Vendor FAQ

Q: When do your clients send gifts?
A: Our clients send gifts for every and any occasions. Some categories include: New Hire gifts, Thank You gifts, Client gifts, Holiday gifts, Anniversary gifts, Birthday gifts, Promotional/Marketing gifts, Talent/Recruiting gifts, Speaker/Sponsor gifts, VIP gifts, etc. Some clients send bulk gifts while others may send ad-hoc gifts.

Q: Do you warehouse inventory?
A: We do not pre-purchase products to house in our facility. Instead we only purchase the specific quantity our client’s have pre-ordered and warehouse those gifts for them, if necessary.

Q: What is your business model?
A: We have made it easy for companies to scale premium corporate gifting worldwide through our proprietary platform. It allows each team in an organization to have a store for purchasing gifts. Clients can access their custom portal 24/7 and send a gift in less than 60 seconds. We curate, source, house, wrap and ship the gifts, so our clients don’t have to lift a finger!

Q: How many gifts do your clients order at any given time?
A: Our client’s can order anywhere from 50-300 gift boxes for their Team Stores. Most of our clients are repeat customers and will replenish their gifts once they’ve exhausted their inventory.

Q: Do you have a resale certificate?
A: Absolutely! We have a CA resale.

Q: Will you be using our products to create a specific gift set on your website?
A: Most of our business is done through the Ideas Board we tailor for our clients and their specific needs. The pre-set gift boxes on the website are for potential users to test our services. The stronger our partnership, the more likely we will be featuring your products to our clients via our Ideas Board.

Q: How can I be added to your preferred vendors list?
A: Once you are an approved vendor, a buyer can send you a preferred vendor form to complete. If you meet our requirements, we add you to our Preferred Vendor list.