5 Care Package Ideas to Send While Your Employees WFH

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How are you keeping employees engaged and connected while they work from home? Our clients have been sending care packages. Here are 5 work-from-home kits to send your employees during quarantine.

We may be living in unprecedented times, but those of us who are healthy, safe and able to work from home feel incredibly lucky. Every one of our healthcare professionals across the world are pulling all-day and all-night shifts to care for the sick and elderly. These are the heroes and heroines who are braving the storm for us, so we can stay home, keep our distance and flatten the curve.

In the last few days of quarantine, we have also been reminded of life's simple delights. Our CEO Ashley Wong Tsui said today in our Zoom meeting, "Instead of rushing to Starbucks and waiting in line, I brewed my own tea at home today!" Our team has said, "I've burned through a whole jar of PF Candle Amber & Moss (our team's favorite scented candle) in 2 days. I'm going to need more!" and "I've been wearing my cozy Alternative Apparel Joggers and Sweatshirt every time I leave for my daily walk around the neighborhood." But perhaps the most common sentiment we all share is, "I'm snacking a lot more, too."

We know that a huge part of being a team is feeling a sense of collaboration, community and connection in a bustling office. We miss going out for team lunches and grabbing coffee with our work best friend. And even though such a large part of our human interaction is from the dented cushion on our couch or warm dining room chair amidst working from home, we are thankful for technologies like Slack and Zoom that allow us to still connect everyday.

Our customers have been asking us about how to keep their teams and employees engaged and connected while they are apart. We've been tasked with creating care packages and work-from-home kits from clients in tech and healthcare to construction and recruiting agencies. We feel incredibly lucky that our business can help provide some relief and comfort during this time. To help those beyond our customer base, here are 5 care package ideas to send while your employees are working from home:

Stay Cozy and Connected with Zendesk

Thank you so Matcha from your Android Team

Work Hard, Play Hard (Game Night Kit)

Wake up and Zoom, Zoom!

Take a Hike (the good kind) from Instagram

If physical gifts are not top of mind, here are a few things our employees are doing to help out in our community. We've kept our distance from others by having our team work fully remote to help flatten the curve; we’ve made monetary donations to organizations like Meals on Wheels, which fights senior hunger and isolation and Feeding America, the largest domestic hunger-relief organization; we've given unused N95 masks to healthcare workers we know personally because we know there's a shortage of masks and resources; we’ve even taken our kids around the block to help pull out our neighbors' weeds just in time for spring.

We know it may not be possible for everyone to assist in these ways, but we believe any service provides a bit of relief during this time. We hope everyone stays safe at home and we're here to help if you need gifts, or even just a virtual chat.

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