Brand Highlight: Parkland

May 17, 2022

It’s one thing to give away backpacks as corporate swag, it’s another to give away...

When your company needs to decide what corporate swag to give away, consider your target audience. For example, Parkland Backpacks make great swag gifts for digital nomads, business professionals, and new recruits.

Parkland design and manufacturing is based in Vancouver, Canada. In addition, some Parkland design and manufacturing does take place in Vietnam. There are no current Parkland backpack Philippines manufacturers. Nonetheless, customers can rest assured that all Parkland backpack USA products are made with high international standards. Workers receive fair wages and work in safe manufacturing conditions. 

One reason why Gemnote is placing a spotlight on several Parkland computer backpack options and Parkland hot food lunch box ideas is the manufacturer’s innovative process. 

In 2018, Parkland announced that it would change the material used for the exterior of its Parkland backpacks. The company figured out how to repurpose plastic water bottles. After collecting the bottles, cleaning them, and sorting them, Parkland crushes them. The goal is to turn the bottles into flakes. Next, it melts the flakes into pellets. The process melts the pellets one more time to turn them into yarn. Once the bottles become yarn, the process treats them like thread. 

At this point, the manufacturer can dye the thread and use it to make the exterior of the backpacks, bags, and lunch boxes.

Let’s take a look at 11 Parkland Backpacks, bags, and hot food lunch box ideas. 

Parkland Backpacks 

Backpack manufacturers Canada Parkland is known for its durable and made from recycled backpacks. The Parkland recycled backpacks come from an initiative the company established in 2018. 

Companies searching for swag ideas wil find a range of Parkland bags price options, especially if you order them in bulk. Brands will also find several Parkland backpack sizes that carry attractive Parkland backpack warranty from the manufacturer and retailers

1. Parkland Kingston Backpack

Parkland brand backpacks feature durable construction and materials made from recycled material. For example, the Parkland Kingston Backpack is made from recycled 600D polyester. It also features durable construction for daily use and several compartments.

Shown: Parkland Kingston Backpack

The Parkland Kingston backpack has a roomy main compartment, laptop sleeve that fits most 15 inch devices, and other spots for daily essentials. Thus, it doubles as a nice Parkland computer backpack option. 

2. Parkland Kingston Plus 15” Backpack

Another version of the Parkland Kingston backpack is the Parkland Kingston Plus 15” Backpack. 

Shown: Parkland Kingston Plus 15” Backpack

It features a pocket for water bottles and can hold a laptop that measures up to 15 inches. Recipients will enjoy a roomy main compartment, laptop sleeve, and multiple pockets for optimal organization. 

3. Parkland Vintage 13" Computer Backpack

In 2022, business professionals, digital nomads, and students travel with laptops, tablets, and smartphones. All electronic devices require protection. Plus, individuals need a convenient way to carry other essentials with their devices. 

Shown: Parkland Vintage 13" Computer Backpack

Thus, your target audience benefits from receiving a Parkland computer backpack such as the Parkland Vintage 13" Computer Backpack
. The Parkland design and manufacturing team took the school bag and gave it a modern update.

This Parkland vintage backpack features a roomy compartment, laptop sleeve, and a water bottle pocket. 

4. Parkland Academy 15" Computer Backpack

Another Parkland computer backpack, the Parkland Academy 15" Computer Backpack is among the most stylish.

Shown: Parkland Academy 15" Computer Backpack

The Parkland academy backpack features a roomy compartment and two front pockets that help organize small essential items. 

5. Parkland Tello 15" Computer Backpack

When you look at the Parkland Tello 15" Computer Backpack, you’ll notice that it differs from the Parkland Academy backpack. The Parkland Academy puts an emphasis on style while the tello Parkland backpack USA emphasizes minimalism.

ShownParkland Tello 15" Computer Backpack

The Tello backpack option includes a pocket for water bottles, laptop sleeve, and slim shoulder straps. In terms of Parkland backpack sizes, the Tello holds three one inch binders.  

6. Parkland Rio Mini Backpack

For corporate swag, sometimes smaller items make more sense such as the Parkland Rio Mini Backpack. 

The compact Parkland backpack is lightweight and portable. Recipients can fit daily essentials such as smartphone chargers, keys, and sunglasses. The main compartment keeps things safe inside with a zip closure. Plus, the Parkland Rio Mini Backpack also has a front pocket that closes with a zipper too.

Shown: Parkland Rio Mini Backpack

Some might be surprised that there is no Parkland clothing line. However, Parkland does carry kids items such as the Parkland Bayside backpack. The Parkland design and manufacturing team keeps it fun with these backpacks. The styles feature kid-friendly styles with fun patterns and bright colors. Plus, the products receive favorable Parkland backpack review from verified customers. 

Keep in mind that Parkland backpacks for kids also carry the Parkland backpack warranty.

7. Parkland Rider Drawstring Bag

Although there is no Parkland clothing line, Parkland products include bags including the Parkland Rider Drawstring Bag

Shown: Parkland Rider Drawstring Bag

Drawstring bags are a style that remains popular. Since the shell is soft, recipients can easily store when not in use. The drawstrings keep the contents safe inside. Plus, this option also includes a front zip pocket for extra organization.

The Parkland rider bag price depends on the number that you order. For example, one retailer will provide a price break on the product for every 50. Thus, the Parkland rider bag price may look like:

For 24 units, $27 each

For 100 units, $26 each

For 150 units, $25 each

Parkland Rider Bag price options are great for events where you expect to hand out several.

Another bag option to consider giving away at events is the Parkland Peak duffle bag. The Parkland duffle bag measures 21.5 inches. It features a water-resistant base, multiple pockets, and comfortable grip handles. 

Recipients can separate dry and wet items in different pockets through the top-loading opening. Moreover, the shoulder strap adjusts and users can remove it as desired. A versatile option, the bag is great for carrying items that individuals take to the gym. It’s also a nice luggage option for a day trip or weekend getaway.  

When recipients carry it from the handles, it acts like a tote. If they use the strap, they can hang it across their body like a messenger bag.

What makes these bags more attractive is the cost-effective Parkland bags price options you’ll receive, even after customizing them through

8. Parkland Fraction Travel Pouch

Business travelers will enjoy receiving the Parkland Fraction Travel Pouch
. It allows them to organize their travel documents such as passports, IDs, and tickets. Recipients can also store their cash, electronic device accessories and chargers.

Shown: Parkland Fraction Travel Pouch

The pouch is made from recycled polyester.

9. Parkland Highfield Large Pouch

The Parkland Highfield Large Pouch
 is a different sized version of the Parkland Fraction Travel Pouch
. While the travel pouch measures 6 inches by 9.5 inches by .5 inches, the Parkland Highfield Large Pouch measures 3.75 inches by 8.5 inches by 3.75 inches.

Shown: Parkland Highfield Large Pouch

It includes a durable loop for easy carrying and the cylinder shape makes carrying daily essentials easy.

Recipients can carry chargers, electronic device accessories, and chargers in the pouch.

10. Parkland Bobbi Hip Pack

The fanny pack made a comeback and the Parkland version is the Parkland Bobbi Hip Pack. Made from recycled polyester, the Parkland Bobbi Hip Pack strap measures 37 inches. That means that the recipient can wear the pack around their waist or across their shoulders.

Shown: Parkland Bobbi Hip Pack

Recipients can carry electronic device accessories, chargers, cash, sunglasses, keys, and other small essentials in the pack.

11. Parkland Tag Lunch Cooler

In addition to several Parkland backpack sizes, you’ll also find hot food lunch box ideas such as the Parkland Tag Lunch Cooler
. Even though it has cooler in the name, the Parkland Tag Lunch Cooler is among the best insulated lunch box for hot food options. 

The Parkland Tag Recycled Lunch Cooler features an insulated interior that recipients can easily clean. It also features a strap that makes carrying the Parkland Tag Lunch Cooler like a messenger bag convenient. 

Shown: Parkland Tag Lunch Cooler

Moreover, the Parkland Tag Lunch Cooler
 is lightweight. That makes it portable and another reason why it ranks among the best insulated lunch box for hot food options. 

Some professionals still pack lunches for work. If your target audience needs cold or hot food lunch box ideas, the Parkland tag recycled lunch cooler is one to consider. 

Brands can pick these best insulated lunch box for hot food options in bulk and customize them through

In addition to Parkland lunch bag options for adults, you’ll also find some for kids too. The Parkland Rodeo lunch bag is great for kids. Like other products, the lunch bag for kids receives rave reviews too. Plus, you’ll like the Parkland bags price for kids.

Parkland Backpack Review

Although you can pick from several Parkland backpacks, each has its style, like the top-loading Parkland computer backpacks. And, once you look over the various parkland backpack review for products online, you’ll notice that verified customers like the prices, product durability, and company sustainability efforts. 

There are no Parkland backpack Philippines manufacturers. However, the products do come from Vietnam to Canada, United States, and Europe. Customers don’t mind since Parkland has high labor standards. 

The reviews point out that customers enjoy the designs, colors, and styles. Keep in mind that the company focuses solely on Parkland brand backpacks. There is no Parkland clothing line at this time.

Parkland Backpack Warranty

All Parkland products have a limited lifetime Parkland Backpack Warranty. Whether you purchase them directly through Parkland, a retailer, or third-party, you can rest assured that the goal is to sell products free of defects.

If you need to return a Parkland product, start with the retailer where the product was purchased. Those who purchase directly from Parkland can start a return with the company. 

Depending on wear and tear, backpacks have a lifespan of a few years. For example, students tend to go through them in a few months. Several like to purchase a new one for every new school year. 

For adults, they might feel the same way. It’s fun obtaining a new backpack, bag, or stylish lunch box annually. However, adults tend to take care of their favorite duffel bags a little more. 

Since Parkland makes its products from 100% recycled water bottles, every purchase helps the environment. 

Parkland Backpack USA Care

Even though Parkland makes its products from 100% recycled water bottles, individuals can still clean them the way that they clean other backpacks. To keep the Parkland backpack products, bags, and duffels in good shape, use gentle detergent, cold water, and a cloth to spot clean stains. If you decide to wash the Parkland products in the washing machine, set the cycle on gentle. Use cold water and gentle detergent too.

You can wash Parkland backpacks - simply wash them with care. Most of the Parkland products have a waterproof base. Therefore, the contents will remain safe. 

When you need to remove the smell of sweat from the backpack straps, find some vinegar. Place the vinegar in a spray bottle and add some lime juice. Shake the bottle well. Then, spray the mixture over the areas that release the most odors. Spot cleaning the straps with water and mild detergent can remove the smell from the straps too.

After washing your Parkland products, hang them somewhere outdoors to dry. It’s best to skip placing the items in the dryer as the drying cycle can have harsh effects on the material. If you find yourself in a hurry or it’s a gloomy day, place the item in the dryer on gently dry. Some dryers have air dry options - pick that one. 

Daily use will wear out the Parkland products a little faster. However, the process makes them durable enough to handle daily use. Therefore, you can confidently give away Parkland backpacks, bags, and lunch boxes as corporate swag. 

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