Gemnote for Chrome

Stand out with radically better customer engagement.

Gemnote is your team’s secret weapon that will impress prospects, accelerate your sales cycle, and build loyalty. This new tool allows your sales and marketing teams to engage with customers by sending gifts, swag and greeting cards in less than 30 seconds.

Send the best client gifts without ever leaving your Salesforce window.

  • Send gifts, swag and cards to your Salesforce contacts
  • Automatically pull customer shipping information from both Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning to eliminate manual data entry
  • Verify shipping addresses with Google Maps

Warm up leads, close more deals, track customer happiness.

  • Select gifts, swag and greeting cards from your team inventory
  • Personalize your greeting card with a thoughtful message
  • Track order status and delivery
  • Make your customers very happy!

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