Brand Highlight: Carhartt

August 26, 2021

When it comes to long-lasting durability, nothing beats this hard-working brand.

While the fast-paced fashion industry continues to evolve, staying relevant is a goal where so many brands fall short. However, one brand has managed to stand the test of time and has become an American staple known for its quality workwear—Carhartt.

Carhartt Insulated Bib Overalls

How did Carhartt start? 

Carhartt started by creating work wear, specifically for workers in factories who needed clothes that are not only wearable but are also durable. Since these clothes will be worn while they work hard to provide food for their families, Carhartt showed their dedication to the workers by creating these quality workwear staples: Carhartt workwear shorts, jacket and trousers. It worked! Carhartt became popular for their work wear creations and received loyalty from the working class who were not only able to receive comfort but are also able to work well in their clothes. This marked the beginning of Carhartt’s rise to fame. As a leader in work clothes ad well as custom work shirts and custom Carhartt hoodies, Carhartt is also number one from their vintage Carhartt Detroit jacket (and carhartt detroit jacket womens) as well as other Carhartt company gear.

Carhartt Detroit and Shoreline Jackets

After creating work wear, Carhartt continued to create containers for the things that workers needed for their jobs, Carhartt distributed backpacks, and not just any ordinary bags or backpacks they incorporated the needs of workers into these bags that they produced. This led to the creation of the following worker specific containers: Carhartt cooler backpack, Carhartt hunting backpacks, Carhartt collapsible cooler, Carhartt aluminum lunch box, and Carhartt vertical lunch cooler. The dedication of Carhartt to customize their products for the worker’s needs made them very popular indeed! And this helped solidify the beginning of their long legacy. 

Carhartt Foundry Series Backpack

Carhartt Can Coolers

Other than creating clothes for the working class, Carhartt also revolutionized the use of “duck” colored apparel for workers; it started during the world war when dyes were not available for us. Carthartt saw this as an opportunity instead of looking at it like something bad. This is how you make lemonade out of lemons, other than creating denim apparel; they created duck apparel as well. Some of the duck apparel created include the Carhartt duck vest and the Carhartt washed duck active jacket for him and her. This made duck apparel famous because of Carhartt. In fact,  it became one of the famous materials they used in producing their quality clothing for the working class other than denim.


Washed Duck Active Jackets

Denim fashion is one of the staple outfits and styles that lasted throughout the years, Carhartt also created its famous denim clothing items, with sturdy material for workers working those cold days and nights to give food for their families. Carhartt started in Michigan Detroit and with this came their famous Detroit clothes that are also made of denim. Carhartt created Detroit jacket, Carhartt Detroit jacket for women, and Carhartt Detroit jacket vintage which will definitely not go out of style.

Carhartt started with providing clothes for all the determined and persevering workers ever since 1889 and this worked well for the company, and then came the time to expand and it came in the perfect time. The 70’s a decade like no other! This decade proved the most remarkable for Carhartt, because it started becoming famous not just for the workers, but it gained attention from those not working at blue collar jobs. The beginning of Carhartt’s popularity started when they produced the Active jac, this became one of the most popular designs created by the brand. Active jac is still one of the highest selling jacket of the brand, it skyrocketed Carhartt to fame! Active jac became a part of the Carhartt company gear from Carhartt. After Active jac’s rise to fame it only took a few more years for Carhartt to gain the attention of the mass public.

After gaining the loyalty of the workers, Carhartt then moved to the mainstream market for clothing and backpacks and street wear! The crossover from work wear to street wear came about with the help of music, specifically Hip-hop! Hip-hop personalities during the 70’s and the 80’s have provided Carhartt with the influence they needed to break through to the mainstream market. People now wanted not just the usual Carhartt work wear shorts, Carhartt workwear jacket, Carhartt workwear trousers and Carhartt cotton gaiter and even a Carhartt gaiter filter but they wanted something that is for not just workers. People wanted custom clothing and Carhartt made this possible as well by producing custom Carhartt shirts, hoodies, printed Carhartt shirts and even custom embroidered Carhartt work shirts. Now after over 131 years, Carhartt has even more mainstream clothes for the generations of today like custom Carhartt hoodies and custom printed Carhartt shirts. 

Carhartt Rugged Professional Custom Shirts

Looking back at all the designs created by Carhartt we can see how the company has grown and how they have adapted to all the changes that they had to face. We need to take into consideration that during the start of the company they even faced the great depression, making it through the depression and even becoming more profitable after it is one hell of an achievement! This achievement by Carhartt is made possible by their endless creativity and dedication to their vision of producing quality clothing not just for the workers but even the normal people who would like to wear cool, sturdy and durable clothes.

Carhartt Midweight Hoodies

Now that we are done discussing the growth of Carhartt as a clothing brand we need to focus on the other products of Carhartt as well, they did not only create clothes, but they also created accessories for workers! One type of accessory created for workers is the gaiters, this is of course used by blue collar workers to make sure they do not breathe harmful chemicals and can even serve as protection from the rays of the sun – especially for workers who have to face this on a daily basis. Thanks to Carhartt function met fashion when it comes to Gaiters, Carhartt created – Carhartt cotton gaiters and Carhartt gaiter filters. These accessories further helped workers do their jobs with comfort and unknowingly looked fashionable in the process. And with the onset of the pandemic shoppers could also find Carhartt face mask covid.


Carhartt Masks

Another accessory that was revolutionized by Carhartt is caps! This accessory is used as a protection from the sun, with the sturdy material which is the signature of Carhartt; caps served this purpose and added a splash of color to those who will wear it. Carhartt did not stop there; they also created hats as part of their line that includes  fleece hats and watch caps.

Carhartt Fleece and Watch Caps

Carhartt showed how much they think about their target market, they did not stop with creating clothes and accessories, they have even produced revolutionary bags and backpacks with specific purposes for the benefit of the user. Carhartt has their hunting specific items one of which is called – Carhartt hunting backpacks. Carhartt also has the following variations of backpacks depending on preference from Carhartt legacy backpack, Carhartt trade plus backpack, Carthartt backpack waterproof, Carhartt work backpacks, Carhartt duffel bag large and more.

Carhartt Duffels

Now we know that for every activity, for every job that you would like to do, there is a Carhartt jacket, cap and bag that is made just for you! 

Carhartt also designs products for every season. They are already famous for their jackets that are thick and sturdy enough to be used at the Alaskan pipeline. We can definitely have a brand highlight Carhartt jackets alone with multiple jackets and vests to match! Carhartt also has their signature duck jackets, duck vests, and Gillian vests, as well as full swing jackets, including men's and womens camo Carhartt jackets.

Carhartt Gillian and Duck Vest

In addition to apparel to get you through wintry days, there are also rainy days. But never fear, Carhartt rain jackets for women and men will get you through spring. And, for a rugged approach on any job there are Carhartt steel toe boots and rough cut jackets.

Carhartt Full Zip Jackets

On hot summer days, Carhartt’s t-shirts will keep you comfortable and relaxed in spite of the heat. You can also wear the Carhartt Ashland cap and Odessa cap to shield you from the rays of the sun. If you would like to go to a picnic under the sun you can bring all the drinks and food that you want, they will not melt thanks to Carhartt’s cooler backpacks; you can even bring the Carhartt collapsible cooler backpack so that you can store it easily when you need to. You will definitely enjoy summer with the help of Carhartt and its useful products.

Carhartt Ashland Cap

On to the last season fall, after summer it is not that hot anymore but it will surely be windy! If you do not want to be surprised by that sudden breeze you can wear Carhartt Henley long sleeves and even wear the Carhartt mock neck vest.  You will never really go wrong with choosing Carhartt, not only do they think of everything for their target markets, but they also consider all the seasons of the entire year! If you want something to wear for all the seasons of the year, you will never go wrong with Carhartt force polos in long and short sleeves. 

Carhartt Force Polo

Carhartt has been around for over 131 years, not an easy feat to accomplish, and not an easy one to maintain, so how did Carhartt do it? What is the secret to their success? Other than being very considerate to the needs of their target market which started with the working class, Carhartt did not limit their creations to just one target market. Once they gained the loyalty and adoration of the working class with the famous Carhartt bib overalls and Carhartt duck jackets, they started to consider creating clothes for the mass public as well. So as not to confuse their target market, Carhartt created another brand, Carhartt Work in Progress (WIP). This is the beginning of Carhartt’s new history of not just being the creator of clothes for blue collar jobs but a creator of clothes that will be revered in fashion history forever.

Because of Carhartt WIP, everyone now knew that Carhartt meant business, if they will join the mainstream fashion competition they will enter the market with a bang! Carhartt started manufacturing clothes in Europe under the Carhartt WIP name and this was a big hit, everyone loved Carhartt WIP, it is old and yet something new. Carhartt stayed true to their goals of creating comfortable clothes and this appealed to the European market, they saw how awesome the Carhartt t-shirts are. Not only are they fashionable they are also comfortable and durable, Carhartt has definitely hit the jackpot with the creation of Carhartt WIP.

Carhartt did not stop with the creation of Carhartt WIP they even expanded to not just the fashion and clothing industry but to the music industry. Carhartt formed an in-house recording label called Combination records, which eventually came to be known as Carhartt Music. Being true to its goal of being dedicated to their target market, they created Carhartt music to help new and up and coming artists who appeal to different subcultures of street wear.

With the unstoppable growth of Carhartt from just being “the” clothing apparel for workers, they now have street wear and even their own record label. Carhartt does not show any signs of stopping it just continued to grow from there Carhartt launched different stores in different countries all over the world. Carhartt opened one branch after another all throughout the 2000’s. We can definitely say that Carhartt reached the peak of its popularity, with the combination of strength and comfort in all of their products and even a hint of looking back to different subcultures in their record label, Carhartt has shown everyone that they are a force to be reckoned with. Carhartt was at the top of their game and just when we think things could not get better, it definitely did get better! Carhartt collaborated with the biggest name in the sports apparel Nike. Carhartt WIP collaborated with Nike to produce a collection of shoes each embodying a distinct quality from both Carhartt WIP and Nike. 

Carhartt shows us time and again that they cannot be underestimated. Carhartt encapsulates creativity as they design for fit, style, the season and of course the purpose. Carhartt is dedicated to working hard and earning the trust, loyalty and adoration of their millions of patrons around the world. Carhartt knows what their target market needs and has created excelled at creating durable clothes and backpacks and other gear.

Carhartt Canvas Backpacks

Carhartt also lived by their word they created clothes that the working class can afford. Carhartt worked hard to earn the trust of their first ever market and as a result of their hard work, they now have the world. Carhartt is not just a brand with just one target market but one of the biggest clothing brands that create work wear, street wear and even music.

Carhartt is an inspiration to everyone as an embodiment of creativity, dedication and hard work. In the clothing industry, being in business for more than 131 years is not an easy task, and Carhartt has managed to carve out a legacy uplifting the needs of some of the most important men and women, the working class. Other than staying in business they even stayed relevant and popular all those years. Carhartt really proves that nothing is impossible with hard work and staying true to your roots even after all these years.

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