T-Shirt Fundraiser Ideas

September 28, 2022

Get inspired with the top 20 T-shirts for fundraising events!

From t shirt fundraiser websites to specialty custom apparel fundraiser brick and mortar stores, you’ve got plenty of options for finding t shirt design resources. However, before you decide on how and where you’re printing, you’ll want to consider what you’re printing. 

When it comes to custom shirts for fundraising you’ll want to make sure your charity or organization is present and keep with your fundraising theme. Whether you’re a large retailer looking to capitalize on a custom team apparel fundraiser or an individual just looking to give back, we’ll show you the best way to do a t shirt fundraiser. As for printing, fulfillment, and even creating a swag store so you can sell your designs, Gemnote can help you from start to finish! 

20 T-Shirt Design Ideas For Fundraiser Events

Get inspired with our list of t shirt fundraiser ideas, then talk to your Gemnote rep to see how you can create a similar one for your upcoming event. From custom designs to embroidery, you have plenty of options for apparel fundraiser styles at your disposal. 

1. Classic tee with print on both sides 

Custom apparel fundraiser ideas should always feature your logo so you can help spread the word. Where to place it is up to you. For the best locations, why not double up and print on both sides? 

Theater of reality tee photo courtesy of WoodWood.com

2. Logo on Front 

Trying to save on your custom team apparel fundraiser? Limiting your design to a single placement on the front or back will help keep your cost down. As for the design, your logo and cause should be your prime contenders.

V1 Logo Tee photo courtesy of Vuori; Ace AA T-Shirt photo courtesy of WoodWood.com

3. Spread Goodness 

Fundraisers' sole purpose is to spread goodness. For Ukraine apparel fundraiser, cancer fundraiser t shirt ideas, and more, why not choose a design that embraces the heart of your mission? Whether it’s your cause or your logo with your nonprofit’s mission, it’s a great way to market your cause. 

Shown: Miguel Porlan’s Art World T-Shirt in Gray

4. Puff Printed 

A little retro and lot of fun. Puff printed designs are just for high school apparel fundraisers. For an elevated look, just keep your design minimal so you can zone in on the fun.  

Googly Eye Logo photo courtesy of A24 Films; Adidas Trefoil Logo tee photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters;


5. Graphic Print 

For cancer fundraiser t shirt ideas, a bonfire t shirt fundraiser, and more, a classic graphic print is one of the most common ways to add your design. 

The North Face Never Stop Exploring Tee (right) photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters; Community Tee photo courtesy of Only NY; Shown: Community Tee 

6. Printed Sleeves 

Why limit yourself to just the body of the tee when a great long sleeve offers the perfect placement for logos, websites, and slogans? The best way to do a t shirt fundraiser is to present a style people want and a cause people want to support.

Photo courtesy of A24 Films; Shown: A Twenty-Four Long Sleeve

7. Modern, Minimal & Official 

Don’t leave your charity t shirt campaigns to chance. Talk to a Gemnote rep or visit us at gemnote.com, one of best t-shirt fundraising sites around. 

Pursuit Tee photo courtesy of Vuori

8. Embroidery

Perfect for cancer fundraiser t shirt ideas and other important causes, embroidery adds the upscale design your recipients will love. Talk to your Gemnote rep about the many design and color options you have when it comes to embroidery. 

Embroidered Party Logo Tee (left) photo courtesy of A24 films; Muscle Car Tee photo courtesy of Escuyer


9. Logo Pocket Tee 

Let the pocket of your custom apparel fundraiser tee act as a frame of the palette for your logo. It’s the perfect way to showcase your brand or mission. Partner with a brand like Dickies that’s been seen at recent celebrity events.   

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters; Shown: Dickies Tee 

10. Patch Tee 

Patches are one of the fun T shirt design resources you have at your disposal. 

Shown: Carhartt Force (left); Mudra Fitted Tee (center)Photo courtesy of Vuori; Double Patch Tee (right) photo courtesy of WoodWood.com; 

11. Tone on Tone

Another great option for t-shirt design resources is using a tone-on-tone design. Not only will you achieve a modern, low-key cool style, but you’ll save when you use a single-color artwork design on a single-color tee. 

Seaside Tee (left) photo courtesy of  Vuori; Tonal Logo Tee (right) photo courtesy of Aimé Leon Dore


12. Stripes

Always a classic you can’t go wrong with a nice stripe that demands center stage.

Shown: AS Colour Wide Stripe, Maple and Bowery Stripe Tee 

13. Color Play

When it comes to highlighting your mission pile on the fun for a cheerful refresh. 

Photo courtesy of Marine Layer; Shown: Classic Crew and Signature Crew

14. Raglan Tee

Need sports apparel fundraiser or team apparel fundraiser design ideas? Raglan tees make a winning style!

Shown: AS Colour Raglan Tee and New Era Baseball Tee 

15. Color Trim 

While there is no single best way to do a t shirt fundraiser, offering a style that’s comfortable, flattering and stylish will help you immensely. Talk to your Gemnote rep about quality tee shirt options. 

Shown: Men’s American Apparel Ringer Tee and Women’s AS Colour Ringer Tee 

16. Tie Dye & Ombré 

Fundraising doesn’t have to be a sterile event. Bring on the color and the fun with tie-dye and ombrés. 

Cloud Dye Tee (left) photo courtesy of Marine Layer; Dégradé Pocket T-Shirt (right) photo courtesy of Escuyer 

17. Tees with Recycled Materials 

At the heart of every good fundraiser is a desire to do good and give back. One way to reinforce your message is with fundraiser shirt ideas that are designed with recycled materials. 

Men’s Banks tee photo courtesy of Marine Layer; Also shown District Women’s Re-Tee 

18. Contrast Pocket 

For school apparel fundraiser options to your next custom team apparel fundraiser, a contrast pocket is an easy way to elevate your design.  

Shown: Robin Sand Pocket Tee and Shanks Orange Tee

19. Location Themed Tees 

Not quite shirt what to feature for your t shirts for charity organizations? Why not add a location that your event is in or the place it’s benefitting? This is a great option for your bonfire t shirt fundraiser too. Just don’t forget to add your logo to your apparel fundraiser tees. Find more tips for nonprofit fundraisers here → 

Photo courtesy of Only NY; Shown: Stadium Tee

20. Collegiate Style Tees

You don’t have to be hosting a school apparel fundraiser to infuse these styles into your event giveaways. 

In fact, collegiate styles are great for: 

  • Bonfire t shirt fundraiser
  • Team apparel fundraiser
  • Sports apparel fundraiser 
  • High school apparel fundraisers
  • Ukraine apparel fundraiser
  • and more!
Bobby IVY Tee photo courtesy of WoodWood.com; Oat Milk Tee photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters;

As you can see, there are no one-size-fits-all templates when it comes to fundraiser shirt ideas. From the tee shirt, colors, patterns, event textures, to how and where you personalize your apparel fundraiser tee, knowing your budget will help you narrow down your options. 

For example, if you’re needing to make t shirts for fundraising but are on a tight budget, you can save on the cost by customizing by limiting your artwork to one design and keeping it to a single placement. You’ll also save money by limiting the number of colors you use as well. For example, a tee with a single-color logo on just the pocket will be cheaper than a tee using two or more colors and patterns on the front, back, and or sides of the tee.  Get tips for more ways to budget for swag this year -->

For more cost-savings tips on how to make t shirts for fundraising or an idea for selling shirts for fundraiser, talk to your Gemnote rep. They can even create a curated collection of ideas for your charity t-shirt campaigns that reflect your company's branding. With the right branding and a cause people believe in, you're better able to make a connection with your recipients who want to invest in your products.

Looking for the best t shirt fundraising site? When it comes to ordering and fulfillment, visit Gemnote.com for all of your t shirt fundraising online needs.

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