Brand Highlight: Marine Layer

May 2, 2022

T shirts remain a popular and versatile corporate swag option. Gemnote puts the spotlight.

Mike Natenshon established the t-shirt manufacturer in 2009 after his favorite old shirt headed for the trash can. The story goes that his girlfriend at the time tossed it out. 

Based in San Francisco, the company manufactures the bulk of its shirts in the Bay area and Los Angeles. Some Marine Layer production for specialized pieces does take place overseas. The company points out that overseas production follows the same standards it expects in the US.

Customers can shop at one of over 30 Marine Layer store locations including Kansas City, Missouri, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia. Among its many accomplishments, Marine Layer has made shopping in-store for an online brand cool again.

Natenshon took on $30,000 in credit card debt and recruited his friends to help him build the Marine Layer brand. The t-shirt designs are one aspect of the company. The other is coming up with the softest fabrics possible. Therefore, a large focus is also placed on creating the most comfortable wearable materials. 

The quality of the fabrics and the t-shirt designs are two reasons why Marine Layer remains a favorite among those who must plan and purchase customized corporate swag giveaways. T-shirts are among items that recipients enjoy receiving. The company name could come from the company’s coastal roots or how the tees feel while wearing them. 

Typical tee shirts have a lifespan of six months to one year. However, Marine Layer stands behind its products with a 365 day guarantee. We’ll talk more about Marine Layer returns later.  

Marine Layer T Shirts

Since Marine Layer started with shirts, we start our spotlight with Marine Layer shirts. 

1. Signature Crew Tee

According to Marine Layer, the Marine Layer Men’s Clothing Signature Crew Tee is the reason why the company exists. Available in three colors, these Marie Layer t shirts remain ultra soft. Made from Supima Cotton and Micromodal, the fit is standard and the material sustainable.

For comfy staff event t shirts or as a bulk swag giveaway, the original Marine Layer t shirts remain a great bulk purchase for customizing. 

2. Signature V Neck  Crew

For those who prefer the V neck, the Signature V Neck  Crew
 from the Marine Layer Men’s Clothing is a great choice. Available in two colors, the team decided to update its signature tee with a different neck. According to them, it started trending again. Therefore, they dove into it.

The V neck goes deeper and the Marine Layer production made the collar slightly thinner. 

3. Signature Long Sleeve

The Marine Layer Signature Long Sleeve
 is the ultimate custom swag item. It combines the features of the company’s signature tee such as fit, fabric, and Marine Layer clothing recycling mission. 

The company begins with a white long sleeve, crew neck signature tee. Brands can order it in bulk and white. Another option is to pick a color and Marine Layer production will dye the garment for you - any color you desire.

Therefore, the Signature Long Sleeve is great for staff, client, and recruiting swag.

4. Lined Blanket

Brands like Marine Layer sell items beyond their core products. For example, you’ll find Marine Layer masks and Marine Layer pants in the product lines too. You’ll also find the Marine Layer lined blanket.

Brands that intend to distribute corporate swag can purchase the Marine Layer lined blanket in bulk. Then, our Gemnote team helps you customize it.

The one-size-fits-all and gray blanket measures 50 by 72 inches. It feels like a Marine Layer dress wraps the recipient’s body. The Marine Layer production team makes it from the sherpa fleece fabric and signature sustainable tee shirt fabric.

Marine Layer Clothes

Brands like Marine Layer branch out into products that round its core item. Although the company once offered Marine Layer shoes, it does manufacture fun and comfortable socks for the ladies. If you come across a Marine Layer sale or used Marine Layer clothing, you might find Marine Layer shoes that still have some miles left in them. 

The current product offerings can change. Therefore, you might find that you can also pick from bags, hats, and accessories. Here we spotlight the Marine Layer men’s jogger.

5. Sport Joggers

While tees are an easy and popular corporate swag give away item, other clothing makes sense too. The Marine Layer Sport Joggers handle tough workouts and commutes to and from the gym.

The Marine Layer pants come from heavyweight fabric that also provides comfort. Recipients won’t sweat through the fabric that keeps them warm too. In addition, recipients enjoy Marine Layer joggers made from fabric that stretches, wicks away moisture, and a unique dyeing technique. 

Marine Layer Hoodie Styles

The Marine Layer hoodie options receive rave Marine Layer reviews from customers. Marine Layer production uses the same technique from its signature tee and carries it over into the rest of the products. A Marine Layer hoodie delivers the same high-quality and comfortable fit.

In addition to exploring two Marine Layer hoodie options, we also take a look at three sweater options.

6. Sunset Pullover Hoodie

Sometimes clients prefer to pull over their hoodies so Marine Layer came up with the Sunset Pullover Hoodie
. Made from the company’s signature sustainable fabric, recipients pull it over the head and enjoy the luxurious fabric.

The Sunset Pullover Hoodie
 is the perfect garment when individuals need something to wear as the sun begins to set and the temperatures begin to fall. 

7. Afternoon Zip Hoodie 

From the Marine Layer men’s clothing line, the Marine Layer Afternoon Zip Hoodie remains a favorite according to the Marine Layer reviews. Available in five colors, the lightweight and durable hoodie is also available for women.

The Marine Layer afternoon hoodie is made from Supima Cotton and Micromodal. Plus, it’s lined with fleece on the inside. The combination keeps the recipient cozy and comfortable throughout the year. 

8. Sherpa Crew Pullover 

Another Marine Layer clothing option is the Sherpa Crew Pullover for the ladies. The pullover is made from the company’s most luxurious fabric, Mock Twist Sherpa Fleece yarn. 

The standard fit and the ultra soft fabric allows for ultimate comfort. If you’re searching for a crew pullover that fits the fellas, the Sherpa Crew Pullover is also available in a men’s version.

Those interested in picking up something for the ladies can also consider the Marine Layer Lexi dress. Available in five colors, the dress features length to the calf, thick fabric, and a close fit.

9. Sport Quarter Zip

Even though Marine Layer specializes in the most comfortable tee, they carry over their technique and fabrics into other clothing types. For example, the Marine Layer Sport Quarter Zip is among the most comfortable and casual clothes.

The zip features a standard fit perfect for the athlete or casual wearer. The fabric stretches in four-directions and has moisture-wicking capabilities. Moreover, it’s a lightweight garment that allows for optimal movement and comfort. 

10. Reversible Quilted Corbet 

A popular Marine Layer jacket is the Reversible Quilted Corbet. Although it’s more of a pullover, recipients enjoy two layers of quilted fabric. The Marine Layer production made the sweater for the outdoors. However, it's a great indoor wear too.

The fabric holds up well year-round; it’s warm but not bulky. Plus, recipients can wear it on an outdoors trip or during their daily commute. Men and women will enjoy the sweater. Moreover, the reversible feature means that they’ll enjoy a two-in-one gift. Options for Marine Layer Men’s Clothing Reversible Quilted Corbet  include Charcoal/Heather Gray, Heather Blue/Heather Green. The ladies will enjoy White/Black, Pink Heather/Plum Heather, and Charcoal Grey/Mid Heather Grey.

Brands interested in Marine Layer jacket options will also find several outerwear styles to pick from. For example, the Rossland Dry Wax Bomber continues receiving top Marine Layer reviews and remains a bestseller.  

Marine Layer Recycling

One of the ethos that Marine Layer lives by is recycling. Marine Layer recycling takes place through their re-spun practice. First, the team recycles old and unwanted tees. Then, they use a percentage of recycled materials in every product line. For example, the modal in the Marine Layer Signature Crew Tee contains recycled beach wood.

In 2022, Marine Layer clothing recycling received an upgrade. Customers can request a recycling kit online. They follow the instructions and mail their old tees to the address listed on the kit. Those who drop off their old tees at a Marine Layer store will receive instant credit. 

Marine Layer clothing recycling focuses on reusing the yarn. In addition, Marine Layer production re-spins it. The company has figured out how to turn something old into something luxurious and great for the environment. 

Companies that intend to give clothing as swag can feel comfortable with picking t shirts, hoodies, and joggers from Marine Layer. A humble startup that has garnered positive media attention, Marine Layer remains an eco-friendly company that also seeks to develop long term clients. Even if your recipients do not know the story behind the Marine Layer brand, they’ll be impressed when they research it. 

Plus, you’ll gift them products that have a long lifespan. When the product becomes too worn out to wear, they can send it to the company and receive some credit to purchase a new version of the old one. 

Marine Layer Clothing Reviews

At Gemnote, we always take a look at the reviews. Marine Layer clothing reviews remain favorable for the company. Customers enjoy the outdorsyness of the clothes. 

More importantly, customers have found that the tees and other clothing items hold up well over time. The Marine Layer signature tee carries a 4.7-star rating. Customers agree that it’s among the softest they have ever worn. Verified buyers attest that the products remain soft and durable without feeling heavy. 

Marine Layer Sale

The Marine Layer surplus sale takes place annually and during the summer season. It’s a great time to use your Marine Layer discount code to purchase Marine Layer masks, Marine Layer shoes, and other Marine Layer clothing.

You might find a good deal outside the Marine Layer store and official website. However, always exercise caution when purchasing used Marine Layer clothing - it doesn’t have the same guarantee as online and store-bought items. Brands like Marine Layer do their best to protect loyal customers. 

Used Marine Layer clothing might have a great price but it might not hold up as well. 

Moreover, ensure that your Marine Layer discount code is legitimate. Otherwise, the website won’t accept it. 

Marine Layer Store Options

Those who prefer to shop in-store will find several Marine Layer over 30 store locations including Marine Layer Los Angeles at Century City. Whether you purchase your Marine Layer jacket or Marine Layer pants online or in-store, customize them through Gemnote.

Marine Layer received praise for becoming a retailer that features a bricks and mortar presence in addition to its online success. 

The in-store experience allows customers to feel the luxurious fabrics and see the stunning colors in-person. 

Marine Layer Returns

Marine Layer returns have an easy process. Customers receive 365 days to return defective items. Although it’s not possible to return Marine Layer masks, customers can return all items purchased within the last year including unworn jewelry and unopened personal care items in their original packaging.

If you purchased an item from the Surplus Marine Layer annual sale, they remain final sale and customers cannot return them.

Otherwise, visit a local Marine Layer store to complete a return or visit them online to start the return process. 

Few companies can keep their doors open for several years and never become part of a lawsuit. The Marine Layer lawsuit took place against plaintiff The Irvine Company, LLC. It seems that the two parties found themselves in a dispute over a contract and resolved it.

Whether you shop the Marine Layer Memorial Day sale with a Marine Layer discount code or you shop for Marine Layer clothing in bulk, Gemnote can customize your items and make them more special for the recipients. 

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