Best Custom Branded Face Masks & Promotional Items For Your Brand

March 2, 2022

Wondering what the best-branded face mask options are for your company? We can help!

As life changed in the United States in early 2020, the face mask industry suddenly saw a golden opportunity. Entrepreneurs entered the market and existing producers rushed to keep up with demand. Entering 2022, the United States government agreed to give away N95 masks to the public for free. They deem these the best face masks for COVID. Therefore, manufacturers will stay busy.

In 2020, the public purchased branded masks for sale from the best reusable face mask options and from the disposable branded face mask inventory. In the midst of the unknown, the public made due with the available information. As the year progressed and the protective wear inventory grew, the public didn’t mind receiving bulk branded masks for free too. 

Companies and organizations from all industries and fields pounced on the new marketing opportunity presented in 2020 and 2021. Brands slowed their promotional clothing and drinkware orders and added face masks with company logo on them to their marketing mix. From nonprofit organizations to sports teams, a customized mask exists for most brands. In 2022, the anticipation is that custom N95 masks with logo will remain in demand. In addition, the public will take free custom printed face mask units from brands that they love and shop from regularly.   

When the mandates became monotonous, many individuals made the best of it by turning facial protective wear into fashion statements with stylish face mask options. It’s not surprising to see some individuals wearing a designer face mask or a chic custom printed fabric face mask.

Best Branded Masks for Sale

In 2022, countries around the world started lifting face mask requirements. Nonetheless, some individuals feel safer when they wear them, even without the mandate. Plus, others continue needing them for work. These factors among others lead economic forecasters to believe that the market share for masks will reach $50.9 billion in 2025 from $37.16 billion in 2020. 

Masks and its variations such as the gaiter have practical uses in the sports and outdoor activities. Now joggers, hikers, and those who love fishing know that they can protect themselves against flying bugs, dusty clouds, and the cold with masks. For example, the best branded mens face mask options include those that can wick away moisture and cover well below the chin area.

Let’s take a look at the best custom branded face masks and promotional items for your brand.

Best Branded Face Mask Supplier

One way to find the best branded face mask supplier is to visit the United States Centers for Disease Control online. The website outlines the government-approved suppliers of KN95 disposable mask options, and the best face masks for COVID specifically.

Several entrepreneurs answered the call by investing in the manufacturing and distribution of the N95 mask and custom N95 masks with logo. However, each option provides a different level of protection. 

Gemnote sources branded masks for sale from the best suppliers. 

For example, you might like the N95 below which can be customized. It features a standard size, dual straps, integrated nose frame, and foam cushioning. Workers commonly wear this model to reduce inhaling toxic fumes and pollutants. Therefore, it has NIOSH approval.  

Shown: N95 Mask 

You can also consider the KN95 disposable mask, a branded surgical face mask option. Available in packs of 10, wearers receive a 5-ply mask with ear loops, and a good candidate for custom N95 masks with logo.

KN95 Disposable Mask 

Since they come in packs, they make solid candidates for bulk branded masks. 

Best Branded Re-usable Face Mask

Below is one best branded re-usable face mask option. It includes two layers of material, an integrated metal nose frame, and adjustable toggle straps. A simple model that is attractive for those searching to order face masks with company logo.

Shown: Reusable Face Mask 

Available in two colors, a company can place their brand on one of the panels. Moreover, it’s a washable branded face mask.   

Best Branded Reusable Face Mask

For the best branded reusable face mask, consider picking up the Random Mix Cloth Face Mask with Nose Wire Filter Pocket from JLIKA. Available in an array of colors, the stylish face mask features a nose wire, filter, pocket, and adjustable ear loops. 

Shown: Random Mix Cloth Face Mask with Nose Wire and Filter Pocket 

Brands that give away face masks with company logo that have a pocket for the filter can include one with each mask. Then, it’s up to the recipients to replace them. Many individuals wear filter masks without the filter. 

A filter boosts the effectiveness of a two layer mask. The filters sort out pollutants, particles, and germs. It’s a mini filter that works the same way as the one in your home’s AC unit. HVAC professionals recommend replacing an AC filter once every month. For face masks, it’s best to change them once every two to three weeks.

Brand representatives who want to obtain the safest filters for face masks can visit the CDC website and an updated list of manufacturers. 

Best Mens Branded Face Mask

The fellas have different mask requirements than the ladies. Some must cover their beards. Others wear them to messy work sites. Therefore, the best mens branded face mask options keep up with them.

For example, gaiters became an alternative to the disposable mask. They cover more area and often include a filter pocket. Plus, they have other uses. Men can wear them at work sites and the outdoors. The Carhartt® Cotton Blend Filter Pocket Gaiter doubles as a great branded mens face mask.

Shown: Carhartt® Cotton Blend Filter Pocket Gaiter

The Sport-Tek® PosiCharge® Competitor™ Face Mask is another best branded face mask to consider for men.

Shown: Sport-Tek® PosiCharge® Competitor™ Face Mask 

Best Custom Branded Face Mask

In situations when the wearer must remove and reapply their mask often, the Marine layer masks are among the best custom branded face mask options. Since the custom printed face mask ties around the neck, wearers are less likely to lose them. The stylish face mask easily hangs around the neck when not in use. 

Shown: Marine Layer Masks 

Plus, the ties allow wearers to adjust the fit. Manufacturers make most masks as one size fits all; it’s more efficient that way. However, that doesn’t mean that they fit well. Brands who giveaway masks with ties give the recipients an opportunity to adjust them, a nice perk. 

Best Women’s Branded Face Mask

For the fashion-minded ladies, Baggu Face Mask offers an array of pattern themes. Baggu ranks among the best women's branded face mask and custom printed face mask manufacturers. You’ll find several themes including flowers, fruit, animals, happy faces, and solid colors. 

Shown: Baggu Face Mask 

Baggu inventory easily passes as a designer face mask and fashion mask brand. The company provides fun patterns and a washable branded face mask options as well.

Best Face Mask Branded Logo

The set of 10 Kaze Character Series from Poketo adds fun to bulk branded masks. This best face mask branded logo option produces 3-D respirator masks in five bold colors. A fashion mask brand, it manufacturers disposable branded face mask units that last a few uses.

Shown: Poketo Kaze Character Series 

In addition, Poketo manufacturers matching iPhone cases and luggage tags. So companies can pick up branded masks for sale and accessories an an array of items.  

Best Branded 3 Layer Face Mask

Those searching for the best branded 3 layer face mask can take a look at the Black Black 3-Ply Disposable Mask - Set of 50 from 42Pops. A branded surgical face mask option, it also falls into the disposable branded face mask category. 

Shown: Black 3-Ply Disposable Mask 

The most common disposable mask is the light blue one. However, the black version offers a cleaner more on-trend look. In many cases, it’s also more durable. The branded surgical face mask keeps things simple and complements the washable branded face mask options. In a pinch, it’s always nice to have the disposable version as backups. Plus, since you can pick them up in bulk, they become a cost-effective purchase.

Best Company Branded Face Mask Pleated Option

Sometimes the public wants something different. The Pleated Face Mask from KYNSHO falls into the best company branded face mask category and 100% handmade fashion mask brand. It features pleats that provide extra coverage under the chin. Plus, the extra coverage creates a tight seal around the face that places it in the branded mens face mask category too.

Shown: Pleated Face Mask 

Customizing a face mask is similar to customizing baseball caps, t-shirts, tech accessories, and drinkware. Once you pick the brand, type, size, and amount, Gemnote helps you design custom printed fabric face mask units to suit your needs. 

In 2022, most individuals have a collection of masks that they purchased and received. However, several individuals will continue collecting them if someone offers them a new one. Therefore, it’s still a wise marketing investment. 

Best Cotton Face Mask Branded Styles

A great cotton face mask branded option to consider is the Port Authority® Cotton Knit Face Mask thanks to the comfortable design, three ply layers, and elastic binding for the ears. It's a great washable banded face mask option.

Researchers found that millions of disposable units made their way to the oceans. Therefore, giving away best reusable face mask options accomplishes several feats. It’s something that recipients will wear and appreciate. Plus, they'll be less likely to treat the best face masks for COVID as throw away swag.

Shown: Port Authority® Cotton Knit Face Masks

In 2020, branded masks for sale was a popular corporate search term and even today promotional bulk branded masks for swag giveaways remain popular too. If you’re looking for the best custom branded face masks for your company, talk to your Gemnote rep. 

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