20 Best Alternatives for Custom Patagonia Outerwear

December 20, 2021

Discover Patagonia branded apparel alternatives that can stand up to the great outdoors!

The apparel company Patagonia launched in 1973 in Ventura, California. Its founder Yvon Chouinard had already been creating rock climbing equipment in the 1950s. He found himself on the forefront of outdoor apparel and competing against the best European outdoor brands. He also created a cult-like following. 

In 2012, it came crashing down as the company suffered the side effects of its overgrowth. An environmentalist, Chouinard took Patagonia in a different direction. Nonetheless, it remains the standard-bearer.

What Jackets are Comparable to Patagonia?

When you’re searching for jackets similar to Patagonia, we recommend a few. The North Face Insulated Jacket, Columbia Watertight II Jacket, Eddie Bauer Woodland Shirt Jacket, and Marmot Men’s Oslo Jacket receive high ratings.

In terms of price, the Patagonia alternatives range from $59 to $425. The jackets like Patagonia are versatile too. They remain fashionable and functional.

For corporate swag purposes, a jacket with company logo from The North Face, Columbia, or Outdoor Research keeps the wearer warm, comfortable, and free to complete daily tasks. 

What Brand is Similar to Patagonia?

Brands that are similar to Patagonia  include The North Face, Marmot, Marine Layer, Columbia, Outdoor Research, Vuori, and Eddie Bauer. Patagonia branded apparel has a solid following for several reasons. The brands similar to Patagonia provide quality outdoor apparel, integrated technology, and several colors to pick from.

Those searching for Patagonia promotional products can check out the Patagonia alternatives and receive worthwhile results. 

When shopping for corporate swag, it’s normal to wonder what brand is better than Patagonia. Keep in mind that each offers a set of benefits. Patagonia corporate branding ranks as the best. Other companies provide different colors, styles, and proprietary technology that differentiate them from Patagonia.


Is Patagonia or The North Face cheaper?

The answer is that it depends. For example, Patagonia’s Better Sweater® costs $119 and the Nano Jacket costs $199. The North Face Triclimate Jacket costs $199 and the full zip sweater costs $99.  Brands like The North Face and Patagonia have similar products. Therefore, their average prices are comparable to each other. 

If you find something from Patagonia that you like, it’s very possible to find a comparable product from The North Face at or around the same price point.


Is Patagonia the Best Outdoor Brand?

Outdoor brand Patagonia is among the best. People want to wear their products because they have a recognizable brand and it exudes status. Since the company is on a sustainability crusade, their products remain durable. Those searching for long-lasting Patagonia promotional products receive products worth their cost.

Other outdoor brands provide durable apparel too; it helps them compete.


Who are Patagonia's Biggest Competitors?

The North Face, Columbia Sportswear, and Outdoor Research remain Patagonia’s biggest competitors. They receive consideration for clothing brands similar to Patagonia in style and quality. These companies also fall into the best brands like Patagonia in many respects.

They all provide jackets, sweatshirts, and fleece vests that are great for corporate branding purposes. If you’re a fan of branded Patagonia vests, Patagonia embroidered jackets, and Patagonia branded apparel, you’re going to like the following 20 alternatives to Patagonia.


1. The North Face Everyday Insulated Jacket 

Jackets like Patagonia include The North Face Everyday Insulated jacket. It features a water-repellant and durable shell that keeps the wearer dry. In addition, the WindWall™ fabric protects the wearer against severe wind chill.  For company swag purposes, this is a great jacket with company logo option. Brands like The North Face and Patagonia are similar. They have a loyal following and manufacture quality products.

Shown: The North Face Everyday Insulated Jacket 

2. The North Face Ladies Vest

Branded Patagonia vests are among the most recognizable items they sell. The North Face ladies vests hold their own too. Plus, many varieties exist such as fleece, thermo, and down. There is no shortage of color options either. Black, pink, navy, and beige are some of the available shades.

Shown: The North Face Ladies Vest

3. Marmot Men’s Highlander Down Jacket 

When you shop the Marmot product lines, you’re shopping for quality products. The Marmot Men’s Highlander Down Jacket is slim. Wear it as an everyday jacket. When it’s cold, it’s a good shell. If it’s damp, the Down Defender does well in damp conditions.

Shown: Marmot Men’s Highlander Down Jacket 

4. Marmot Men’s Oslo Jacket

The Marmot Men’s Oslo Jacket
 is a functional and fashionable option. The GORE-TEX® Technology keeps the wearer warm in severe cold conditions. Next, the 2-layer 100% seam-taped construction ensures that the wearer remains dry even if the jacket gets wet.

Shown: Marmot Men’s Oslo Jacket


5. Marmot Women's Featherless Jacket

The Marmot Women's Featherless Jacket
 features 3M™ Thinsulate™ Featherless Insulation, zippered pockets, and Angel-Wing Movement™. When you pack the jacket, it fits into its own pockets. Thus, it’s lightweight and a space saver.

Shown: Marmot Women's Featherless Jacket

6. Marine Layer Boise Cord Sherpa Trucker in Sky Captain

The stylish Marine Layer Boise Cord Sherpa Trucker in Sky Captain keeps you warm so you can enjoy the outdoors. It features an interior pocket and a button-up style. This is a less common corporate swag jacket style, but it works areas with cooler climates. It also works for companies that are looking for trendy swag items.

Shown: Marine Layer Boise Cord Sherpa Trucker 


7. Marine Layer Gals Sweatshirt Hoodie 

It’s also possible to find sweatshirts like Patagonia including the Marine Layer Gals Sweatshirt Hoodie. It’s fashionable, lightweight, and great for everyday use. In addition, there is no shortage of variations and colors.

Shown:  Marine Layer Gals Sweatshirt Hoodie 


8. Columbia Watertight II Jacket 

Sometimes an individual needs something simple that keeps them dry. The Columbia Watertight II Jacket is an affordable lightweight jacket that folds into itself when not in use. It includes Omni-Tech™ for waterproofing, an adjustable storm hood, mesh lining, and zippered hand pockets.

Shown: Columbia Watertight II Jacket 


9. Columbia West Bend Full Zip

Described as blissfully soft, the Columbia West Bend Full Zip
 features zippered hand pockets and cuffs with elastic. The wearer will enjoy slipping into the soft fleece full zip product that provides room but doesn’t sacrifice style.


Shown: Columbia West Bend Full Zip


10. Outdoor Research Women’s Vigor Quarter Zip

If you’re interested in pullovers similar to Patagonia, try the Outdoor Research Women’s Vigor Quarter Zip. It features thermo-regulating ActiveTemp™ technology that helps regulate the wearer’s body temperature when the temperature fluctuates. For runners, the material helps wick away sweat and improves breathability. 

Shown: Outdoor Research Women’s Vigor Quarter Zip


11. Men's Juneau Fleece Jacket

If you’re searching for fleece like Patagonia, consider the Men’s Juneau Fleece Jacket. Described as cozy, it’s a great option for a day of hiking or traveling. The sherpa interior keeps the wearer warm but doesn’t weigh them down. Plus, it’s versatile. Use it for spring, summer, and fall.

Shown: Outdoor Research Men's Juneau Fleece Jacket


12. Outdoor Research Coldfront Down Vest 

Branded Patagonia vests are great in quality and popular. However, branded Patagonia vest alternates exist such as the Outdoor Research Coldfront Down Vest. The all-purpose item features wind-blocking technology and fill-down insulation to keep the wearer warm. This is the vest people should wear when they travel to cold destinations

Shown: Outdoor Research Coldfront Down Vest 


13. Vuori Women’s Military Jacket

The military style comes and goes, but it never fades away completely. This Vuori Women’s Military Jacket
 is a fun take on the trend. It includes a roomy hood, pockets, and a modern fit. Enjoy the jacket’s lightweight and quick drying performance.

Shown: Vuori Women’s Military Jacket

14. Vuori Men’s Echo Insulated Jacket

Many companies similar to Patagonia offer versatile jackets. Vuori Men’s Echo Insulated Jacket
 is great for heading outdoors and everyday wear. The C6 durable water repellent finish helps the wearer remain dry and shed light rainfall and moisture. The PrimaLoft Black Eco synthetic insulation keeps the wearer warm but doesn’t add weight to the jacket.

Shown: Vuori Men’s Echo Insulated Jacket


15. Eddie Bauer ® Ladies Sweater Fleece Full-Zip

The Eddie Bauer ® Ladies Sweater Fleece Full-Zip isn’t your run-of-the-mill fleece. It includes an integrated neck guard for extra coziness and warmth. The full-zip fleece sweater also features a slim and trim fit that doesn’t inhibit range of motion. Those interested in fleece like Patagonia for women can buy this item. It’s also a similar to the Patagonia Better Sweater option.

Shown: Eddie Bauer ® Ladies Sweater Fleece Full-Zip


16. Eddie Bauer® Woodland Shirt Jacket

Most outdoor jackets consist of a solid color shell such as black. The Eddie Bauer® Woodland Shirt Jacket
 offers something different. The shirt featured a checkered pattern, snap-front closure, and micro-fleece material that keeps the wearer warm. This option also falls into the jackets like the Patagonia Better Sweater. It’s a jacket but looks like a sweater. 

Shown: Eddie Bauer® Woodland Shirt Jacket


17. Hylete Men’s Medallion Hoodie

The Hylete Men’s Medallion Hoodie
 is a nice french terry hoodie for everyday use. It’s lightweight and keeps the wearer warm. The athletic cut ensures that the wearer maintains their range of motion.

For those interested in an alternative to custom Patagonia backpacks, Hylete carries backpacks too. 

Shown: Hylete Men’s Medallion Hoodie


18. Hylete Women's Linear Tech II Hoodie

The Hylete Women's Linear Tech II Hoodie
 falls into the casual and workout wear categories. It’s a layer that works for warm ups and cool downs. The cut is specifically designed for physical activity and the pocket is strategically placed. 

Shown: Hylete Women's Linear Tech II Hoodie


19. OGIO® Commuter Full-Zip Soft Shell

Designed for daily use, the OGIO® Commuter Full-Zip Soft Shell
 includes a water-resistant shell. Thanks to the spandex, the wearer’s range motion remains full. Enjoy the microfleece lining, zippered side pockets, and mesh pocket.

OGIO® Commuter Full-Zip Soft Shell


20. OGIO® ENDURANCE Ladies Brink Soft Shell

In addition to being a fashionable piece, the OGIO® ENDURANCE Ladies Brink Soft Shell
 features a water and wind resistant design. It includes core insulation, partial storm flap, and tip forward collar.

Shown: OGIO® ENDURANCE Ladies Brink Soft Shell


Is Patagonia High Quality?

Patagonia has an initiative to produce durable apparel so their customers will keep their products for longer. This makes Patagonia products high quality and last long over time. 

Other brands similar to Patagonia also provide high-quality, wearable, and long-lasting products. These brands include The North Face, Marmot, Eddie Bauer, Outdoor Research, Columbia, Vuori, Marine Layer, Hylete, and OGIO. While Patagonia is one of our favorite brands, we find that most of these alternative options also consider their environment impact and are very good options if you're looking for something that you can wear on a daily basis.

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