10 Best Employee Farewell Gifts in 2021

April 3, 2020

Wondering what the best farewell gift ideas for colleagues are? Or, maybe you need farewell gift ideas for boss. We’ll help you answer these questions and inspire thoughtfulness and creativity with these Top 10 Best Employee Farewell Gifts.

If you’re looking for ideas to send a farewell gifts for coworkers, managers, and employees, you're in the right place. In this day and age, everyone at a company at some point will move on to new opportunities and this is a reason to celebrate. Whether it's your best friend at work, a mentor who has helped you succeed since Day 1, or a manager who has cared about your career growth, they deserve something special when they leave.


Our goal at Gemnote is to help you discover the best farewell gift ideas for friends, coworkers and more. They will also help you cultivate farewell office gifts to keep on hand. They can also help you celebrate anyone who may be retiring with the best farewell gifts for seniors that can also be personalized with your company’s logo. To help you get inspired, we’ve compiled a list of faves for the best of the best farewell gifts.


10 Best Employee Farewell Gifts in 2021!

1. Patagonia Ultralight Black Hole® Mini Hip Pack

What it is: Patagonia Ultralight Black Hole® Mini Hip Pack 1L. This  go-anywhere hip pack keeps your essentials close at hand—literally!

Why we love it: First off, it’s a name brand we can all appreciate for style and quality. Not to mention the body fabric, lining and webbing of this hip pack is 100% recycled.

Who it’s for: This is a great farewell gifts for male colleagues. However, who wouldn’t love a little extra hands-free storage everywhere you go?

If you want office farewell gifts you know they’ll love, you can’t go wrong with a hip pack. Just look for features similar to this Patagonia packable style that features a versatile waistbelt and double pockets for organization.


2. Areaware Stacking Planter 

What it is: A functional piece of art. This minimalistic stacking planter is intuitively created with a planter, saucer and fun stackable design. Just lift the bottom ring to unveil the hidden saucer.


Why we love it: Not only does it stake claims on being artful, functional, and unique, it’s perfect for your favorite succulents too!


Who it’s for: This is one of the best farewell gifts for friends, coworkers alike. And even if you can’t score extra points with the boss who’s leaving, it does make an unforgettable gift. 


If it’s farewell gifts for friends moving away or coworkers moving on that you’re after, seek unique gifts that are functional and well designed, like this Areaware stacking planter. 

3. Brooklyn Candle Company Candles 

‍‍What it is: A sleek candle that’s just as design-worthy with it’s sleek black matte glass and modern label as it is relaxing. Plus, with 100% soy wax you can expect a nice clean burn that’s also eco-friendly too!

Why we love it: Not only is this a fragrant reminder to take time for ourselves and destress, but it’s modern appeal is just the style upgrade we want either at home or in our new office. 

Who it’s for: Quality candles are loved and appreciated by almost everyone and make excellent personalized farewell gifts. As farewell gifts for boss or coworkers it’s a great addition to a heartfelt card. 


Looking for farewell personalized gifts you can give hard working team members when it’s time for them to move on? Look for quality candles similar to this Hinoki one by Brooklyn Candle Studio that’s both woodsy and calming. 


4. Kiko Passport Holder 

What it is: A hand made, high quality passport holder with 2 front card slots in leather and 100% wool felt.


Why we love it: One thing is for sure, if 2020 and 2021 has taught us anything it’s to appreciate the little things in life: family, friends, and traveling! Which makes this passport holder more than just a functional design— it’s a sign of good things to come.   


Who it’s for: If they love to travel, this well designed passport holder is an easy win. And, as far as perfect farewell gifts for friends go, they’ll appreciate the  stylish gift. 


Farewell gifts for coworkers come in all shapes and sizes, but a high quality passport holder can last a lifetime. To make sure your gift goes the extra mile, look for similar features as this Kiko passport holder. 

5. Feve 21 Piece Assorted Chocolate Box 

What it is: A culinary masterpiece featuring 21 of Feve's most popular and seasonal flavors.


Why we love it: With flavors like honey lavender, passion fruit, cardamom almond, mexican vanilla, maple, sea salt caramel, single-origin dark, and more it’s every bit as thoughtful as it is decadent. 


Who it’s for: Anyone and everyone with an appreciate for chocolate! This sweet set makes great farewell gift ideas for seniors, employees, bosses, friends, family and more. 


As a best farewell gift for employee look for assorted sweet sets similar to Feve’s mix of milk and dark chocolates. After all, variety is the spice of life!


6. The North Face Apex Gym Duffel 

What it is: A high quality duffel bag that goes the extra mile with 2 separate main compartments for pre- and post workout clothes. 


Why we love it: The mesh tops keeps sweaty duds aired out while the interior and exterior pocket keeps us organized.  


Who it’s for: Anyone who loves breaking sweat! As far farewell good gifts go, a duffel bag tops the list for employees, bosses, friends and family!


Ready to invest in a great duffel bag? You can’t go wrong with creme de la creme features like this one from Northface. For bonus points, add a protein bar, smoothie gift card or reusable tumbler to the pocket for a diy farewell gifts basket. 


7. Dandelion Chocolate Bar 

What it is: A Hacienda Azul Costa Rica chocolate bar from Dandelion Small Batch Chocolate. Think that’s a mouthful? Just wait til you taste it! 


Why we love it: Because we love chocolate, primo ingredients and did we mention chocolate? Plus with notes of caramel, ganache and waffle cone, it’s hard to say which part we love most. 


Who it’s for: Anyone who appreciates the finer things in life. Which is why chocolate makes this list twice for extra-special farewell gift ideas for boss, boss’s boss and boss’s boss’s boss... You get the idea! 


Ready to indulge in chocolatey goodness farewell gifts? You can’t go wrong when you seek out the finest ingredients— like this single-origin chocolate that’s just made with just cocoa beans and sugar and is free of soy, dairy, eggs, and gluten. 


8. Graf Lantz Cozy Carrier Duo Felt Wine Holder 

‍‍What it is: It’s a wine bottle carrier bag—or in other words, a much-needed celebration in a bag.


Why we love it: You know that Merino wool sweater you splurged on? It’s that good, but without the triple digit price point. And because Merino wool felt is a natural insulator with water-wicking properties as well as naturally stain resistant making it the ideal textile for carrying wine bottles.


Who it’s for: From wine connoisseur to that coworker who swipes your lunch from the community fridge (you know the one), everyone can appreciate a wine bag that holds two standard bottles. But we say, save it for your besties, boss, and the coworkers you you can’t imagine not seeing on repeat. 


Ready to sound the applause and double up on wine bags? We’ll stand behind that decision. Look for impressive features like premium Bavarian Merino wool felt with vegetable-tanned leather trim that’s featured in Graf Lantz Cozy Carrier Duo Felt Wine Holder. 

9. Hasami Ceramic Tea Set 

‍‍What it is: A modern ceramic tea set that just alludes tea time anytime. The simple design is just as warm and inviting as it is functional.  


Why we love it: Aside from all of the numerous health benefits tea offers, there’s something calming about a morning or afternoon (or who are we kidding, any time) cup of tea.    


Who it’s for: A great farewell gifts for friends moving away or coworkers moving on. When it’s tea time, look for sets similar to this stylish set from Hasami porcelain.   


For extra bonus points, add a matching creamer dish or sugar pot. 

10. Modern Sprout Tapered Tumbler Basil Plant

What it is: A self watering grow kit that embraces the beauty of mother nature with modern day convenience.


Why we love it: It’s hard not to love the ease of a self grow kit, but it’s all the yummy recipes we can add fresh basil to that keep us coming back for more. 


Who it’s for: Not everyone has a green thumb, but luckily this “just add water” is made for even the most challenged. One of the best office farewell gifts, grow kits also  make great gifts for new hires, anniversaries, executives and VIPs. 


Did a self watering grow kit make your short list for office farewell gifts? Look for features like this Tapered Tumbler Basil by Modern Sprout that features a stainless steel net pot and organic seeds.

Goodbyes are hard, luckily, Gemnote is here to help you celebrate the time you had with your employees and commemorate their service to your company. When it's time to invest in employee farewell gifts, talk to a Gemnote specialist for ideas on how you can create memorable swag that will be loved and appreciated for years to come.

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