Brand Highlight: Nomad

March 21, 2022

Nomad's innovative products make ideal corporate swag for customizing.

Nomad goods launched in 2012. The company started with a portable, minimalist charging cable. Then, it grew its product line to include Nomad iPhone cases, Nomad leather case options, and Nomad AirPod cases that double as coveted Nomad gifts.

The success of the Kickstarter campaign for the ChargeCard led to the release of Nomad leather products and Nomad Apple products. As the company grew, the founders Noah Dentzel & Brian Hahn, remained committed to the environment, sustainability, and craftsmanship. Nomad products have a long lifespan. Therefore, recipients of music Nomad products don’t need to replace them frequently. 

In 2020, Nomad earned Climate Neutral certification. The company calls Santa Barbara, California, home and their products ship from Shenzhen and Hong Kong where they are manufactured. If you give Nomad leather products as corporate swag, the leather comes from the USA.

It’s normal to wonder if Nomad cases can live up to the hype. Like all manufacturers of accessories for iPhones, iPads, AirTags, AirPods, and Pixel Buds, Nomad has a loyal following. Their customers enjoy the durability and versatility of the product lines. The nomad iPhone cases have durable construction. Plus, they get the job done by protecting smartphones with ease. 

Top 20 Nomad Essential Products including nomad iPhone Cases

Here we take a look at some of Nomad’s top products as well Nomad products reviews.

1. Base One MagSafe Charger 

The Base One MagSafe Charger from Nomad is among the most coveted Nomad products. The MagSafe wireless charger charges at 15W, works with Qi devices, and provides a great charging experience.

Compatible with a charger cable, the MagSafe wireless charger has a weighted metal body and a glass panel that exudes a high-end look. Moreover, MagSafe does work with Nomad cases.

2. Pixel Buds

The Nomad Pixel Buds case is another crowd pleaser; it’s among the best Pixel Buds case options. The Nomad Pixel Buds case features a two-piece construction that  fits snuggly and adds extra protection with a high-end rugged look. 

Plus, Nomad integrated an LED light that lets owners know if their buds have a full or low charge which makes it one of the best Pixel Bud case options.

Google produces the Pixel Buds. Finding the best Pixel Buds case is challenging. That’s why the Nomad Pixel Buds case is so popular.

3. Base Station Pro

The Base Station Pro is a full-surface wireless charging device. With a 7.5W charging speed, the surface can charge three devices simultaneously. 

Those who prefer small versions of the Station will find it in mini and Hub sizes too. Both make a nice Nomad Base Station Pro alternative. 

4. Titanium Brand - Apple Watch

One the best Titanium Apple Watch Band options you’ll find on the market comes from the Nomad Apple Watch band line. When Apple launched its watches, accessory makers jumped at the opportunity to provide their customized version.

The Nomad version of the best Titanium Apple Watch Band features metal link bracelets and Grade 2 Titanium. Moreover, the best Titanium Apple Watch Band from Nomad is lightweight and comfortable.  

5. Universal Cable USB-C | Kevlar®

Among the Nomad essentials products that double as gifts is the Universal Cable USB-C | Kevlar®. Available in three sizes, 0.3m, 1.5m, and 3.0m, the Nomad version offers a sleek look, versatility, and quick charging speeds. 

With MFi certification, the universal cables are among the Nomad Apple products recipients will use often. 

6. Horween Bands - Apple Watch 

Brands that want to give away leather Nomad products can opt for the Horween Nomad Apple Watch band.

Available in a few variations, pick from black leather and black hardware or natural leather and black hardware. Gold and silver are other hardware options. Since the leather is a natural material, no two band colors are exactly alike.

7. Sport Case iPhone 13 

The Nomad sport case for iPhone 13 models is among the Nomad iPhone cases that keep the smartphone safe and stylish. Like other Nomad products, you’ll find an array such as the Nomad Sport Case iPhone 13 mini. 

When you read a Nomad sport case review of the Nomad Sport Case iPhone 13 mini, it is mostly favorable. Overall, the product has a 4.5-star rating. 

8. Active Leather Waterproof Bands

Another nice perk of digital Nomad products is that they have waterproof features. The Active Leather Waterproof Bands have a hybrid construction that provides style and resistance to water and sweat.

These Nomad leather products enjoy the benefits of the FKM fluoroelastomer rubber lining and interior ventilation channels.

9. Horween Leather AirPods Pro

Accessories for AirPods are very in, including the Nomad AirPod cases made from Horween leather.

The AirPods cases fall into the music Nomad products that protect the listening devices and provide convenience. You don’t have to guess if the devices have a full charge. A light indicates the battery level.

10. Horween Leather Mousepad

Brands can give away promotional mousepads, and then they can give away Gemnote customized Nomad Horween Leather mouse pads.

A candidate for the Nomad essentials products, recipients enjoy a luxurious travel companion for their mouse.

11. Card for AirTag 

The Nomad wallet AirTag option helps recipients keep track of their wallets. The tag fits inside the card. Then, the recipient places it inside their wallet. 

The card is among the digital Nomad products that keep Apple products safe. Plus, Nomad product reviews state that it's a quality product.

12. Nomad Card Wallet 

The Nomad Card Wallet is available in a few variations including the Nomad slim wallet and the Nomad wallet charger. Each Nomad wallet provides unique features, beautiful craftsmanship, and versatility.

For example, the slim wallet fits 12 cards and folded cash. The Horween leather includes a thin layer of fabric that improves durability. 

Although no complementary Nomad wallet app exists for the product, recipients will love their versatile Nomad products.

13 Leather AirTag Keychain  

Nomad carries a few Leather AirTag Keychain options. The keychain options include rugged, leather, and leather loop. Brands can pick up a metal name tag perfect for engraving. Plus, the metal add-on attaches perfectly to pet collars.

Never lose your keys or pet again.

14. Leather Skins

Nomad iPhone Cases are one gift option to consider; Nomad Leather Skins are another. Some individuals don’t want to put their smartphone in a stylish Nomad Sport Case iPhone 13 mini even though you can read more than one positive Nomad Sport Case review. Even though it’s stylish, they feel like it hides the beauty of their phone.

For these individuals, the Nomad Leather Skins will provide a welcome surprise and gift.

15. iPhone 12 & 13 Screen Protectors

The Nomad iPhone 13 Pro Max Case and the Nomad iPhone 12 Mini Case help protect the devices. For added protection, individuals benefit from receiving Nomad iPhone 12 and 13 screen protectors too.

For the best Nomad gifts, build a bundle your recipients will love!

16. iPad Screen Protector 

All Apple product owners benefit from receiving screen protectors as corporate swag. The iPad screen protectors from Nomad are digital Nomad products that recipients can draw on.

The protectors are so thin and durable that artists can draw on the iPad with ease.  

17. MagSafe Mount Stand 

If you’re looking for a Nomad Base Station stand, you found it. The MagSafe Mount Stand is also a nice Nomad Base Station Pro Alternative. The mount stand MagSafe wireless charger is desk sized. Therefore, it travels well too.

18. Apple Watch Rugged Band

Another Nomad Apple Watch band option is the rugged version. An alternative to the best titanium Apple Watch band, it features a modern look for everyday use. In addition, the rugged band is waterproof and consists of a breathable design. 

19. Lightning Cable USB-A | Kevlar®

Several variations of Apple lighting cables exist. Thus, some of your swag recipients will love receiving the Nomad Lightning Cable USB-A | Kevlar®. 

Like the USB-C version, it’s available in three sizes and provides quick charging speeds.

20. iPad Air Folio

The iPad Air Folio doubles as Nomad gifts perfect for corporate recipients. Each option fits the 5th generation iPad like a leather glove. Pick from black or brown leather.

Nomad does a play on its name. A digital nomad is someone who works remotely. They complete their work on their laptops and electronic devices in coffee shops, co-working spaces, and public spots that provide a stable WiFi connection. Digital nomads can pick up and travel around the work without missing a beat on their work. That’s why so many are loyal Nomad product customers. They need to protect their devices with cases, folios and wallets.

The Nomad products reviews give the company an overall rating of four-stars out of five. Customers enjoy the durability of the products and the sleek designs including their music Nomad products. The Nomad sport case review indicates that customers love their Nomad Sport Case iPhone 13 mini and other Nomad Apple products. Some point out that the leather ages well. Therefore, brands that decide to customize and gift Nomad products will gift products that receive rave reviews.

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