Brand Highlight: Stanley

January 12, 2022

Stanley outdoor products include tumblers, travel mugs, lunch box coolers and more.

Several companies produce outdoor-focused corporate swag but few have been in business since 1913. In fact, when people think of Stanley, they often think about Morgan Stanley products in the financial sectors. They also think about Stanley Steemer products in the carpet cleaning industry. Let’s not forget that Stanley household products famously exist too. Even Stanley health products are part of the vast Stanley marketplace.

Today we’re focusing on Stanley products that double as coveted corporate swag items. Established in 1913, William Stanley Jr. invented the all-steel vacuum bottle that allows the public to enjoy their insulated drinks on the go today.

Stanley outdoor products and Stanley camping products rank among the best. When Stanley got its start, they manufactured the products in the USA. By all accounts, they have moved their manufacturing operations to China. However, their headquarters is based in Seattle, Washington. 

The best corporate swag items provide function such as the insulated Stanley lunch box. They travel well such as the Stanley French Press mug, and professionals want to receive them. Even those who don’t consume coffee regularly can enjoy the benefits of the Stanley travel tumbler; they can simply fill it with a different tasty beverage including water.

We review 16 Stanley products from several lines including:

  • Stanley camping products
  • Stanley outdoor products
  • Stanley household products
  • Stanley home products cookware

Best Stanley gear to customize at your next convention or promotional event

1. Legacy Neverleak™ Travel Mug | 20 Oz

Built to perform, the Legacy Neverleak™ 20 oz. Travel Mug features a three-position lid that prevents leaks. Sipping is easy and the QuadVac™ insulation improves its performance. 

It keeps beverages hot for nine hours, cold for 12 hours, and iced for 40. The Stanley travel mug is dishwasher-safe and fully disassembles for easy cleaning.

2. Titanium Camp Mug 

The Titanium Camp Mug holds 12 ounces of your favorite tasty beverage. It features a drink-thru lid that prevents leaks. This Stanley camp mug keeps beverages hot for two hours, cold for three hours, and iced for 10 thanks to the Double-Wall TiVac™ vacuum insulation technology these products feature. 

3. Master Unbreakable Food Jar 

Brown bagging your lunch becomes cool again with the Master Unbreakable Food Jar. Fill it with soup or your favorite dinner. The jar keeps the contents cold or hot for 20 hours. You can carry it by the handle and the lid doubles as a bowl or cup. 

4. Go Everyday Wine Tumblers 

All the Stanley travel tumbler options come with a lid that prevents splashing, spilling, and leaking. The Go Everyday Wine Tumblers hold 10 ounces of liquid. This Stanley tumbler size is perfect for a glass of wine, other adult beverage, or morning latte. 

Our Stanley tumbler review is favorable. Like the other tumblers, it keeps drinks hot and cold. As a bonus, this one doubles as an insulated Stanley coffee mug.

5. Adventure Heritage Cooler and Bottle Set 

Stanley products include several lunch box options. The Adventure Heritage Cooler and Bottle Set is a Stanley lunch box combo set.

A Stanley vacuum bottle attaches to the outside of the insulated Stanley lunch box. On the inside, the corporate swag recipient will find several compartments. You can even separate your sandwich from your soup so that each food item remains fresh. 

The lunch box lid becomes a tray as an added bonus.

6. Adventure Easy Carry Outdoor Cooler 

An outdoor and camping essential is a cooler. You’ll find that the Stanley lunch box cooler is among the best. The Adventure Easy Carry Outdoor Cooler features an adjustable bungee system to keep it closed and your favorite Stanley travel mug in its place. The cooler fits enough lunch for two people. 

Available in three colors, this cooler keeps drinks and food cold for up to 27 hours.

7. Titanium Travel Mug 

While there are no Stanley wood products, the company does produce a Titanium series including the Titanium travel mug. 

Among the options are:

  • Titanium multi cup in 10 ounces
  • Titanium camp mug in 12 ounces
  • Titanium travel mug in 14 ounces

The popularity of these products stems from the lightweight nature and durable material. Each is sleek so they look good as corporate swag giveaways at conventions, promotional events and in swag boxes.   

8. Legacy Food Jar + Spork 

Want to woo your new business clients, hires, or business partners? Do it through corporate swag! People on the go are always on the hunt for easy ways to pack a lunch and stay hydrated. 

A great way to impress a potential new business partner or hire is through meaningful gifts, like  promotional corporate swag, that helps them feel like part of the team. 

The Legacy Food Jar + spork is no exception. This Stanley product is a 14 ounce food jar that includes a reusable stainless steel spork. The spork attaches to the side of the jar. The jar itself keeps the contents hot or cold for seven hours.

Although Stanley makes all its products durable enough to handle camping, hiking, and fishing, they’re great for business travel and office use too.

9. IceFlow Flip Straw Jug  

The Stanley IceFlow Flip Straw Jug is nice corporate swag for individuals who exercise and enjoy spending time outdoors. 

The Stanley ice flow tumbler holds 64 ounces. Plus, this personal hydration bottle has a handle for easy carrying. To consume the contents, simply flip up the built-in straw. The jug keeps water cold for up to 20 hours.

10. Classic Lunch Box 

The Stanley lunch box is a version of the classic lunch box from the early 1900s. And they take it a step further. The Stanley classic lunch box has room for the entree and snacks. Plus, it’s compatible with several Stanley thermos products such as the Stanley travel mug and Stanley tumbler. 

The Stanley lunch box with thermos remains sturdy and durable. 

11. Adventure Quencher Traveler Tumbler

Those interested in a Stanley tumbler with handle can consider the Adventure Quencher Traveler Tumbler. This version has a straw, carries 40 ounces, and one handle. The lid has two drink options including wide-mouth and straw. When you’re done hydrating, the lid’s third option closes the tumbler tightly to prevent spills, splashing, and leaks.

A Stanley mug with straw is a nice corporate swag gift for gym-goers and salespeople who spend a lot of time in their cars.

12. Classic Easy Pour Growler 

A trend that picked up in 2021 is the oversized water jug and bottles for ultimate hydration. The Classic Easy Pour Growler is Stanley’s version. Carry 64 ounces of your favorite beverage in a uniquely designed tumbler. The design makes it easy to refill and carry. 

Impressively, it keeps beverages hot for 18 hours, cold for 24, and iced for up to 4 days. Moreover, it keeps beer fresh.  

13. Classic Stay Chill Beer Pint

Many of your corporate swag recipients enjoy coffee. Others lean toward adult beverages. The Stanley Classic Stay Chill Beer Pint keeps IPAs, ales, stouts, and other beer products chilled for an average of four hours.

Although it says beer in the product’s name, Stanley agrees that individuals can fill it with water, iced coffee and soda too. It consists of a large-mouth so you can get a good gulp without spilling, leaking, or splashing.

As a bonus, the insulated pint glass includes a bottle opener. So a refill is never too far away. 

14. Adventure Happy Hour Cocktail Shaker set

In addition to its line of Stanley outdoor products, the company also produces cool Stanley household products such as the Adventure Happy Hour Cocktail Shaker set. Available in stainless steel, the set has six pieces. Your corporate swag recipient receives the shaker, a lid, two shot glasses, a jigger cap, and a citrus reamer.

The set is sturdy enough to take on a camping or fishing trip and doesn’t take up too much additional room. It stores within itself by nesting. 

15. Travel Mug 16 oz

The Stanley marketplace features an array of travel mugs including the Stanley Trigger Action Travel Mug in 16-oz. Available in five colors, this mug allows for one-handed drinking. Enjoy the contents by pressing on the button. Moreover, the lid is so secure that it will never spill, leak, or splash. 

The Travel Mug 16 oz. keeps drinks hot for seven hours, cold for 10, and iced for 30. 


16. Classic Legendary Camp Mug  

The Classic Legendary Camp Mug features double-wall vacuum insulation so it’s perfect for keeping your 12-oz. tea and coffee hot. Plus, the Stanley camp mug features a secure press-fit Tritan™ lid that prevents leaks and splashes. As a swag gift or for yourself, this Stanley travel mug is great anywhere you go.

Other Stanley companies such as Stanley Steemer make Stanley degreaser products, Stanley home products brooms, and fuller Stanley home products. The financial sector Stanley offers Morgan Stanley structured products. In the health sector, you’ll find Stanley healthcare products too. 

Stanley Tools might be the most famous of the Stanleys. Founded in 1843, the company has seen several iterations. Nonetheless, its tools are manufactured in the USA. However, they use global materials. It’s still a good trade-off since the company turned itself into a global player.

The Stanley that we highlighted makes the Stanley french press mug and the Stanley mug with handle. Talk to your Gemnote Rep for more of Stanley home products and customization options.  

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