20 Best Swag Ideas for Fintech Companies

December 31, 2021

There are two ways to approach tech swag ideas, the best tech swag giveaways and the....

When you attend conferences, your company provides tech swag giveaways. This is because companies hope that their employees will use and wear branded finance swag. Another way to approach this is by focusing in on the high-tech aspect of tech swag if you're looking for creative technology gift basket ideas. This doesn't have to break the bank though; you can always purchase tech conference swag that your employees will enjoy wearing and using, but stay within budget.

Before we outline the 20 best tech swag ideas, let’s answer some questions about the best swag for tech companies. 

What are the Most Popular Swag Items in 2022?

The most popular swag items in 2022 will focus on wearable clothing, usable tech, and functional items such as the The North Face® Ladies Everyday Insulated Jacket, Ember Travel Mug, and Native Union Drop Wireless Charger.

In 2021, health-focused promotional items dominated tech conference swag and other giveaways. People still enjoy receiving branded hand sanitizer, face masks, and even tissues (hello, toilet paper shortage of 2020). But when giving a gift, consider items that aren't as trendy and will be items that people will keep and appreciate over time. After all, we're all ready to look forward to a new year.

20 Best Swag Ideas for Fintech Companies in 2022

1.  Hawkins New York Geometric Marble Coasters

The Hawkins New York Geometric Marble Coasters is available in a pack of four in marble. Since marble is a natural stone, each coaster is unique. It’s a nice swag idea for the office or even for hosting at home. The best gifts can be used in and outside of work.

It’s also a great addition to Fintech swag boxes for corporate tech gifts.

2. The North Face® ThermoBall™ Eco Hooded Jacket

In addition to keep the wearer warm, The North Face® ThermoBall™ Eco Hooded Jacket
 is an eco-friendly item. It’s lightweight and a great option for a particularly cold hike. 

This jacket is an investment and a gift any recipient will enjoy, especially if they are outdoor enthusiasts. The individuals in the Fintech industry are no different in that they work and play hard. Therefore, this is among the best swag tech items to give away. Your employees will undoubtedly appreciate it as a gift because it's something they'll take out of their closet often.

3. The North Face® Ladies Everyday Insulated Jacket

The North Face® manufactures products for men and women. Among the items for ladies is the The North Face® Ladies Everyday Insulated Jacket

It doubles as a stylish everyday jacket that the wearer will want to use to keep them warm and dry.

4. Nike® Club Fleece Crew

The Nike® Club Fleece Crew
 is a closet staple no matter what industry you're in. That’s why it’s a great addition to fintech swag boxes and best tech conference swag. Plus, it’s super easy to customize. People can wear them out and about when they receive this as tech conference swag.

Available in an array of colors and sizes, the fleece material is soft and the ribbing around the hem and cuffs provides a secure fit. Not to mention, you can get away with unisex sizing too!

5. Rains Glacial Parka

Everybody needs a good rain jacket in their closet, especially since weather can be super unpredictable these days. The Rains Glacial Parka
 is a high-quality product that protects against rain and is still sleek and fashionable. Some versions are longer and are knee-length and all jackets include a hood for maximum protection.

It’s great swag for tech companies who have employees that travel often to areas with different climates.

6. Rains Rolltop Rucksack 

Members of the fintech field usually carry their work equipment with them on their daily commutes. Smartphones, laptops, chargers, and keyboards are common, and they should all be protected by a waterproof organizer to safely carry them. 

The Rains Rolltop Rucksack is a backpack-like option. It’s their take on the cycling bag, so those who bike to work won’t find that it gets in their way. Thus, the rucksack is belongs in the category of great swag ideas in tech.

7. LARQ Bottle PureVis™

There are water bottles. Then there is the LARQ Bottle PureVis, a self-cleaning bottle that also consists of a water purification system. Since sustainability and health/wellness are areas of focus in the fintech industry, this bottle is great swag for tech companies. 

To eliminate bio-contaminants, the reusable water bottle uses UV-C LED light.

8. Popwallet+ For Magsafe Black

Compatible with iPhone 12 and 13, the Popwallet+ For Magsafe Black
 is a versatile fit for small swag ideas for tech conferences.

The case protects your phone and has a pocket for up to three cards. You can remove the wallet portion, utilize the attached kickstand and mount on a compatible grip.

9. Marine Boise Cord Sherpa Trucker

The Marine Boise Cord Sherpa Trucker is an unconventional type of swag jacket. Made from corduroy, polyester, and sherpa, it’s a great way to stay warm. Who says all fintech employees need to wear vests? 

10. Marine Layer Reversible Raglan Top 

Jackets are great as unique swag for fintech and tops such as the Marine Layer Reversible Raglan Top are affordable tech swag options. These types of gifts is the best free tech swag, especially if it's on the company's dime.

This top is unique because it’s reversible. Thus, the recipients get more use out of it.

11. Apple Watch Series 7 

The best tech company swag is tech that you would want to buy yourself. And one of the most hottest tech items is the Apple Watch Series 7. 

It connects to a user’s existing Apple account. It also features a full QWERTY keyboard, larger retina display, full face, and faster charging. Those who show up with their Apple Watch at a conference will absolutely impress others, especially if they close their activity rings for the day.  

12. Vuori Strato Button Down 

Tech corporate swag requires functionality, durability, and performance such as the Vuori Strato Button Down. The casual jersey material helps inhibit microbes that cause odor. Plus, the moisture wicking capability keeps the wearer dry.

These features make the top great for everyday wear and travel. It also makes it a great tech conference swag option.

13. Vuori Halo Essential Hoodie 

Women in fintech enjoy wearing hoodies too. However, the ones designed for men fit women differently. The Vuori Halo Essential Hoodie features a crop design, pullover style, and DreamKnit™ fabric that makes it super soft.

14. Ember 10 oz Mug 

When people enjoy warm and cold beverages, they want them to remain at that temperature for a while. The Ember 10 oz Mug keeps the contents at their temperature for two hours. 

If you pick up the second version, it heats the contents for three hours. That’s impressive, and a great idea for high tech corporate gifts.

15. Escuyer Cashmere Socks

Available in several colors, the Escuyer Cashmere Socks keep the wearer’s feet toasty. It’s unique swag for fintech that doesn’t necessarily include any technology. Instead, it places a focus on luxury and comfort.

These socks make a best tech swag repeat item as you can gift multiple pairs over time. You can also think about a different design for each gift! 

16. The A.R.C. Commuter Pack by Incase 

Many individuals are still on the hunt for the perfect daily commute bag. The A.R.C. Commuter Pack by Incase is one option.

The simple design is trendy and minimalist, which is a plus for those who commute on public transportation because you don't want your bag to be too eye-catching. But the bag sports an efficient designwith two compartments, tie-down straps, RFID pocket, and water bottle pockets.

17. iHome PlayFade Rechargeable Water Resistant BT Speaker

If you’re searching for technology gift basket ideas, the iHome PlayFade Rechargeable Water Resistant BT Speaker
 is one. The speaker is rechargeable and waterproof. One charge lasts an estimated 10 hours. Although it’s tiny, the sound quality is great and mighty.

18. Drop Wireless Charger

The Native Union Drop Wireless Charger
 is among the most sought after gift. It’s a great addition to fintech swag boxes and a top pick for tech swag giveaways. 

The MFi certified wireless charger can charge multiple items and powers up most Apple products such as iPhones and AirPods. It's Qi-enabled, so it supports Android devices too.

19. The Tartan Blanket Co. Recycled Wool Blanket

Members of the fintech industry travel frequently for business and pleasure. The Tartan Blanket Co. Recycled Wool Blanket is a nice tech conference swag giveaway as it can be used in the office or in the home.

Made from recycled wool, each blanket is unique from one another and is sustainable. If you've gifted blankets before, you can also think about gifting picnic blankets for a different twist.

20. Kinto Mug

Kinto produces an array of mugs. These are affordable tech swag options and good for tech swag giveaways. Some stack, while others provide a wide mouth area, and you can choose from tall and short options.

What are Popular Swag Items?

From 2020 to 2021, industries saw fitness gear, desk organizer items, and games as the most popular swag item categories. Any free tech swag like branded apparel and water bottles will always be popular as well.

For the fintech industry, modern technology gifts such as USBs remain popular. Consider giving away branded journals and notebooks as finance swag too.

What is Good Company Swag?

Good company swag is promotional items that recipients continue to use and wear over time. Some great swag ideas include chargers, jackets, blankets, backpacks, custom socks and drinkware. While many items fall into the free tech swag item category, also make sure to consider gifts that you haven't sent before.

What is in a Swag Box?

If you’re interested in putting together fintech swag boxes and technology gift baskets, you can put almost anything inside. A great way to make them cohesive and memorable is to pick a theme.

A practical swag box for fintech can include cashmere socks, a stackable mug, coasters, and coffee or tea to go along with this consumable set.

What is a Swag Giveaway?

A swag giveaway takes place at conferences, meetings, and location events. Your team gives away free tech swag to attendees, especially the ones that you want to woo. 

Traditionally, companies give away promotional items such as branded pens, hats and drink holders. Flyers, business cards, and pamphlets with the company’s information are common items to give away as well.

Swag giveaways may be part of your overall marketing strategy. We encourage you to think less about the free swag from tech companies that are gifted often and think about what would be memorable and durable.

What are Popular Swag Items for Fintech?

Fintech is where financial services meets technology. It’s completely okay to give out small swag items when thinking about ideas for tech conferences. Items such as portable battery chargers and speakers might be easier to take away from a conference. Swag for tech conferences ideas can also customized apparel.

The best swag ideas in tech are versatile, functional, and well-made. Backpacks, cases, and blankets are some options to consider.

Why Do Companies Give Swag?

Companies give away swag as part of their marketing plans. In large quantities, the goal is to capture the attention of a mass audience. 

In strategic situations, swag is meant to develop business relationships with key individuals. The best tech startup swag advertises the company and ultimately creates buzz through word-of-mouth. 

Are you working on a similar project or campaign?