Best Work Anniversary Gifts for Employees & Colleagues

June 16, 2021

Discover memorable and unique anniversary gifts to make your recipient smile!

By creating a corporate gifts budget at the beginning of each year, you’ll be better able to allocate funds to ensure each and every one of your employees receives the employee recognition gifts for years of service that they deserve. As you think through your budget, you may also want to include line items for any employee of the year gift items and employee milestone gifts. 

In addition to your allocated budget for business gifts, you will also want to consider the following points. First, who is your recipient and what do they do for your company? Also, any interests or hobbies they have that could be incorporated in your corporate gifts and if you any company anniversary celebration activities will be included. Probably the most important thing you will want to consider when thinking through your budget and anniversary gift ideas is how many years of service your employee is celebrating. 

While this may seem like a big investment, allocating funds and a strategy now will save you time, energy, and money down the road. Not to mention, when you invest in your employees you are creating a positive environment that will be seen by everyone who interacts with them, including your customers! The value of employee retention cannot be overstated. As you know the hiring and training process is not for the faint of heart and high turnover rates can cost your company a lot of money.  If you don’t have a strategy in place for corporate gifts, make sure you get one, because now is a great time to invest in business gifts ideas for employees and corporate gift ideas for coworkers. 

Some of the best work anniversary gifts for coworkers and colleagues (and employees too!) offer variations so you can add to them based on years of service, job position, interests and budget. 

Best Work Anniversary Gifts

Give them a business gift they can really sink their teeth into!

Forget going on an exhaustive hunt for corporate gift ideas for employees and coworkers. Instead surprise them with a restaurant gift card. Not only will this provide your employee with a special meal out and an evening free of cooking, but it’s a great way to support the restaurants who have taken a hit due to the pandemic.

Corporate gifts ideas: Employees

We all need to eat, so if you’re looking for a no-brainer gift that they are sure to appreciate, why not surprise them with a gift card to their favorite restaurant? If you have a corporate cafeteria that’s in your office, you could even gift them with a Lunch Is On Me credit for a number of meals depending on your budget. 

Corporate gifts ideas: Coworkers & Colleagues 

If you’re thinking of ideas to help celebrate a work anniversary for a coworker, set a date to take your colleague out to lunch. After all, the only thing better than a free lunch is having someone to share it with!

Tip: Take employee anniversary gifts by year into consideration. For example, milestone anniversaries like 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th and so on could have a higher monetary value. Or each anniversary you could include something from your company swag store. 

Corporate gift idea: Indulge their sweet side!

Who wouldn’t appreciate a basket of fresh goodies, exotic candies, decadent chocolates and other treats? When it comes to gifting sweets, don’t forget the power of sweet treats. Not sure if chocolate and candy are their thing? You can't go wrong with gifting quality tea like this loose leaf Revive tea bag from Woash.

Corporate gifts idea: Employees

If you are thinking about giving this gift to your employee, this is a great time to consider their interests, hobbies, likes, and dislikes. For example, if your employee is always at the gym or makes it a habit to forego sweets, you may want to switch gears and surprise them with a basket of nuts and dried fruit. In addition to the sweet treats you may want to pair your treat basket with unique gift ideas other than food so they can continue enjoying it for years to come. 

Corporate gifts idea: Coworkers or Colleagues

The great thing about finding unique gifts for your colleagues and coworkers is that you most likely already know about their interests, hobbies, likes, and dislikes which makes putting together a basket of sweet treats they will enjoy a lot easier! Don’t forget to include a personal note for the perfect finishing touch!

Tip: Delectable treats also make great rewards for your remote employers, as well as your best customers. If you are thinking about giving snacks and goodies as a corporate gift, you may want to see how you can personalize the packaging. By adding your logo to a sticker or ribbon you will reinforce that the gift is from your company.

Corporate gift idea: Give them something they can enjoy all year long!

The best work anniversary gifts are memorable! And what better way to celebrate a special co-worker or employee than with a unique corporate gift like a subscription box that lets them discover new items month after month. 

Unique Corporate Gift: Employees

Ready to celebrate that special employee? Give a unique gift they can enjoy on repeat! From candles and skincare  to beer and wine, eclectic food subscriptions and just about anything and everything in between, unique ideas for subscription boxes are everywhere.

Unique Corporate Gift: Coworkers

If gifting a coworker an annual subscription seems a little pricey, not to worry! There are great affordable subscription boxes that you can find under $20. And, if it’s a single gift you’re after, you can always skip the subscription idea altogether and gift something that reflects their favorite passion like a yoga mat, stainless steel water bottle and more. Then you can save the subscription gift ideas for you!

‍Tip: When you are ready to give corporate gifts don’t overlook the presentation. Give employees gifts that look just as special and professional on the outside as they do on the inside! By taking the time to display them in a nice basket, wrap them up in a pretty box or gift bag, you are reinforcing the idea that your employee or coworker is with the extra time and attention.

Corporate gift idea: Give them a unique gift to spruce up their space!

There are so many reasons to give plants that outweigh just being pretty. According to The Sill plants can reduce stress, clean indoor air, reduce noise and much more. Ready to make the world a greener place and gift plants or flowers? There are three things to consider when you’re looking for that ideal plant. First, does your recipient have a green thumb (ie. they are good at growing things), a black thumb (they have trouble growing anything), or are a newbie to the plant world and how well they can or can’t grow things is still to be determined. For newbie or black thumbs, choose easy low maintenance plants

Unique Corporate Gift Ideas: Employees

In addition to gifting a plant you may want to add in a colorful pot or a personalized card. Other easy gift options are grow cards, which are made from wildflower seeds, and can be personalized with your company’s logo or a special message. The paper can then be planted in the ground for a colorful bloom in the future. Gemnote can show you different ways you can create a personalized a non-invasive seed card that will delight your recipient and help your brand blossom!

Unique Corporate Gift Ideas: Coworkers

For that coworker who never lets you down and always gives you a helping hand when your workload piles up, why not surprise them with a succulent or Spider Plant that’s easy to care for to spruce up their office space. 

Bonus: If you’re looking to give employees gifts that are cut above the rest, you may want to look into farmstands or aerogardens that are more of a luxe gift. These unique corporate gifts are extra special since they can give anyone the confidence they need to grow herbs, veggies, flowers.

Remember, when it comes to celebrating employee anniversaries, the most important thing you can do as a friend or colleague is acknowledge their special day and tell them how much they mean to you. The best work anniversary gifts are those that are personal and a great reminder of your appreciation for their time and service!   

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