the capacity to craft corporate gifting strategies that are highly targeted to create a return on investments.

Corporate Gifting Best Practices

Corporate gifting opportunities are plentiful, but it also requires careful thought into the kind of personalized corporate gifts that you will distribute. Here are some guidelines that will help you choose smarter and more strategic corporate gift ideas for clients from a corporate gifting business:

· Keep your recipient (and not your own company) in mind. 

Go beyond the usual keychain and mug with your company logo emblazoned on it and really think about what a good and relevant gift can be for your client. This requires poring over their customer profiles, studying their buying trends, and recalling the times when you met and spoke with them personally. With this information, think about what unique, branded gifts for clients you can order that they will surely find useful in their daily lives.

· Don’t forget to personalize it!

Branded gifts for clients create a larger impact when you add a personalized touch or when you go the extra mile with packaging and the card insert. Personalization and customization requires attention to detail, which instantly makes your gift more attractive immediately during the first glance. Don’t forget to include a handwritten card to further communicate how special your client or employee is that you took time out to write them a message yourself! This is so valuable at a time like today when everything is ultra-fast and mass-manufactured.

· Communicate the gift as one that’s from the heart.

The last thing that a recipient wants to feel is that your corporate holiday gift ideas for clients come with strings attached. Therefore, refrain from making sales calls or proposals so soon after you sent your gift. This also means ensuring that the time in which you send your gifts are strategic (birthdays, special anniversaries and milestones, holidays, etc.) so your clients focus on the idea that you care to remember them at a special time in their lives and not entertain the idea that you are only after their business. 

· Don’t get too gift-y.

If you have the budget to order great corporate gift ideas at a premium price from a corporate gifting business, that’s really great for your clients. However, you must be cautioned into being careful about the frequency in which you give them such presents. Doing so runs the risk of your clients delving into the idea of the kind of profit you must be making from your products to be able to give such premium gifts regularly. It can also make them wonder about the actual price of the goods that you send them, if you have the habit of doing it often, and make them think that it’s not as high value as they thought. More than price, the focus is on creative planning interspersed with thoughtfulness to come up with gifts and a gifting schedule that creates the biggest impact.

· Have different sets of business gifts company wide.

It’s really easy to just keep ordering the same set of gifts for your clients to have on hand. However, it’s also a good practice to create sets that are best suited for different groups of clients and employees. The advantage of doing so is you are better able to achieve your goals in gifting because you’ve factored in each groups’ special features and considerations when you order your carefully curated gifts.

· Ask the pros.

There are experts that can help you in choosing the business gifts company-wide for targeted groups and individuals, which is where the corporate gifting business professionals come in!

What is Corporate Gifting Business?

Corporate gifting survey, poring over profiles, grouping individuals together – this may seem like a big chore if you have other tasks to attend to than choosing really good corporate gifts. When this is your predicament, you will be happy to note that the corporate gifting business is available to help choose gifts that are aligned with your overall business strategy. More than selecting actual gift ideas, they are skilled in striking the middle ground among promoting your brand, delivering your message, and making your clients feel valued in the way you want.

Top Ideas for Lifestyle-Targeted Corporate Gifts

The trend of crafting corporate gift packages to align with different lifestyles and personality types is really prevalent these days. You’ve seen unboxing videos all over social media: influencers that enjoy rummaging through an assortment of items that fit their crafted lives perfectly. Check out these top picks for creating similar boxes that can fit a wide variety of lifestyles and people types:

Farm to Table

Canvas Market Tote (SanMar), Winco Wood Bread Board, Rustic Bakery Crackers, LIA EVOO
Canvas Market Tote (SanMar), Winco Wood Bread Board, Rustic Bakery Crackers, LIA EVOO

This set is great for people who adore rustic, home-themed presents. If you’re looking to build a corporate gift around the idea of people coming together for food and conversation, this type of arrangement is a good one to consider. It’s a good present to consider when you are sourcing for corporate gifting during the holidays, which will surely beat the usual muffins and hot cocoa packages that often get around!

On the Go

Baggu Canvas Duffel, Silver Le Cord Headphones, Smart Native Union Charger
Baggu Canvas Duffel, Silver Le Cord Headphones, Smart Native Union Charger

As the title of this set says, this is definitely for people who are always out and about and would like to stay connected. The lightweight and sturdy duffel bag holds more than you might imagine, and the silver Le Cord headphones ensures that one enjoys his favorite tunes wherever he may be. Powering up a low battery isn’t a problem, thanks to the Smart Native Union charger, which fits in quite handily in the duffel bag. This package is a great option for the young ones who like to stay connected while ambling around

Relax and Recharge

Vitruvi Diffuser, Essential Oils (2bottles), Battio Blanket
Vitruvi Diffuser, Essential Oils (2bottles), Battio Blanket

If you need a more indulgent set for your top-tier company gift recipients, this Relax and Recharge package will surely wow their socks off. Ideal for those who require great gifts beyond the usual wine and cheese, the diffuser, essential oil and blanket is a nod to their comfortable lifestyle, which they are urged to enjoy after a year’s worth of executive work. It’s also a great gift for when you are looking to send a congratulatory gift for an employee who has landed a big account or has exceeded the expectations on a project or annual review.

Business Traveler

Rawrow Cross 320 Messenger, Shed Rain Walksafe Umbrella
Rawrow Cross 320 Messenger, Shed Rain Walksafe Umbrella

Don’t mistake the power of a great messenger bag and upscale umbrella to communicate your company’s great taste in corporate gifting! Made from premium leather with smartly-designed pockets, this Rawrow crossbody messenger lends an extra-spring in your clients’ step and makes them look like they’re entering a building to win new accounts. Meanwhile, the Shed Rain Walksafe Umbrella is sure to steal the spotlight thanks to its automatic open and close buttons (super helpful when trying to take shelter after being in the pouring rain without the risk of rainwater sliding down your back as you snap it close), and supreme seam stitching that makes it sturdier than all the other corporate gifted umbrellas anyone will ever receive.

Coffee Time

Kinto Ceramic Mug (2), Kinto Coffee Carafe, Verve Coffee Roasters, Raaka Chocolate Bar
Kinto Ceramic Mug (2), Kinto Coffee Carafe, Verve Coffee Roasters, Raaka Chocolate Bar

Who doesn’t love receiving a coffee set? While coffee sets usually make the corporate gifting rounds, this one is extra special because of the careful selection in items. Kinto, Verve, and Raaka are great brands that are known for quality products that perform well, taste great, and uphold their claim to quality. You’re looking to target the hard-to-impress coffee folks and hipster-types with this set, while sending a delightful smile on the faces of regular folks who adore a premium touch to their usual coffee routine.

Bedside Table Essentials

Native Union Eclipse Charger, Kinfolk Magazine or Book of Choice, Campfire Mug, Graf Lantz Felt Coasters, Custom Eye mask
Native Union Eclipse Charger, Kinfolk Magazine or Book of Choice, Campfire Mug, Graf Lantz Felt Coasters, Custom Eye mask

Here’s a great gift to send when you’re looking to communicate your congratulations on a job well done, which doesn’t go the usual route of champagne and flowers. This bedside table essentials collection send the message that your hard-working gift recipient deserves ample time to chill and enjoy deep sleep. You’ve got a sleek charger to organize messy cables (and therefore keep the bedside looking calm and serene), a cool magazine to browse before bedtime, a mug and felt coaster duo for that glass of water first thing in the morning, and a custom eye mask to block out the light. Anyone who receives this will surely feel like a winner when he wakes up.

Head and Heart

Headspace Guided Meditation Gift Card (2 months’ subscription, Areaware Blockitechture
Headspace Guided Meditation Gift Card (2 months’ subscription, Areaware Blockitechture

We didn’t forget the creative types, who are always looking for ways and means to decompress, re-center, and restart those creative juices for their next winning pitch. The Headspace guided meditation program is a unique gift that hasn’t been done by many; your recipients will delight in the opportunity to try out a meditation program that can truly be beneficial for their mental well-being. Meanwhile, the Areaware Blockitechture pieces are more than just an attractive decoration in one’s hip office space: it’s actually a tool for creative thought and design, as users play around with it to remodel and rebuild the blocks in different ways. Input and insights generated from tinkering around with these blocks are helpful in guiding plans for new projects, or for simply finding opportunities for out of the box thinking.

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